Another Victory: Hungary to Amend Constitution


IT’S SOMEWHAT unsettling that there is still a significant percentage of White Americans who earnestly believe that “my Constitution” is going to protect them from the encroaching tyranny and rot. This document was birthed by the highest ideals of White Western Civilization and now serves as a scrap of toilet paper for tar-colored backsides. When the U.S.S.A. gave up the ghost the old rule of law died with it, the living document choked by non-White invasion and Jewish spiritual cancer. The enemies that want us dead are not going to be deterred by amendments that are already being declared racist. Instead they’ll see imaginary references to “diversity” and “Muslim colonization” in the ancient text and act accordingly, confident that Whites aren’t going to do anything except complain a little. (ILLUSTRATION: Victory for nationalism.)

In Hungary, it’s time to fix the Constitution. Because this country is healthy and homogeneous this actually will be in the interests of the indigenous population. No rapefugees, no “doing the right thing.” Muhammad can argue about moral obligations with concertina wire. Yes, there are European countries that are unwilling to commit suicide to appease the Jewish enemy.

Although the Hungarian referendum on Sunday was void, as the turnout didn’t reach the 50 per cent minimum limit, 98 per cent of those who voted said ‘no’ to the controversial EU migrant quotas.

Hey, Hungarians! How would you like a few million alien moon cultist rapists in your country? After carefully considering this well-conceived kosher plan the answer is “no.” The highly talmudic effort to void this deafening rejection of globalist madness is going to be defeated. No foreign invasion, no sand people, no saving the “women and children” fleeing omnipresent “war.” Europe for Whites.

The Hungarian government now says they are mandated to refuse the EU’s mandatory migrant quotas by changing the country’s law.

The return of nationalist sanity after the disastrous Jewish century.

Today prime minister Viktor Orban introduced the planned amendments to the Hungarian Constitution.

I’m looking forward to reading “Today President Trump introduced the planned amendments to the American Constitution” in about a year or so. You gotta go, Pablo.


In parliament he said: “We plan to amend the Constitution on four points, including one stipulating that the collective settlement of people in Hungary shall be prohibited. Such settlement shall only be permitted on the basis of individual requests.”

No sub-human waves of foreign jihadans, no peaceful disasters. Submit your request in writing, Muhammad. We’ll get back to you tomorrow.

He said: “The fact that in the referendum on October 2 there was a 98 per cent majority voting ‘no’ to mandatory relocation means that a new unity has been established in Hungary.

Hungary clearly has a bright future.

Leading Hungarian politicians suggest the fact that 3.3 million people backed Mr Orban’s standpoint through the referendum means that the leader has a huge support in the country.

Yeah. No kidding.

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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12 October, 2016 1:53 am

Trump can’t lose. If we believe our race is fit for survival, then we cant believe he will lose. If he can just get it back down to within 3 or 4 points by Election Day, 5 percentage points worth of unaccounted-for-in-the-polls Whites will vote!