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The Queens of Academe

UMA_Seal_300_MaroonAfter reading this article from 1979, imagine the horrors that await our vulnerable young people in 2016 — today, the administration would not be concerned about homosexual solicitation on campus; it would be punishing and ostracizing any who opposed it.

THE ADMINISTRATION of the University of Massachusetts is worried about homosexual professors promising higher grades to students who participate in sex acts. The campus police have found most of the solicitation took place in the basement of Herter Hall, the home of the liberal arts department.

Anyone who has gone to boarding school knows about fag teachers, who make discreet or indiscreet approaches to susceptible students. There is nothing new in such behavior, the academic profession having always had a magnetic pull on men who are not overly masculine.

What is surprising is that the proselytizing and lecherous proclivities of homosexuals are seldom discussed and never discussed thoroughly when the subject of gay rights bobs up in the media. Even when the bodies of young American Majority members are piled high in the home of John Gacy, little is said about the motivations and habits of homosexual killers. When men rape women we hear a lot of talk from criminologists and psychiatrists about the motivations, obsessions and character defects of the rapist. It is shouted in our ear that society and perhaps even the victim is to blame. But discussion of homosexual crime is never pursued to its logical conclusion — that letting homosexuals out of the closet also allows them much more freedom to seduce boys and young men. More freedom to seduce means more seduction.

The problem is not what homosexuals do with each other. It is what they do to immature heterosexuals. Obviously they are able to do more of their peculiar thing when they are given — thanks largely to the media — respectability, political power and immunity from criticism.

Most Americans instinctively understand this. Witness the naming of Anita Bryant as America’s “Most Admired Woman” in the recent Good Housekeeping poll. In spite of Anita’s popularity, the press treats her like Salem preachers treated witches. Last year our TV masters sentenced her to perpetual ostracism from the boob tube, the principal source of her livelihood.

* * *

Source: Instauration magazine, May 1979

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