You Are Stronger Than You Think

by Blair Cottrell

DID YOU know that death is actually quite profitable? Not just death but sickness and decay — a slowly progressing death in the spirit of the people — is quite possibly the most profitable thing in this world.

And all you have to do to draw such enormous profits from the death of a people is to create a state of circumstances within which people cannot bind themselves to their nationality. If you steal the people away from their nationality, then you take away their higher mission on the Earth; you take away all sense of belonging and meaning.

You steal it away from them — and, naturally, if the people do not have a sense of meaning and a higher purpose, then they give themselves over to materialism. They end up chasing their own “happiness” for five years or ten years or chase it all across the globe if they have to. Until one day they wake up and realize and hopelessly depressed they are. This is the inevitable result of being without a nationality, purpose, or spirit.

Some people end up going to doctors and they say, “Doctor, I am feeling tired all of the time. I’m depressed all of the time. I’m anxious. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.” And you know what the doctor says to them? He says, “Sir or Madam, you have a chemical misfire in your brain and you need drugs to make you feel better. You have a special condition,” he says. “So take these drugs, they will make it better.”

strengthThe only problem is — the drugs make everything worse and you get addicted to them! Thus, international pharmaceutical companies make billions and billions of dollars off the slowly progressing death of the people — and this is all thanks to a lack of national spirit; a lack of understanding among our people of our higher mission on the Earth — which is not to think only of ourselves, but to put ourselves second to the advancement of our people.

We don’t live forever — but the spirit of our nation and our nation itself can live for all of time. This life is not just about you. Do not listen to these contaminated brains that try to take you away from the idea of your nation and who try to destroy your sense of belonging and togetherness. These people are contaminated.

These people cannot form rational opinions and you must rise above them! Do not get sucked in by their dogma or their propaganda. You’re better than that. You are a member of a great people, a strong and proud people, who have accomplished so much! Do not give in to the guilt and the shame that the contaminated brains try to heap upon your shoulders. Shake it off and understand you are part of something great. All you have to do is feel it in your hearts. Link yourselves up to the spirit of our nation and you will no longer be depressed, useless, or weak. You are strong and bold and you have a great mission!

* * *

Source: video by Neil Turner

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17 September, 2016 7:38 am

The “chemical imbalance in the brain” bullsh** has been debunked over and over again. The only chemical imbalance is the one created by the drugs.

We do not need drugs, we need a sense of purpose and belonging; thanks for sharing the video!

18 September, 2016 1:39 am

Not just race counts! Martyrs of all colors for 2,000 years until masonic/judiac takeover of V2. I live in a multicultural environment. I can UNEQUIVOCALLY STATE that MORE THAN RACE and far deeper than it, when a person has suffered enough, is Christ and only through the traditional Catholic church is the authentic fullness discoverable. I visit your site anyway knowing that for you Christianity is anathema. I get your consideration about race and share it to a degree. But racial differences are superficial compared to whatever will meet you on your deathbed, workers at NV. For what you stood will stand accurately and probably inadequately. It is much much more difficult to truly embrace humility, especially if you are male. Much of the Aryan or European culture you and… Read more »

Christopher Strenta
Christopher Strenta
18 September, 2016 8:45 am

Psychiatry is nothing but a pseudo scientific machination that grew out of the head of Sigmund Freud. It doesn’t do anything for anybody, and everybody knows it. The entirety of American society is booby trapped with such Jewish lies and machinations, i.e., Rosa Parks was just an innocent seamstress who’s feet hurt; Alex Haley was a great American author and pioneer; Frank Colin was a neo-Nazi leader who’s cause was taken up by the noble A.C.L.U. because of their deep commitment to the First Amendment; and on and on it goes. International organized Talmudic Jewry is a soulless web of lies and deciet that is as tangled and black as the grave.

Christopher Strenta
Christopher Strenta
19 September, 2016 1:01 am

We as a people, as a race, must rise like a phoenix from the ashes of what we’ve become since the end of the second world war. The way I see it, we need that one really big idea; we need to find the formula that would constitute a strategy so effective against our enemies, they won’t even know what hit them.