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by Michael Walsh

THE HOLOCAUST MANTRA that falsely claims six million Jews died in World War 2 is drummed into our heads since early childhood. It then comes as a shock to learn that the Führer’s accusers between them take full responsibility for multiple acts of genocide that claimed no less than 164 million lives.

According to R. J. Rummel, Power Kills: Genocide and Mass Murder (Journal of Peace Research), murder by government claimed the lives of 170 million people during the last 100 years.

If Hitler’s Germany is supposed to have accounted for six million of these unfortunate victims, who takes responsibility for the 164 million victims whose plight is airbrushed off the West’s news pages and television screens? Eerily, we learn that the culprits responsible for 18 times the ‘Death by Government’ murders attributed to the Reich are Hitler’s accusers.

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The legendary Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are Death, Famine, War, and Conquest. If one wants to bring into stark relief the images of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse one needs to look no further than Josef Stalin, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and China’s Mao tse Tung.

Name and shame: who was primarily responsible for the genocide of 164 million non-Jewish victims of genocide, racial and ethnic extermination? Why the endless clamour over six million alleged Jews but a deafening silence falls when one asks, ‘what about the other 164 million’?
Taking their places on the Dais of Death is the dwarfish ex-bank robber, Bolshevik Russia’s Joe Stalin, and America’s Franklin D. Roosevelt; beside them stands the toad-like half-American dilettante Winston Churchill. The fourth of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riders is China’s Mao tse Tung.

Shockingly, Megacaust by Michael Walsh convincingly argues that most of the 164 million ‘death my government’ victims could have been prevented by mainstream media that chose instead to collaborate with history’s greatest mass murderers.

In 1917 — before the Russian Tragedy — the population of Imperial Russia stood at 182 million. The 1990 census revealed that Russia’s population had dramatically decreased to 143 million over the 73 intervening years in which Bolshevism ravaged Russia. Over the same time period Britain’s population increased by 25 per cent despite suffering the haemorrhage of World War Two and unprecedented migration.

Had Russia’s population been allowed to keep pace by 1990 one would have expected Russia’s population to stand today at 230 million. In 1939 Germany’s population stood at 80 million but by 1950 was just 68 million. Interestingly, according to the Jewish World Almanac the only population that remained the same before and after World War Two and throughout the Russian Tragedy was the Jewish population of 13 million. How do we explain this.

All is revealed by Michael Walsh in his just-published Megacaust. Available only from Amazon and Kindle, this game-changing exposé is likely to tear apart the arguments of those who claim that Hitler’s Germany was responsible for the deaths of six million Jews. Megacaust is the ultimate and final riposte to the myth of the six million.

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Source: Author and Megacaust

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Michelle Favard
Michelle Favard
19 November, 2017 11:20 am

Duplicity excellently exposed. Figures that say it all.
This is the Truth !

27 August, 2022 6:22 am

It looks like a good read but it’s apparently unavailable these days (amazog removed all traces of it) aside from the obsolete Barnes & Noble nook platform.

I’m sure the b&n version would be a censored or company revised copy given their track record.