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space-station-11_cropThe greatest of all opportunities and challenges in the Universe awaits us — but it will not wait forever.

by David Sims

IF THE WHITE race can get the Jewish vampire off its back, and can re-segregate itself from other races, it will probably regain its former expansive ambitions and exploration capabilities. But this must happen soon, or else humans (and sub-humans) will have used up the available supply of fossil fuels, meaning that industry — and therefore the chance to colonize other planets — will forever come to an end.

Assuming that things do work out for us, I can foresee the colonization not only of exoplanets, planets orbiting other stars, but also the colonization of nearly every large asteroid in the space between the stars, with deuterium from water ice becoming the fuel for fusion reactors. Wandering rogue planets that retain heat from their formations and from radioactivity in their cores can be found and burrowed into.

There will be both fast and slow waves of interstellar colonization, with the fast wave being AI-initiated assembly of the first human colonists using printed DNA and artificial gestation. This wave will move out from Earth at about the rate of one light year per several thousand years, crossing the galaxy in about ten million years. The slow wave will follow, as actual living people learn how to live on space stations made from rocks found in interstellar space, and engaging in commerce with similar stations at distances of maybe a light-day, or about twice the diameter of the solar system.

Because water ice can be relied upon to form a certain percentage of interstellar asteroids, and because a percentage of the hydrogen in that ice can be relied upon to be deuterium (hydrogen with an extra neutron), every single one of them could potentially become a place for long-term human habitation.

Slowly, then, the second wave of human colonization will fill the void between the stars, and the star-system people of the first wave will acquire neighbors in a populated interstellar suburbs. These neighbors will have learned to handle with easy grace the hazards of the space environment that we struggle with. Although there will still be accidents in which someone gets killed, it will happen no more often than does someone falling off a roof and breaking his neck when he hits the ground, here on Earth. And it will be remarked upon in about the same way.

But for that to happen, the White race must survive. And to survive, we must come to dominate our own living space once again. Since the Jews won’t let us go without a fight, we will need to learn to fight well and to stick together, White with White, better than we’ve ever done before.

From a cosmic perspective, this is rather important. That is, its importance has an objective component, something other than its being quite an advantageous set of circumstances for ourselves. While it is possible that there is other, alien life in the universe, we don’t really know that this is the case. We don’t know for certain that Earth isn’t the only world with life on it anywhere. If life on Earth dies, or even backslides to the point where it features no sapiens level of intelligence, then the universe might no longer have any way to know itself. Being unappreciated, it might as well not exist.

And our race is the key that will either unlock the sky, or not. There is no other key because no other race has the necessary combination of intelligence and exploration inquisitiveness. It is as if Nature passed us the ball and bet the whole game that we would cross the goal line with it. Win or lose, perhaps forever — it’s up to us.

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
13 September, 2016 2:36 am

I totally agree. It will be either that, or Donya’s
world for our descendants.