Pure Hatred, Regretfulness, and Bitterness

by Varg Vikernes

HERE IN FRANCE, we get so much positive feedback from the Frenchmen we meet in relation to our children. Everybody seems to love blonde and blue-eyed children here. Except one group: female boomers.

Whenever we are somewhere with our children and we meet some female boomers, they have this sour look on their face. They look on my wife as if she has betrayed them somehow and they view this large family with contempt.

Another thing I’ve noticed in relation to boomers in general, is that they often try to sneak in the line and try to get ahead of you. Even when we have a pregnant woman with four children in a line, they will try to get ahead of my wife.

Of course, you have some very, very few exceptions, but as a general rule, female boomers are just completely messed up. The older women are extremely positive when they see my family. The younger women are also extremely positive; and pretty much every single male we meet is positive: “I think it’s good. Ahhh, a big family of White children!”

But not the female boomers; they hate it. When it comes to the boomer men I have another observation that I think is pretty accurate. Namely that the male boomers look like dogs on a leash. They are walking — as if they are completely subjugated, crushed human beings — along with their boomer wives. And it’s scary. They have no backbone. They are just like dogs on a leash. It’s terrible to watch.

And when we meet these female boomers who show extreme hostility towards my pregnant wife and our blonde children, these men don’t want to look at you in your face. You can tell that they don’t agree with their wives — but they don’t have the guts to stand up against her and state their opinion. However, when you meet them alone, they are extremely positive, just like everybody else. Everybody in France loves blonde children with blue eyes because that’s their heritage as well.

In addition to the extreme brainwashing they were exposed to, I think actually the main reason for these female boomers to be so bitter and aggressive and hostile to European large families, is that they never had a large family themselves (they had — maybe — one or two children) and they regret it.

* * *

Source: Thulean Perspective

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10 August, 2016 10:05 am

An interesting and swift isolation of the problem! In movies, normalizing this generation’s behaviour posts observable moral deformity as a standards motivated huff. A spoiled b-boom woman, one unit in a narcissist generation (assholes), as a marketed character or quasi-real woman in reality, will also issue individuality and identity type demands. The language, the unhelpful, uncooperative and the overvalued self are all elliptical and destructive behaviors, like portrayals of addicts — imagined and real. The hormonal biology and neural feedback of the pregnancy state in Europid women escapes me; yet the intuitive correlation from real and jewish propaganda attempts to normalize female assholery is not only that the pregnancy state is a deep hunger and measure of a woman; but that developmentally, the number of pregnancies up to and beyond… Read more »

10 August, 2016 10:23 am

What does the author mean by “boomers?” Does he mean the generation known as “baby boomers?” Most of that generation is far from young by now (late-50s – 60s).

Also, in my experience, most white French people are not blond haired and blue eyed. The majority tend towards darker hair and eyes. The author makes it sound like France is some kind of nordic country, when, in fact, a good portion of it borders the Mediterranean.

Kevin Alfred Strom
Kevin Alfred Strom
Reply to  ReverandT
10 August, 2016 10:31 am

Yes, he means baby boomers.

National Vanguard sees the White race as one — we do not exalt any nationality or subrace at the expense of the others. I believe the author was simply saying that blonde and blue-eyed children are loved by French people because that is “part of their heritage,” which is certainly true of all European countries, France included.

10 August, 2016 9:06 pm

In my opinion, the forest doesn’t look like Mediterranean, it looks like a forest you’d find in the North of France, or towards the Alps. In these areas the Nordic phenotype would be more frequent than the darker one he has in mind as `typical French´.

12 August, 2016 1:14 am

I for one am glad to see this beautiful family. What a sad thing when our own people view our children with disdain.
Glad to see the NA posting Varg! I have been aware of his work for a few years, I particularly like his brand of folkish paganism, Odalism, which I think is quite compatible with the National Alliance world view.

5 June, 2017 1:11 pm

Born in 1961 so technically I am a boomer but don’t really relate to the culture. I have another take on this as an American. Here in the US there was a seismic shift from my generation who were treated as servants and tools by their parents, largely expected to be respectful and seen but not heard,, to the current outright worship of children as propagated by the mainstream media and government . Children are a major cash cow for government and industry. (why do you think they raid the education budget to give handouts to industry so often?) As such I resent it. Here in America it is assumed that you have less rights as an adult than the children. No rights to adult quiet time, no right to… Read more »