The Jews’ Enforcer: Peter Sutherland


An intriguing portrait of the “humanitarian” who is a major player in forcing the EU nations to accept “unlimited migration.” Former Attorney General of Ireland and Chairman of Goldman Sachs International for 20 years, Sutherland is also President of the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC). Last month, Sutherland was linked to Jewish manipulator and billionaire George Soros by Soros’ leaked computer files.

by Angus Gallagher

AS EU MEMBER states squirmed under austerity and the Euro teetered on the cusp of oblivion, one man proclaimed openly what his fellow Bilderbergers had been saying, albeit behind locked doors, for decades.

Peter Sutherland (pictured) stated in 2012 before a House of Lords Committee that: “The United States, or Australia and New Zealand, are migrant societies and therefore they accommodate more readily those from other backgrounds than we do ourselves, who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others. And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.” It is therefore no conspiracy theory to say that Peter Sutherland had stated plainly that the role of the EU is to ‘undermine national homogeneity.’ Even the EU-loving BBC loudly reported his comments on the 21st June 2012. But this was no fringe fanatic touting the eurosocialist internationale; a former EU commissioner, Sutherland had chaired the committee that had led to the formation of the European Single Market. He was the non executive chairman of Goldman Sachs and BP — an unscrupulous industrialist who had seamlessly merged with the UN, deftly juggling all three positions at once. By any measure, this was a monumental concentration of raw power and creeping influence.

Still, at the time, no one could have guessed that Angela Merkel would soon leap at the chance of realizing Sutherland’s dream of fast-tracking the erosion of European identity by importing millions of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East. Indeed, it was only 2 years earlier, in 2010, that Merkel had boldly stated her belief that attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany had failed and that multikult was dead.

But as Islamists seized Egypt and Libya convulsed in a bloodbath, Peter Sutherland saw a vital chance when, in 2012, he wrote:

“Last year, during the Arab revolutions, the EU missed a historic opportunity to begin weaving together the two sides of the Mediterranean. It failed to open its doors.”

It was a wrong Merkel meant to undo.

The Voice in Merkel’s Ear

There’s no need to imagine Bilderberg discussions: Sutherland, a member of the Bilderberg steering committee, explained to the House of Lords that mass migration is vital and that homogenous European states simply have ‘no future.’ Unless states ‘attract’ migrants, Sutherland testified, they cannot compete on a global level. The migrant flows must be actively embraced. Migration is both a ‘moral’ plus and an ‘economic’ plus. No borders. Unrestricted migration. Of course, paradoxically, if Europe really needed migrants as desperately as Sutherland claimed — why not employ the millions of unemployed immigrants already here and now languishing in the slums outside Paris and Brussels — jobless and alienated? French citizens of North African descent with a university education face an abysmal 26.5% unemployment rate. But reality isn’t ever allowed to interfere. Indeed, when confronted with similar OECD data that shows migrants have much lower employment rates in Europe than in the US — Sutherland had no real answer.

Contempt Without Borders

The reason Sutherland fails to address issues like the cultural compatibility of migrants in Europe is because not only are such arguments likely to expose the catastrophic risks of unrestricted migration — they are entirely immaterial to his goals.

The cultural background of the migrants and their religious values are no more noteworthy to Sutherland than would have been the tribal origins of an African captive to a 17th century Alabama slave owner infinitely more concerned with inspecting the victim’s teeth than his religious beliefs.

An equal opportunities employer, Sutherland’s disparaging views extend to Europe’s indigenous peoples who, now thoroughly under the EU’s yoke, can finally be told point blank that they ‘have no future’ unless they redeem themselves by sacrificing their identity.

Do those innocents in Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, whose elites have sold the people dream of joining the EU, have any idea what the ultimate price will be in the end? Is there any intention in such countries, whose roots are thoroughly Slav and Orthodox, of warning the people that the hideous cost of joining the EU means throwing a thousand years of cultural identity into the globalist trashcan? If such blinded fools in Kiev can’t learn from Greece, Peter Sutherland can be quite certain his frankness in the House of Lords cost him nothing. Quite simply, these countries will be crucified.

