The Auschwitz Party Bus


IN THE Northern Hemisphere we’re approaching the end of summer, but there’s still plenty of time to plan that dream vacation, hopefully one that avoids the burning cities, the Muslim jihad attacks and the rot of “diversity” in general. Relax, have fun, forget all the problems of the world for a short while, it’s perfectly healthy. And don’t forget Poland! Consider hopping on a garish Jew party wagon and riding like a rockstar to this totally rad soviet re-creation of some of their propaganda from Europe’s second fratricidal disaster. Enjoy the swimming pool, the movie theater and the tennis courts, be sure to take lots of selfies, maybe buy a toy bone-crushing machine or electric belt at the gift shop. It’s time to party hearty at the “death” camp. (ILLUSTRATION: Visit a kosher fantasy land full of highly entertaining nonsense!)

A tourist bus designed to show Nazi death camp Auschwitz as a happy holiday destination has been condemned by victims’ families and Jewish leaders.

My mistake, you’re supposed to be crying and rending your garments while looking at highly plausible imaginations of what a “gas chamber” might have looked like. The precious subblezillion gas-belted and devoured by trained nawrtzee condors, the inherent guilt you can only partially atone for via national suicide. Take off that wacky party hat and put down your noise-maker, this is serious “Whites are bad” business. And I do mean business, have your credit card ready, goyim.

Along the flanks of the coach, there are images of real victims of the horrific concentration camp.

No really, this is totally legitimate. Most of those dead bodies weren’t victims of starvation and disease in the last days of the war, they were totally shocked to death on special electric belts, honest.

And in the centre is a giant Star of David over the train tracks that took 1.1 million victims to their deaths.

Yes, it’s now 1.1 million. Please practice with this new highly risible number until you can smoothly wail about the “precious 1.1 million up the chimney.”

The holohoax just keeps getting smaller.
The holohoax just keeps getting smaller.

Lettering along the coach says: ‘Come to Auschwitz — A journey through emotions.’

More like a journey through Jewish emotional manipulation.

Angry Erika Bezdickova — who lost her entire family at Auschwitz when she was just 13 — said: ‘I was absolutely appalled when I spotted the bus offering the tours to Auschwitz.’

“All seven of my parents went up that chimney multiple times!”

She added: ‘Not as an event for the people who are interested in the history, but as entertainment.

Oh the irony.

I think that only a person with no moral decency could make a business out of the Auschwitz catastrophe.

‘Not only is it reprehensible, but those responsible should be punished too.’

Failure to show complete and total reverence around g*d’s chosen should be a crime.

But the bus’ new owner — Svatopluk Strava Auto Xaver, in Blucina, Czech Republic, has refused — claiming he cannot afford the £1,300 a new paint job would cost.

I can’t just demand shekels from the West, after all.

He said: ‘I use the bus and I have to somehow earn money.’


‘To remove the stickers would destroy the paint finish.’

Have you even considered what might happen to the paint finish? Oy vey!


* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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Richard Gearon
Richard Gearon
29 August, 2016 6:57 pm

The bus owner’s last name, Xaver, is suspiciously close to Xavier, a known and frequently encountered jewish given middle name.

29 May, 2019 6:20 pm

What do Catholics think of the bus? Most of the 53,000 (Typhus, old age, allied bombing of food/transport infrastructure) who died in Auschwitz were Catholics and there fore this majority should be heard first.

10 June, 2019 5:12 pm

Say “No” to (((Sausages))), Sausages! …… “6m (((Soapy sausages)))”

Hail to unofficial thinkers acknowledging paten recognition and basic arithmetic.

Say no to political correctness…..
Say no to forced intergeneration…..
Say yes to interest free banking….

Being )w Savvy is the way forward …..)w Savvy …. “)W SAVVY” keep away from (((their semantics)))

Lets remove the puppets of the )’wsh criminal banker families from within local and global administration in order to allow all Goy to ‘Roll over and compound inheritance’.

#patricklittle #littlerevolution #VoteLittleWinBig
#killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL #EndCorruptionNow