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Adaptive Differences and Abnormalities


by David Sims

DO I HAVE a “closed mind”? No, what I’m doing is defending a truth from people who would assail it with lies.

Yes, I’m a racist. But I’m also right. The word “racist” does not mean the same thing that the word “false” means. True and false are the only truth-values. The word racist is merely a derogatory term meant to put a bad smell on a kind of innate wisdom.

For one thing, homosexuality isn’t like a racial minority. There’s nothing abnormal about race. They are merely differently adapted. Some races might be superior to others in specific ways simply because equal outcomes are not to be expected from separate evolutionary processes, but none of them is abnormal.

Homosexuality, on the other hand, is an abnormality that has been improperly given a status for normalcy that it does not deserve.

What is normal? Normal, or the norm, is what has become a mainstream character because it promotes survival. Why does this happen? Mostly, because of natural selection. Nature issues a judgment on all sorts of variation as some of it prospers and becomes the mainstream, while other variations either become extinct or manifest in an abnormal minority that remains in existence only because the conditions of life are, for the moment, insufficiently rigorous to push it into extinction.

Biology isn’t perfect. It sometimes makes boo-boos in the form of defective babies who have heads full of protein mush that never formed a brain, or they have their urethral openings in the wrong place. Whatever. Such things are defects. Some defects are fatal. Some are merely handicaps. But none of them is an “alternative mode of normality.”

Homosexuality is also in this class. Whatever genes cause it are defective genes, just as the genes that cause diabetes are also defective.

Morality is survival behavior above the individual level. In any proper moral code, the survival of the practitioner group is the highest value.

Why survival? Because nothing matters to the dead. Because only to something alive may anything else be good. Because neither truth, nor justice, nor freedom, nor comfort have any value to extinct people. Survival is prerequisite to all other values; survival must come first, or else nothing else has value.

Why the group, rather than the individual? Because what does not exist is worthless, and what can’t exist for long probably isn’t worth much. Individuals are ephemeral; they either grow old and die, or they are killed by misfortune, but, either way, they can by no means endure for long. But the group, if it can replace with new members any old ones that are lost, is potentially immortal.

The relative importance of the individual and his race is similar to the importance of an apple and the tree it grew on. If you ask yourself whether you’d suffer the greater loss by throwing away a perfectly edible apple or chopping down the apple tree, the answer would be clear. Anyone who kills the tree, while preserving in his refrigerator the last of its apples because they are so very unique and special is either mentally retarded or mentally ill.

But you might be surprised at how quickly some people reverse the priority with a simple shift of subject matter.

A group that puts anything other than their survival in first place of value will, sooner or later, find themselves in circumstances in which their survival is in conflict with whatever that other thing is. When that happens, that group either will abandon their improper moral code in favor of a proper one, or they will become extinct, and their improper code will die with them.

To those who argue that homosexuality must be regarded as normal: Surely, you can see that you are special-pleading for homosexuality, arguing that it should be excepted from the list of abnormal modes of sexuality. You’re quite comfortable with the idea that necrophilia and bestiality are abnormal because these activities are not “consensual sex between (living) humans.”

You might need to modify your definition a bit, since occasionally the child participant in an act of pedophilia will give such consent as he or she can. We still put the adult participant into prison, though. Do you believe that this is the wrong thing for the laws to do?

When you suppose that sex is justified by desire for sex, you begin a slippery slope that will not end until homosexuality is made respectable, thereafter pedophilia is made respectable, thereafter bestiality, thereafter necrophilia. One after another, they will be defended as “alternative modes of normality.”

Sex exists so that men can make women pregnant, so that women can give birth to the children of the next generation. The pleasure we get from it is nice, but, to voice nature, the pleasure is the inducement to reproduce; reproduction is the purpose.

Like any other human activity, legislation can be done either well or poorly. The laws do well to the extent that they harmonize with nature, rather than waste vital human energy by fighting an endless war against natural laws as they apply to living creatures. Or, rather, a war that will end in disaster the moment the aberrant human society runs out of the energy or the technical means needed to forestall disaster.

