Nordic Council of Resistance Fighters Are Now in Iceland


TODAY THE Nordic Council of Resistance organization was launched in Iceland in order to further advance the resistance effort in the Nordic region. The Nordurvigi (North Front) Web page is currently a static page with information about Norræna mótstöðuhreyfingin (Nordic Council of Resistance), but the goal is to soon convert it into an interactive news and activism portal that will be updated continuously.

At present on a presentation of the Nordic Council of Resistance activities, the organization’s nine points, selected films from the battle for the Nordic nations, and two interviews with the Nordic Council of Resistance leader Simon Lindberg.

On the sidebar there is also an explanation of why the Nordic Resistance Movement needed to establish themselves in Iceland, and two specifically-designed Iceland-centric fliers ready for printing and distribution.

The new Icelandic leaflets — which just became available last Wednesday — have now begun to be distributed in Reykjavik. The leaflets were handed out on Saturday and have already been mentioned in news reports on television and on a “mainstream” Icelandic news Web site.

The news site described the campaign in an article entitled “Neo-Nazis want to establish themselves in Iceland.” The article gives the views of Eiríkur Bergmann, said to be a professor of political science, of the Nordic Resistance and our organization’s ability to establish itself in Iceland.


Bergmann’s opinions and description of the Resistance are, on the whole, what today might be expected from hostile, anti-White media in a Nordic country.

Icelanders, or persons of Icelandic descent or language comprehension living outside Iceland, are now prompted to contact and offer help and join the nascent fight for our people in Iceland. Spread the word!

* * *

Source: Nordic Resistance Movement

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13 August, 2019 6:37 pm

“Neo-Nazis want to establish themselves in Iceland.” Yep! They sure do. They want Iceland to be under the iron rule of Icelandic Icelanders.