The Vicious Dog and Its Owner


by James Harting

THERE WAS A MAN once who kept a vicious dog locked up inside his house. Sometimes he would let it out for exercise in his fenced-in back yard. On occasion, the dog would escape from the yard, and terrorize the neighborhood, attacking other dogs and threatening people. Finally, it bit a woman and her son. The neighbors had had enough, and called the police on the man.

So who is to blame and what is to be done in such a situation?

Certainly, the ultimate responsibility lies with the owner of the dog. The dog is just being a dog. And yet, if you are walking down the sidewalk and the dog attacks you, that is not the time to consider the legal culpability of the owner — rather that is the time to defend yourself from the dog! Making the owner answer for his responsibility will have to come later.

The vicious dog running loose symbolizes the countless millions of non-White invaders who have been imported into traditionally White countries. We Whites are the neighbors, and our countries are the neighborhoods. And the negligent owner? Why, that is the political elites, who, at the behest of the Jews, have loosed this danger among us.

There are those who say that we should not focus our hatred and anger at the invaders swamping our shores, who are murdering us, raping our women, ruining our economies, and who will ultimately drive us to extinction if left unchecked. Rather, we should take aim at the politicians who are letting them in in the first place. We agree: ultimately, it is our treasonous ruling class who is responsible, and not the non-White invaders themselves. And ultimately, these political elites need to be held accountable for their misdeeds — along with their co-conspirators in the mainstream media. And above all, their Jewish overlords will have to one day answer for their crimes against the White race.

But in the meantime, we are confronted with a snarling, vicious dog who poses an immediate threat that cannot be ignored or excused.

White people the world over need to take every possible practical measure to defend themselves from the rising tide of the non-White tsunami. We need to defend our families, our homes and our neighborhoods by whatever means necessary. These invaders are an immediate threat that we need to be concerned about here and now. And we should not just defend ourselves, and fight back alone as individuals; instead all Whites should band together under the banner of National Socialism, as a united folk of racial brothers and sisters.

But at the same time, we must always keep in mind that the invasion of our homelands is not some sort of accident or natural occurrence. Rather, it is a deliberate act of war waged against us by the very politicians who are supposedly looking out for our interests. Right now, there is little that we can do to protect ourselves against this evil, corrupt, anti-White ruling class. But we are not going to forget them or what they have done. And one day, they will be hauled before the bar of Justice and they will answer for their crimes against their own people.

* * *

Source: Do Right and Fear No One

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Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
28 December, 2020 8:12 am

The vicious dog example certainly seems to be an appropriate stand in for swarming immigrants. But long before there were swarming immigrants there were swarming white Americans looking for security with a paycheck and a pension and well, as they say, people vote their pocketbook. Americans turning their backs on security to seek opportunity then create the wealth. But wealth creation comes with risk of failure and that risk is what drives the security conscious toward the security of public employment. Well sometimes that secure employment requires some not so citizen-friendly action. Well, first of all, American private citizens are suspect because they don’t have the same level of food and housing security so may become desperate. Add to that the withdrawal of normal opportunity afforded by wide ownership of… Read more »