Eager to erect her own cross in search of Germany’s redemption, Merkel had multiple reasons to fall under the spell of Sutherland’s ideas: Europe supposedly needed migrants if it were to grow economically and overcome the demographic challenges of an ageing population. After all, Sutherland was not merely the United Nation’s Special Representative for Migration, he was the anointed ‘godfather of globalization’– the man who had done more than anyone else to initiate the General Agreements on Tariffs & Trade (GATT) and who had almost singlehandedly established the World Trade Organization (WTO). It’s no coincidence that when Sutherland spoke of merging Europe with North Africa and the Middle East demographically, in the same breath, he also mentioned EU free trade agreements with the shattered North African states.

Beyond the Moralizing

As the non-exec Chairman of Goldman Sachs, a member of the Bilderberg steering committee, UN Special Representative on Migration, and non-exec Chairman of BP — posts he held at the same time, Sutherland had a unique interest in North Africa where BP had seen its Libyan assets seized in 1971 by a then young Colonel Gaddafi. By 2007, BP was again back in business in Libya and not only signing massive energy deals — the oil giant lobbied for the release of the Lockerbie bomber. Conversely, Gaddafi’s fall in 2011 removed the shadow of nationalization from BP and created the stunning opportunity to not only acquire energy resources — but cheap labour for the EU through migration sweetened with the potential to batter the post-Arab spring states with free trade agreements.

In short, Merkel’s decision to open the gates was neither an act of naïve kindness, nor an inexplicable conspiracy rooted in the ideas of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi. The truth is that Merkel’s actions were a set of economically driven imperatives that had formed around Peter Sutherland like a rusty halo, an opportunist who far from needing any conspiracy theory to shed light on his thoughts, was hiding in plain sight all along. And the rest was guilt — something Sutherland’s snake oil absolutely relies on to grease the absurd juxtaposition of a cynical industrialist merged with the persona of world citizen dedicated to humanity.

To understand the significance of Peter Sutherland’s place in the globalist jigsaw and Europe’s unfolding crisis, it’s necessary to acknowledge that globalism is simply a continuation of imperialist thinking denuded of any sense of patriotism, or loyalty to a nation state — historically the classic drivers of empire builders: such concepts, like democracy and national sovereignty, are clearly the globalists’ chief obstacles — fetters to the unrestricted accumulation of immense power. This is true whether we are talking about secular pan Arab nationalist regimes, the euroskeptic movements, a Trump presidency, or a Putin-led government of the Russian Federation.

Money Trail

Peter Sutherland had long advocated Britain’s joining of the Euro. Yet even as the EU floundered, Goldman Sachs donated an undisclosed six figure sum to the pro-EU Stronger in Europe Group. A fierce critic of UKIP, Sutherland uses mass migration with the deftness of any Leftist to demonize those who oppose European federalism and its Siamese twin policy of mass migration. Sutherland’s gut wrenchingly sanctimonious rhetoric invokes endless pleas for ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusion’ and indeed, bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the hard Left’s mass migration agitators. The vast majority of those on the Left who have listened to Sutherland’s self-righteous pronouncements on migration as he wears his UN hat, where he frequently invokes the Pope and claims that those who oppose globalism are ‘morally indefensible,’ would not have understood that mass migration was no exercise in Marxist humanism — but rather a cynical manifestation of crony corporatism perpetrated in the name of seizing resources, markets, and slave labour. As a UN Migration Chief, Sutherland is in the perfect position to agitate for open borders where the last protectionist defences of fragile developing economies are pulverized through free trade agreements; this wipes out local industry and puts millions on the move. These economic migrants can then be siphoned into Europe to dramatically lower local wages and allow big business to compete with the BRICS countries. The entire system is unified into a whole by accepting states no longer have the right to control their borders — achievable through dual strategy of federalism in Europe and free trade in the world’s poorer regions. For Sutherland, migration ought to be both unlimited and include the completely unskilled. And if that’s not enough, NATO’s bombs can do the rest to ensure an ongoing labour supply.

Piety Incorporated

Sutherland described the failure to share refugees across the EU as ‘an outrage.’ Fences and borders in Europe ‘challenge the moral responsibility to provide asylum.’ Tolerance of refugees is something Sutherland evidently thinks he can impose onto states like a business deal — this from a man who has been dubbed ‘the enforcer’ and earned himself a reputation for blackmailing countries into trade agreements. Sutherland blustered on the 5th Feb 2016: “We have to re-enforce the responsibility to refugees.” Is such language that of a great humanitarian, or an industrialist used to getting his own way?

