Large Number of Black People Try to Lynch Brian Ogle, a White High School Senior, All Because He Posted Pro-Police Message on Social Media


DEFEND THE POLICE on social media, and find yourself the target of between 9 – 60 Black people who will then beat you within an inch of your life. Well, some reports say  5 – 8 Black people attacked (leaving him with a broken skull and bleeding from the brain) White high school senior Brian Ogle, leaving him with multiple head injuries and a month-long stay at a hospital in Birmingham. [Sylacauga teen improving after Friday night pistol-whipping,, 10-3-16]: (ILLUSTRATION: Brian Ogle, a White high school senior in Alabama, he was nearly lynched by a large number of Black people all because he dare post “Blue Live Matters” on his Facebook page)

A Sylacauga teen continues to recover after being attacked by about a dozen people after a high school homecoming football game.

Brian Ogle’s mother, Brandi Allen, said her son was targeted because of his criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement.

She claims that 13 people, all of whom were African American, pistol-whipped her son in the head.

He later had to be airlifted to UAB Hospital, where he spent most of the weekend in critical condition.

Monday morning his condition improved to fair.

Sylacauga police said they are targeting some persons of interest, but so far no charges have been filed.

Chief Kelley Johnson said it is not clear whether the assault is a hate crime.

Monday afternoon, one of Ogle’s friends said he was jumped in the cafeteria.

He claims one person attacked him while another shot video with a cellphone.

The student was not seriously injured, but his mother said she will not let him return to school on Tuesday.

There exists virtually no information on the Internet about 14-year-old Gregory Reddick, a White teenager who was attacked by a group of Black people (nine Black people to be exact) back in 1988 after they were incited to anti-White violence upon seeing Mississippi Burning: ‘You all want to fuck somebody up? There goes a White boy; go get him.’

Here’s what we know:

On the evening of October 7, 1989, a group of young Black men and boys, including Mitchell, gathered at an apartment complex in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Several members of the group discussed a scene from the motion picture Mississippi Burning, in which a White man beat a young Black boy who was praying. The group moved outside and Mitchell asked them: “Do you all feel hyped up to move on some White people?” Shortly thereafter, a young boy approached the group on the opposite side of the street where they were standing. As the boy walked by, Mitchell said: “You all want to fuck somebody up? There goes a White boy; go get him.” Mitchell counted to three and pointed in the boy’s direction. The group ran toward the boy, beat him severely, and stole his tennis shoes. The boy was rendered unconscious and remained in a coma for four days.

Why mention the story of Gregory Reddick and how a viewing of Mississippi Burning compelled nine Black people to attack a random White teenager and beat him so severely that he was put into a coma for four days?

Because Brian Ogle, a White male, was beaten by a group (undetermined in number) of Black people all because he posted pro-police messages on social media.

The question that must be asked: will Black people viewing Birth of a Nation this weekend be incited into the same type of racial rage that drove nine Blacks to attack Gregory Reddick back in 1988 and for the large group of Black people who attempted to lynch Brian Ogle?

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Source: Stuff Black People Don’t Like

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Donald MacMullen
Donald MacMullen
8 October, 2016 6:13 pm

Chief Kelley Johnson said it is not clear? How could it be more clear? That’s right, if it were the other way around racially, then it would be crystal clear. Then it would be all over the mainstream media. Our people need our own living space. Let the congoids kill and eat each other.