Minnesota: Byzantine Anti-White Politics

by John I. Johnson

ON AUGUST 9, 2016 a young Somali Muslim immigrant-import born in Africa in 1982 (called a “refugee” by the Establishment), Ilhan Omar, unseated Minnesota Representative Phyllis Kahn in a Democratic primary, meaning that if the result is not overturned she will be the next representative in the state legislature in St. Paul for her inner city Minneapolis district. This is because this district is a de facto one-party political unit, as many urban districts are, and has been for a half-century or more. Republicans are never elected, and frequently don’t even bother to field candidates. The district encompasses the main campus of the University of Minnesota and its environs.

Representative Phyllis Kahn
Representative Phyllis Kahn

The Brooklyn-born Kahn (Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, Yale), age 79, has been in power forever — since 1973, a total of 43 years, with “elections” for her seat held every two years. She is an anti-White Leftist. Her Jewish husband was a professor at the University of Minnesota — as was her equally Left-wing and anti-White State Senate colleague from the same district over the same extensive period of time until his death in 2008, Allan Spear (Oberlin, Yale). Spear was a homosexual Jew. Due to a lack of genuine electoral democracy, both seats were essentially Communist-style offices.

A basic fact of political life is that a 32-year-old alien from Africa who has lived in the US for 19 years (if that) does not just waltz into a district like Kahn’s and unseat a 79-year-old battle-axe Jewish incumbent without powerful backers who are basically controlling the entire process. I assume many of them must be Jewish as well, given the locale.

Allan Spear
Allan Spear

So apparently there is a split in the Jewish/anti-White ranks in Minneapolis in order for this to happen. Moreover, Kahn’s forces appear to be fighting back. A few days ago a Jewish reporter for a local television station, Paul Blume, ran a story raising questions about the African woman’s marital status — something that would be forbidden for any right-wing White reporter (if there was one in the United States) or White candidate to do. This occurred only after the Negro’s political victory. The story, in Blume’s words, has been “bubbling to the surface” ever since.

Isn’t it nice when controlled media stories passively “bubble to the surface”? An impersonal process with no human involvement whatsoever!

Blume says that there are a couple of marriage licenses registered in Ilhan Omar’s name, one of which appears to be current. But the man named on it is not the same man she publicly identifies as her husband. (She has three children, which is above the replacement rate.)

At the time of the report the candidate refused to answer Blume’s question, “Who is your legal husband?”

We will see what develops. Since there is power and money behind Omar (in 2002 she was apparently on the public dole) it is by no means certain the elderly Kahn will get her way. She’s had her day. She may be told to shut up, and nothing more may come of the matter.

Collectively, though, Jews are taking another step up the power ladder, as they relentlessly impose nonexistence on the Whites they hate.

* * *

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