Equally, do people realize that Peter Sutherland played a key role in the subprime mortgage scandal of 2008 where Goldman Sachs caused a global financial crisis? While Soros is somewhat predictable, the terrible truth is that Peter Sutherland’s lordly utterances on anything from Britain’s post-Brexit economy to mass migration are invariably taken at face value.

It’s highly likely that when Sutherland bemoans Denmark’s re-imposition of borders to cope with the migrant influx as he tweeted on Jan 4th 2016, or his September 28th 2015 outburst that conditions in Calais were “sickening” and “shameful” and that he felt “horrified” — people innocently saw only a senior UN official with a laudable background in humanitarian work. But Peter Sutherland has for decades gloated over his bully boy reputation and is no Mother Theresa. The lucrative Russian oil fields are probably not where you would expect to find the UN’s bleeding heart Special Representative for Migration; but Peter Sutherland, as BP’s non executive Chairman, was intimately involved with Russia’s largest foreign trade deal. Needless to say, just as with the Cologne mass sex attacks — things soon turned sour. Centered upon a joint venture called BP-TNK, while Russia welcomed both foreign investment and expertise, this was not some third world state Peter Sutherland and his ilk were ever likely to be able to push around. It’s really quite incredible that as Goldman Sachs was rocking the global financial system with the sub-prime mortgage scandal in 2008, Sutherland was simultaneously — as the non executive Chairman of BP — embroiling himself in a bitter feud over ownership of BP-TNK. Sutherland presided over a slanging match where BP-TNK’s shareholders accused BP of running the joint venture as a subsidiary — in other words, to the detriment of the Russian shareholders even though oil prices were skyrocketing. A Russian investment partner accused Sutherland of using ‘Nazi tactics’, while Sutherland in turn lashed out at the Kremlin to blame the state for ‘corporate raiding.’ Sutherland’s mischievous indictment that Russia had returned to the lawless 90s undoubtedly undercut foreign investment confidence in Russia, at least in the short term. Unfortunately, the liberal western media naively portrayed the debacle not as an example of how globalists had overplayed their hand and got burned, but, farcically, as a clash of values between a reputable British company and a bunch of oligarchs able to activate the local bureaucracy on demand. As with his role as UN Migration Chief and position in Goldman Sachs, Sutherland used a combination of moralizing and playing the injured party to cover his tracks in Russia. As always, his role in the globalist phenomena was deconstructed from the immediate picture.

The March of Folly

Far worse than the Goldman Sachs-inspired financial crisis of 2008, Europe now faces total meltdown. Globalist policies have reaped a bitter fruit: The EU has only escaped the breakdown of the Schengen Zone through a hasty compact with Turkey. While this precarious deal has stemmed the flow of migrants via the West Balkan Route, the much more perilous Central Mediterranean Route has now opened up with the summer months and calmer seas. Accordingly, migrant drownings in the first five months of 2016 have spiked from 1855 deaths in 2015 to 2510 deaths in 2016. A staggering 880 migrants perished in the last week of May 2016 alone.

Meanwhile, Daesh have boasted that they have embedded terrorists within the migrant flows and while the vast majority of migrants are entirely peaceful, the lack of background checks on incomers does present a legitimate risk. For its part, the now thoroughly destabilized EU has failed to deliver the economic prospects the migrants had hoped for and over 1.2 million continue to languish in overcrowded refugee centers where they face violence, sexual abuse, and the possibility of radicalization.

When Peter Sutherland spoke about it being the EU’s mission to undermine as best it could national homogeneity, it’s possible that he genuinely believes that globalization is for the betterment of mankind. The problem is that Peter Sutherland, despite all the positions, titles and awards he has accumulated over the years is only one man: he is entirely fallible. What is one man to the sum total of the millions who are now suffering the trauma of the greatest refugee crisis since 1945 — which itself is part of a much greater social experiment? If Peter Sutherland is neither entirely good, nor is he evil incarnate. And yet, his voice is no more valid than that of a young German girl groped and battered at Cologne railway station, or the dying whispers of an Eritrean refugee locked in the flooding hold of a sinking ship. This simple truth is not something the globalists are likely to accept anytime soon — and that my friends is no mere conspiracy theory.

* * *

Source: Sputnik

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