Tolerating homosexuality is an error, and promoting it is a worse one. The decline of a culture probably begins with the promotion of counter-intuitive nonsense, such as “the races are equal” or “homosexuality is normal.” We can’t make these lies true simply by telling them over and over and over again. Nature will have its way in the end. A country that accepts either of those false ideas is approaching its finish.

* * *

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Joey Virgo
Joey Virgo
16 September, 2016 1:12 pm

You don’t have to agree that homosexuality is normal to state that morality has little to do with survival; it’s the genes and it’s the culture, stupid. Or it’s the world as Will and representation, as Schopenhauer phrased it. The Shakers used to be a big moral (religious) organization and very productive; today, there’s just a few in existence and they outsource their beautiful craftwork. Industrialism as a cultural phenomenon aided in their demise. But they fundamentally do not breed and therefore they cannot survive. Their way-of-life is insufficient motivation for others to join them and make increase. St. Augustine’s view of sexuality was such that receiving pleasure from an act of reproduction was a horrible sin and ought to be confessed to a priest for absolution. This is not… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  Joey Virgo
16 September, 2016 5:06 pm

Joey says: White people are not following Mr. Sims’ preachings…His way-of-sex finger-wagging like a Jonathan Edwards on sexual do’s and don’ts for White men and women is not sufficient motivation for others to join him. — That’s not a fair statement at all, Joey. David Sims writes — not “preaches” — plenty about the JQ and he reaches and provokes positive thoughts in more people with his honest, racist analysis of Jew power over our people than you probably do. David Sims also makes readers think about other things that are important, like he does here with this excellent piece about the negative impact of queers and sex-for-pleasure-only on our race. Mr. Sims is not trying to build a “following of his teachings,” but the National Alliance is, because his… Read more »

16 September, 2016 5:30 pm

The white warrior is a man who likes to get to the point. Homosexuality is both socially abnormal and a biological oxymoron. It would take a qualified nurse or doctor but a few moments to determine one’s true sexuality. They would get you to drop your “nickers” take one look at your crotch and instantly define your sexuality. Yes it is that simple. Here I exclude the biological abomination known as the hermaphrodite. So one’s biological sexuality is immutable – I can never become a woman no matter how many ‘silk gowns’ I might wear, and I can never become a woman by any form of invasive surgery or hormone replacement therapy. Thus removing one’s penis and scrotum sack (balls included) does not convert a male into a female, nor… Read more »

Joey Virgo
Joey Virgo
17 September, 2016 1:27 pm

Will Williams, I admire David Sims’s writings in large and great part. I’ve commented here on National Vanguard quite positively about him and his writings before. You misread my comment as taking a part of his writing in one article that I commented on for the whole of the man and his writings as well as the whole National Vanguard enterprise. That’s illogical, unreasonable for sure. You have been unfair in drawing such judgment. The point is trying to control people’s sexuality never works when all there is is rhetoric. It’s old, it’s tired, and the more the pro White movement uses it (forget what religions do!) — without any other incentive (something like Heaven perhaps?) — it’s useless. That’s preaching or what I mean by preaching. Hitler offered Germans… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  Joey Virgo
17 September, 2016 7:30 pm

I apologize for not understanding your point, JV. I don’t recall seeing any other comments by you at NV.org, about Mr. Sims other articles or under anyone else’s. I still find your comparison of him to the fire and brimstone Puritan terrorist of the mind Jonathan Edwards way off the mark. I don’t consider David Sims’ writings to be mere “rhetoric” at all except in the best sense of the word: using language effectively to persuade or influence people. Just like he says in his opening sentence, he is defending a truth from people who would assail it with lies. His writings will not resonate with everyone, but to those who are influenced positively by them the National Alliance extends a welcome and hopes they will spread this article to… Read more »