UK Leaders Conference: Quest for Unity and Direction


by Max Musson

FOLLOWING the controversy of Nick Griffin’s ultimately disastrous stewardship of the British National Party, that party has shed most of its former members and the nationalist movement in this country has become fragmented and disoriented. Today our movement is composed of a number of comparatively small organisations, many of them tiny, and all of them largely impotent in terms of being able to effect political change either now or within the foreseeable future.

In recent years, UKIP under the leadership of Nigel Farage has comprehensively eclipsed all genuinely nationalist political parties. UKIP benefit from a significant amount of mainstream funding and they enjoy far more favourable treatment by the mass media than has ever been afforded any genuine nationalist party.

While UKIP are not a creation of the establishment, their existence as a reactionary party, to the right of the Conservative party, espousing policies that appeal to the traditionalists among the electorate, is tolerated and nurtured to some degree, as it occupies the electoral space formerly available to genuinely nationalist political parties. UKIP are now a firmly established cuckoo in the nest, occupying the electoral niche that all democratic nationalist political parties aspire to fill.

In short, UKIP is blocking the nationalist electoral route to power and very effectively neutralising any threat that nationalist political parties might otherwise pose. Unless something significant happens to alter the current status quo, it will be impossible for a genuinely nationalist political party to bypass that ‘road block’ and achieve any significant electoral success.

Post Brexit, some have suggested that UKIP have lost their raison d’être and will go into decline, but that is far from certain and the process of decline may take decades during which the growth in terms of electoral success of genuine nationalist political parties will continue to be obstructed.


It is evident that British nationalism is currently in a state of limbo, the surprise vote for Brexit in this year’s referendum has not only affected UKIP, it has as far as the general public are concerned, removed both major planks from our political platform, placing on hold pending the outcome of negotiations, not just Britain’s future relationship with the EU, but also any certainty or urgency regarding measures to restrict, control or halt future levels of immigration.

The present uncertainty has an undoubted debilitating effect, but it also provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate decisiveness and to seize the political initiative, especially if we can make our voice heard and can make our numbers felt. We could become a beacon of light amidst the fog of uncertainty, and we ought to be taking action now, because we know full well how the current situation will play out if we remain inert.

If we remain inert, the issue of Brexit will be fudged and we will eventually, after several years, be presented with ‘BINO’, Brexit in name only, or at best ‘Brexit lite’ — outcomes that fly in the face of the democratic wishes of our people — and mass immigration especially from the Third World will continue unabated, dragging us ever closer to the point of genetic no return, a point beyond which the genetic integrity of our people will have been irreversibly compromised.

The most pernicious legacy of the failed Griffin stewardship of the BNP is the veil of mutual suspicion and mistrust that has descended upon nationalism, in which everyone’s honesty is doubted and in which the sincerity of everyone’s patriotism is called into question. Almost every day, siren voices call out their puerile warnings and spew forward yet more poison, accusing others of being ‘agents of the secret state’ — unjustly tarnishing the reputations of anyone and everyone who is trying to provide leadership, and reinforcing our feelings of mutual suspicion and mistrust. Clearly the establishment want us to remain divided, impotent and ineffective, and their agents are working hard to that end.

Many have identified the need for new initiatives aimed at bringing nationalists together and some such initiatives have already shown fruit, largely among the rank and file membership. But greater unity is required if a nationalist organisation is to ever acquire the critical mass needed to propel us forward with the speed that is required, and such unity can only be achieved if the leaders of the various nationalist political parties and groups are brought together, face-to-face, and persuaded to view each other as allies rather than rivals or enemies.


Nothing of any great worth is ever achieved without the danger of failure, of rejection, or of having one’s trust betrayed, and we who seek to lead the nationalist movement must have the courage to expose ourselves to those dangers if we are to have any hope of drawing together enough people with the talent needed to build a movement that will be the salvation of our people.

If we leaders can overcome our petty differences of opinion and our petty rivalries and accept that it is better to be number two or three, or number seven, in an organisation that brings about the eventual salvation of our people, than to be number one in an organisation that fails, we will have taken a massive step forward. If we can enter into joint ventures and share best practice and therefore reap the benefits of synergy, the outlook for our movement will be transformed and our prospects for success will be immeasurably greater than they are today.

History and the future generations of our people will judge us harshly if through egotism and petty squabbling, or an inability to forgive the trespasses of others, we condemn those future generations to a miserable future, as a persecuted minority balanced precariously on the brink of extinction.

Western Spring are launching a major nationalist unity initiative this autumn and we invite representatives from all genuine British nationalist organisations to participate in that initiative. We have made arrangements for what we are billing as a ‘Leaders Conference’, to take place at a prestigious venue in early September and invitations will be sent out to the selected invitees over the course of the next few days.

We do not propose to publish a list of invitees or of those who actually do attend. We invite any nationalists who are interesting in making sure your voices and opinions are heard to make enquiries among the leaders of whichever organisations to which you belong, and make sure those leaders are fully briefed before the conference is held. Alternatively, you can make your views known through the comments facility at the foot of this article.

There are now almost daily reports of fresh terrorist outrages, the Tories are doing nothing, UKIP and the Labour Party are rudderless at present and our hope is that by the end of this year we nationalists will have been able to seize the political initiative, to expose and capitalise upon establishment plans to fudge Brexit and to have begun alerting our people to the ongoing dangers of complacency over the issues of race and immigration. An historic and potentially terrible day of reckoning is accelerating towards us and when that day comes we will need to be fully prepared, we will need to be united and with our minds firmly fixed on what needs to be done. Hopefully, those who aspire to lead our people will have done our duty and that potentially terrible day of reckoning will be instead a day of opportunity, a watershed moment giving birth to a new era of glory and fulfillment for us, our movement and our people.

* * *

Source: Western Spring

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