Pope Wants More Rapefugees for Poland


WE ARE IN the middle of ideological total war between the forces of globalism and nationalism. The outcome of this struggle of ideas will determine our future: open borders, foreign invasion, collapsing rule of law, chaos, mayhem and hate or a return to the sanity of shared national vision, culture, religion and race. This is the only meaningful struggle of our time, everything else is an illusion or a distraction. Bend the knee to the international Jew or resist and fight for a White nation, this is the choice we all must make. A choice between putting on the kosher chains of “multiculturalism” and becoming one of the slaves promised to the Jew by the Talmud or opposing the alien parasite and reclaiming our ancestral lands. Choose carefully, we’re not going to get a second chance at this one.

In Poland the globalist pope is preparing his sanctimony and suicide tour, promoting the invasion of fighting age animals from the middle eastern sewer. This puppet of the traveling merchant will be promoting spiritual evil and vile cucktianity. Bring in the moon cultists, destroy your lands, die for the Jew. You can trust me, I’m a robe-wearing weirdo with a moe-ham-head foot fetish. The ordinary, healthy Poles are not impressed.

Pope Francis is set to arrive Wednesday in Poland, but the homeland of Saint Pope John Paul II – Francis’ most popular modern-day predecessor — is not rolling out the red carpet for the pontiff whose social agenda has alienated many in the conservative nation.

Whites are starting to realize that genetics, nature, family and the imperative to survive and out-compete our rivals for limited resources could not possibly care less about whether we “do the right thing” or not. Kind words on a tombstone won’t make you any less dead. We have an obligation to defend our soil and our people and it must come before anything else, especially empty and spiritually leprous do-gooding and self-negation.

“The Pope, an inconvenient guest,” was the headline on an article earlier this month in Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland’s largest circulation newspaper.

“A pope that belongs on a rope,” would be even more honest.

Polish bishops circulated a letter publicizing the event that was read in churches throughout the nation on July 3. The letter praised the late Pope John Paul II three times, yet made no mention of Pope Francis.

Hopefully the history books written in our restored homelands a hundred years from now will also make no mention of “Francis.”

Francis’ liberal social positions clash with the Polish church’s conservative orientation and alignment with the far-right Law and Justice Party government.

Those dangerous nawrtzee “far right” parties, with crazy fascist ideas like national self-determination, rule of law, putting their own citizens ahead of foreign opportunists and other wild, evil beliefs.

The nationalist party is committed to defending the Catholic identity of a homogeneous Poland.

This is wrong and wicked, insists a rootless cosmopolitan with a little cap on the back of his head and a carpet bag filled with goodness and light.

“Francis is seen as someone strange, alien, and Poles don’t relate to an Argentinian Pope,” journalist Adam Szostklewicz, who writes about the Church and international affairs for the weekly news magazine Polityka, told

Yeah, that must be the problem and not his constant promotion of cultural marxism and White genocide.

The pope, who took 12 Syrian refugees back to the Vatican with him after visiting a refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos last April, has called upon European nations to admit more Muslim refugees from war zones in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

We need a lot more foreign invasion. It’s really good, trust me.

In his first speech in the country, to an audience including President Andrzej Duda at Krakow’s Wawel Castle, the pope is expected to renew his support for refugees.

Three days later, a young Syrian will speak during a prayer service presided over by the pope.

The pope will not be allowed to “direct” while this sickening farce is happening.

Poles reject that papal call. Seventy percent of Poles don’t want any Muslim refugees, according to a recent survey by CBOS, a leading pollster.

Not every European country is committing suicide by “diversity.”

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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8 August, 2016 11:07 pm

Close to 80 – I hope he dies soon and rots in Hell.

9 August, 2016 12:52 am he’s not a pope – almost daily reams and reams of astonishing, amusing, incredible, unbelievable and ??? material pours forth – so don’t miss out – check it. Antimodernist Pius X understood the situation way back at the beginning of the 20th. He was unequivocal and his writings look as if they could have been put down on paper today. Learned from an absolutely gorgeous Persian who escaped from Iran at age 15 and is now in the US (*see Lana Loktef’s interview with anni cyrus – latest interview – don’t miss it – just about the best Lana’s ever done: radio 314 at are whites; there is linguisitic and other evidence in Germany of the connections – I remember no details except that a connection does exist… Read more »