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The Negro Lottery and the Controlled Media’s Continued Coverup of Black Crime

Selection_501-310x165by David Sims

THE NEGRO LOTTERY is a means of financial enrichment open almost exclusively to Blacks and never to Whites, involving:

1. The abuse of civil court process, following upon the death of a relative.

2. A deliberate provocation intended to elicit a reaction about which the provoker can file a legal complaint.

3. An attempt to portray oneself as the victim of racism, when in fact one’s troubles are all, or mostly, of one’s own making.

1. If a policeman kills a Black person in self-defense or in the line of duty, and he is subsequently found “not guilty” by a jury, or a grand jury refuses to indict him on any criminal charge, then the family of the dead Black person plays the Negro lottery by filing a frivolous lawsuit against the city or against the police department, usually hoping for an out-of-court settlement. Threats of a Black riot, should a monetary reward not result from this action, is sometimes used as a terroristic concomitant to the Negro lottery.

2. Examples of common provocations include insulting remarks or a long, continuous, unfriendly stare.

3. A Black person, after being arrested by the police, might intentionally urinate in his clothing and afterward say that the police had “forced” that condition upon him, thus giving him grounds for suing the police department.

Media Coverup and Misdirection

Meanwhile, serious crimes are being covered up by the Jewish-controlled “mainstream media” and given no national attention, while viewers and readers are being led astray by manufactured “outrage” over insignificant incidents of White anger or mere dislike of Blacks.

Keith_Anthony_Allen_597392727The Black male shown at left is HIV positive. He is infected with the virus that causes AIDS. Keith Anthony Allen, age 27, has been charged with raping three girls, ages 12-14, in Columbus, Ohio. Reportedly, the 12-year-old victim became pregnant by the rapist. It is quite possible that none of the rape victims will survive to adulthood. This is one piece of the trash that we would like to clean out of America. We’d like you to help us do it.

Here’s another one. Meet Philippe Lutete (below), age 29. He was out on bail-set-too-low for another rape when he raped the woman he got arrested for raping this time, in Los Angeles County, California. He reportedly got away with rape and general thuggery for years before he began paying any penalty for his behavior.

The only way that you might have previously heard about these two Black rapists is if you happened to sample the local news media in Columbus OH or Los Angeles CA at the right moment, or you are in the habit of browsing White nationalist forums.

Meanwhile, it is being reported in the news media, internationally, that a White student at the University of South Carolina wrote the word “nigger” on a white-board with a dry erase marker.

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