Germany: Anti-White Politicians “Made to Cry” by Patriotic Protesters

LEFTIST POLITICIANS were jeered by pro-White protesters and called “traitors to the people” outside of the Church of Our Lady in Dresden where Merkel and others were gathered to celebrate the “German Day of Unity.”

Hundreds of anti-immigration PEGIDA protesters showed unity Monday in demand Merkel “get out” and be ousted from her position as Chancellor. Other leftist politicians like Claudia Roth where called a “disgrace to the country” and told “your goal is the eradication of Germans!”

Green Party Politician and Vice President of the German Bundestag Claudia Roth was confronted by German patriots during the Day of German Unity Celebration in Dresden on the 3rd of October. They chased her along the rails and managed to question her about her participation in questionable “anti-fascist” protests where slogans like “Germany must perish” are shouted. The protesters claimed the German Green party deliberately intends to “eradicate the German people” through illegal mass immigration. They also insulted her as a “Red Pig”, alluding to her Communist ideals and background and called her a “disgrace to Germany”.

The crowd proceeded to repeatedly shout “traitor” and “get out” as she hid behind the countless policemen and barricades. Merkel’s reception met equally fierce backlash.

With all the legal oppression Germans get when they stand up for race and nation, I have to say these protesters are brave indeed.

flag_of_germany_RT reported: “Hopes for a smooth ‘Day of German Unity’ have been shattered. That’s due to hundreds of anti-migrant PEGIDA movement protesters gathering in Dresden city centre. They jeered and whistled at Angela Merkel and other politicians who were present for the celebrations.”

According to Deutsche Welle, “the wife of Saxony’s economy minister broke down in tears.”

Well done, comrades!

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Source: Information Liberation

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14 January, 2021 10:06 am

German unity-with what? a Polish kosher suffragette lesbian stooge? unity with immigrant Orcs? A USA with a Nat.All government would end that, and end the end of the USA.

Reply to  Stefan
21 January, 2021 3:06 pm

All white countries are occupied nations, when viewed through this lens it all makes sense. Their hollow slogans are meaningless drivel, soundbites for the in-crowd, tar boy lackeys, mentally challenged cultists, deranged harpies, and queer boys.

As ezra pound so insightfully scribed:

“Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by Jews”.
it could be truncated thus, “Democracies are countries run by jews”.