Labour MP Says UK Could “Explode Into Riots” if Immigration Continues


TENSIONS OVER immigration could “explode” into riots, Labour MP Rachel Reeves (pictured) warned today as she described her constituency as a “tinder box”.

The Leeds West MP gave the prediction as she urged her party to listen to people’s concerns over immigration.

Reeves is one of a number of Labour MPs in the past few weeks to call for freedom of movement to be scrapped as part of any Brexit deal between the EU and the UK.

She said that claims she was “Red Ukip” for calling for the change were “really insulting.”

After speaking about the economic impact of the Brexit negotiations at a fringe meeting at Labour conference this afternoon, Reeves said: “The other reason we have got to get this right is because there are bubbling tensions in this country that I just think could explode.

“You had those riots in 2011, the riots didn’t happen in Leeds and in my constituency, but if riots started again in Leeds and bits of my constituency — it’s like a tinder box.”

Reeves said that since the referendum there had been “three racist attacks” in her constituency — one of which left a Polish man in a hospital.

She added: “The trouble is I’m just not surprised and if we don’t get this right in terms of this response, and getting the balance right in terms of the renegotiation but also the deeper seated problems, these sort of things are just going to get worse.

“I worry about the economy and getting the deal right and all the rest of it, but I worry about the divisions in our society. Of course the referendum unleashed some of these feelings, but they are deeper seated as well.”

Her comments echo those made by former Ukip leader Nigel Farage in the run up to the referendum in June.

The MEP said violence on the streets could be the “next step” if immigration is not controlled.

The Ukip leader told the BBC said it was “difficult to contemplate” it happening in Britain, but added “nothing is impossible”.

“It’s legitimate to say that if people feel they’ve lost control completely, and we have lost control of our borders completely as members of the EU, and if people feel voting doesn’t change anything, then violence is the next step,” he said.

While Reeves and a growing number of her colleagues want the current free movement rules to be axed, other Labour MPs are defending the principle.

This morning Shadow Health Secretary Diane Abbott told delegates that “an end to freedom of movement could be a disaster for the NHS.”

Reeves argued that most people recognise that Britain has benefited from immigration and that “most people who come to this country put in more than they take out.”

She added: “But they still have concerns, and they are legitimate concerns and we have to talk about them openly and frankly. A former MP said a couple of days ago that myself and a couple of other MPs were now Red Ukip and that was really insulting. I am Labour, I love this party and I love this movement.”

Reeves ended with a warning to Labour activists: “If we just say that people are wrong and we want to continue being a member of the European Union and its good for us as a country and those are the facts, we are never going to win an election again and we don’t deserve to.”

Reacting to Reeves’ comments, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron told the HuffPost UK: “The Britain I know is an open, decent and tolerant place. We have always been a beacon of hope for those in need. That is the Liberal outlook of the world.

“People in the progressive wing of politics must not be fanning the flames of division and should be making the case — loudly and clearly — that people are welcome in our communities and make a real positive difference. If people want to walk away from that, that is their call, I won’t.”

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Source: Huffington Post

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  1. Groto
    1 October, 2016 at 7:54 am — Reply

    In Britain, following “Brexit”, have taken place brutal attacks against Polish workers. (They took place earlier too.) One of the attacks has been deadly, involving a Polish man murdered brutally by a mob of teenagers. I can see this non-European looking woman Reeves from the Marxist “Labour” doesn’t condemn the attacks only empathizes with the attackers. She calls for putting an end to “immigration” into Britain but seems to mean by those unwanted “immigrants” the Poles. The Poles whom the British have recruited en masse to come and work in Britain, after having signed an EU-sponsored agreement with their government. Even after Brexit, the British government assured that the Poles still could come to work.
    Conversely, Reeves doesn’t seem to mean by the unwanted immigrants the Third World masses pouring in incessantly from the “British Commonwealth.”
    The British have pulled out of the EU but not out of the “British Commonwealth.” The latter consists of 53 (FIFTY THREE) countries, overwhelmingly Third World, African and Asian. And the British don’t seem to be willing to leave the Commonwealth. When you ask them: “You’re pulling out of Europe because of “immigration”, but why not out of the “Commonwealth”?”, they seem to be shocked by the question and often just don’t answer it.
    The poor Poles have been used by both the hate-mongers from all the leading media, including the BBC, and the leading British politicians, including the Prime Minister, as convenient scapegoats onto whom to redirect the British public’s unconscious anger at the Third World crowds cramming up the country.(Yes, the British government have invited the Poles, but at the same time used hate rhetoric against them – a characteristic and historical British behavior.) The media hate-mongers and British politicians have also set against the Poles the thirdworlders residing in Britain. Those thirdworlders view the Poles as major competitors to the jobs and residence, and they view themselves with pride as Commonwealth “nationals” and thus as more “deserving” to reside in Britain.
    The chief among the Polonophobic parties is the UKiP led by one Farage, a figure whom even a leading hack from the anti-EU “Daily Mail” has called a “charlatan.” Farage and other ukipers have been blaming the Poles, not the Third World crowds, for abuses of the immigration into Britain. He once praised Asiatic workers as superior to “East Europeans” and remarked the British “owed to” Africans and Asians. It seems numerous thirworlders have supported UKiP (there are photos showing a smiling Farage among them) and voted for “Brexit.” The news of alleged attacks against them after “Brexit” seem fake, intended to divert attention away from the real attacks, those against the Poles, and weaken condemnation of these attacks.
    The main political supporter of UKiP and Farage, both financial and propagandist, has been the (((owner))) of tabloid the Daily Exxpress. He is also a leading British pornographer. In general, the scapegoating of the Poles seems to be mainly inspired by British Jews and their old Polonophobia, as well as their support for the “multiculturalism”, i.e. the immigration from the Third World. Their attitude seems to be, “We hate the Poles, so just chase them out and let in any one else instead.”
    So there may indeed take place pogroms against the Poles being carried by some infuriated by the hate propaganda White British arm in arm with the thirdworlders. And the Poles may be leaving Britain en masse. But it’s doubtful the British will dare treat like this the Third World aliens. And the latter’s massive pouring into Britain will likely continue unopposed.
    Short ago, Farage appeared by the side of Trump and presented himself as a hero who had dared and done it. Also some British on White websites have attempted to come across as great braves.(For example, on the Stormfront website they have raved about “Brexit”, insulted the Poles and bragged about bashing them). This alleged “heroism” is all fake; Brexit hasn’t been at all pro-White only anti-White and anti-European. And those who carried it out are no heroes but rather delusional folks of small courage who were emboldened by their leading politicians and media rabble-rousers to slam the EU (read: Europe) and harass the humble, hardworking, powerless Poles. The British public, traditionally conservative, anti-revolutionary (“You say you wanna revolution, well, you know”), reactionary and Europhobic, very much like the Russians, seem scared to death of their media people, of being branded by them as racist, etc. So they’re unlikely to attack anyone whom the media defend or
    don’t point to them as a safe target. The British public are also deeply pro-government and likely to act any way their government wants them to. Including doing pogroms.

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