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The Mongrel — and How the Jews Control Politicians

41JNJE302DLA review and commentary by David Sims of The Mongrel by Julius Streicher; first published in Der Sturmer

I ADMIRE BOTH the skill and the courageous honesty with which Julius Streicher wrote. He was hanged after World War 2 for exercising his freedom of speech, during the war, in a way that the Jews did not like. It seems that Jews will do this — kill those who criticize them — when they have enough power to do so with impunity. Among the first laws passed in the Soviet Union, after the mostly Jewish Bolsheviks took over in 1918, was a law making “anti-Semitic” expression a capital crime, with the “guilty” speaker or writer subject to the death penalty. (It didn’t matter if the anti-Semitic statements were true.) That’s why men such as Julius Streicher are exceptionally valuable to any nation that is controlled by Jewish media bosses and exploited via usury by Jewish bankers.

When I posted my review on Amazon, I received some hostile comments. I responded to them as follows:

Julius Streicher was hanged for exercising his lawful freedom of speech in a way that the Jews didn’t like. One thing the observant will notice about Jewish propaganda is its technique of stating a fact in a way that suggests that it is “dirty,” that it “stinks,” and that all “right-thinking” people will avoid it.

That’s how Jewish writers will tell you that “Nazi propaganda” set out to portray the Jews as a political threat to the German people, saying that the Jews were using the United States, the Soviet Union, and England as their tools of war. But those are facts!

It’s easiest to demonstrate with the Soviet Union, so I’ll start there. The USSR replaced the Russian Empire, which had been a White-ruled empire. The Bolsheviks were primarily Jews, and Bolshevism (and many other Marxist groups throughout the world) were almost exclusively Jewish-led. After duping the Russian working class into helping them bring down the Tsar, the Jews set up a regime that was infinitely more repressive to their erstwhile benefactors than the Tsar’s government ever was, taking away all of their property and murdering them by the millions. Yakov Sverdlov, the first Soviet president, was a Jew. Leon Trotsky was Jewish. In the 1920s, about 80% of the top Soviet officials in the Politburo and the Supreme Soviet were Jews. What fraction of the population of Russia did Jews comprise? Only five percent.

And that, by the way, is the most reliable and most objective way by which to decide whether the Jews are a threat. If after study you can see that a significantly greater percentage of the key positions in society are held by Jews than the percentage of the population that is Jewish, then you have good evidence that something nasty is going on, and that the Jews are behind it. Never mind anything else. The Jews have a thousand excuses, and most of them are false. Just keep your eye on those two percentages: If they become substantially different, then your country has a Jewish problem.

Although it is not so easily demonstrated, Jews also held leveraged political dominance in the United States and in England. The leverage by which they held sway had (and still has) two fulcrums:

(1) Control of the banks and hence of the means of financing government operations through loans, which the people are required to repay through taxes, and

(2) Control of the media and therefore of the means for mass propaganda, which means that the Jews could decide which candidates to hold public office would become famous enough to run for election, and further they could determine what the public would know about each candidate.

It came to pass that voting didn’t matter because the outcome was already decided.

Any politician who survived the learning curve understood that when the Jews want one thing, and the majority of the public wants something to the contrary, it is the Jews who must be satisfied. Not the other citizens. The last time this happened in the United States? You might have heard about it. It was called “The 700 Billion Dollar Bailout.” All of America was on one side, saying no. The Jews were on the other side, though you might not have known that they were Jews, saying yes. Who won? The Jews did.

And it has been that way for a long time. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt campaigned for re-election on an anti-war platform. He is famous for saying, if I remember correctly, something like: “I hate war! I promise that, if you re-elect me as your president, I’ll never send your boys off to fight in another foreign war. Never, never!” It was a lie, of course. Americans didn’t want to go to war in Europe again. The Jews wanted the Americans sent into another war in Europe. Who won? The Jews did.

But if you point out these facts publicly, the Jews will begin their massive propaganda war against you, using the very techniques that you’d described. And the public seldom is alert enough to understand that they should side with you against the Jews, instead of the other way around. And that is how Jewish political power rises and remains in place.

* * *

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Joey Virgo
Joey Virgo
23 August, 2016 11:10 pm

Lovely, clear, straightforward essay on the Jewish problem, which David Sims does with ease, it seems.

Steve Sandin
Steve Sandin
29 January, 2019 10:08 am

I made this meme for you: http://i68.tinypic.com/2n0u254.jpg