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Jewish Ritual Murder: Real or Imagined?

51byUcn6ObLA consideration of the thesis of Blood Ritual by Philip de Vier

by David Sims

I DON’T THINK THAT most Jews are involved in ritual murder. In fact, I think that many Jews sincerely believe that it just does not happen. The laws of Moses, you know, and the Ten Commandments, etc.

But there are different sects of Jews, just as there are different sects of Muslims and of Christians, and some of the Jewish sects are both more secretive and more bloodthirsty than others.

Some of them probably have been in the habit of committing ritual murders, often by blood-letting, episodically across the past thousand years. The accounts of such events are too numerous, too persistent, and too similar in method to be discounted in total.

Although some Blood Accusations (it is presumptuous to call them “Blood Libels” without evidence to back up the claim of libel) are almost certainly malicious falsehoods, it is likely that many, perhaps most, are true.

Here is what the publisher had to say about this book:

On April 1, 1899, the body of 19-year-old Agnes Hurza, a young White woman, was found in a woods near Polna, Bohemia, then a part of Austria-Hungary. Her throat had been slashed so badly that she was nearly decapitated. Her wounds revealed that she had been held upside down until her body had been emptied of blood. As this blood was not found at the crime scene, it must have been collected and carried away.

For most of history, belief in Jewish ritual murder was widely accepted. Naturally, the Jews aren’t the only group who have practiced (and might still practice) ritual murder. Historically, it is fairly common: The Aztecs, numerous African tribes, and the ancient Carthaginians come to mind.

But since WW2, with the rise of Jewish ownership of the mass media, has come the politically-correct “Doctrine of the Never-Guilty Jews.” Every accusation of Jewish ritual murder, no matter how well proved it might have been in its time, has become a “Blood Libel” in today’s media, a phrase that explicitly frames each case as a malicious falsehood, without an examination of the facts.

Probably, not every accusation is true. But it is also unlikely that all of them are false. Philip de Vier has made a thorough survey of the known evidence in about 200 cases of ritual murder in ancient, medieval, Renaissance, and modern times. Adopting the approach of a detective investigating a murder, de Vier invites his readers to sift the relevant facts from history and to see that they point toward the existence of a transgenerational ritual murder cult within the larger body of Judaic tradition. The evidence is persuasive, but, says de Vier, the final verdict is ours to make.

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  1. 25 August, 2016 at 11:15 am — Reply

    I have this book, but have not yet read it.

  2. PPight1931
    25 August, 2016 at 9:10 pm — Reply

    A somewhat disembodied review, what is the context of this book? How does it stand among its peers? There is an enormous literature on the subject even in English, does it add to (or detract from) that literature?

    Was it published after the incendiary “The Jews of Europe and Ritual Murder” (2007) by Ariel TOAFF? A hard act to follow if so…

    Does it critique LEESE’S “My Irrelevant Defence”?

    Does it distract – or affirm?

    Incidentally, not only are there the well-known medieval references such as that immortalised in CHAUCER’s “The Prioress’s Tale” but ‘the lie that would never die’ (?) appears in at least one modern, post-WW2 source: “Soviet Jewry and Human Rights” (1965) by Isi LEIBLER, p.34:

    “In 1960 there was the notorious case of the blood libel alleging that Jews drank the blood of non-Jews for ritual purposes which appeared in the official Communist Party journal in Dagestan,{63} and was also broadcast on the local radio. {63} Buinaksk Kommunist August 9, 1960.”

    Leibler dismisses it as part of a campaign to shut a local synagogue. But he is another who supports multicult in the West and not for Israel so his interests may be taken to be … partisan.

  3. Maxx
    11 July, 2019 at 4:10 pm — Reply

    Here is the thing about organ harvesting, your heart must still be beating with the help of a respirator, with no pain killer but with a paralyzing agent so the nurses don’t get upset when the harvest victim starts convulsing on the table. In other words you must still be alive, heart beating, when they harvest the organs. Once heart stops, the organs are no longer viable. That’s a fact and that is why Harvard professors invented “brain death”; to procure viable organs from a living victim.

    … say you have a son, he gets in to a car accident, you go to the hospital and they already have called the organ procurement team and they gently coax you with, “I’m sorry but your son is ‘brain dead’ , would you like to donate his organs so he can live on in somebody else ?” Rhetoric. The mother being totally distraught that her son is ‘brain dead’ she is coerced into donating her sons organs, never knowing he must still be alive. They sadistic doctors know he feels excruciating pain because the victims blood pressure is going up dramatically as he is slowly being tortured to death. Any means to scream is impeded by paralyzing agents and tubes down the throat. Its the ultimate horror show.

    Its the ultimate prolonged torture session, and most people think they harvest when you are dead. Nope. Id take water boarding any day. The poor parents really never know what they did to their child.

    Organ harvesting live gentiles is a multi-billion dollar industry, that way they satisfy their blood lust for human ritual sacrifice, legally, because they are virtually identical in scope of extreme torture, while keeping the victim alive as long as possible. Ill bet they even collect and drink the adrenalted blood as they procure organs for dinner.

    Picture the victim hooked up to needles and tube shoved down your throat to suppress any screams or sounds that may arise. Heart still beating as each specialists filet and plucks the organs carefully, while pinching off the blood supply for the next organ to be harvested. Laying on whatever gurney or cutting board they use, the chest cracked open very much like someone having open heart surgery, but probably more so for egress around the organs. Heart still beating. Blood pressure skyrocketing. No painkillers. Just paralyzing  agents. After almost the organs are removed, excepting for the heart, artificially, constantly nourishes the body and organs, the last to go are the heart but not before the eyes and the skin removed. Though eyes and skin have a longer window opportunity, when the heart ceases, Im sure they are plucking the eyes out while skinning whats left of the carcus. Being skinned alive, with your heart still beating, doesnt sound like much fun. Then they pluck the heart out, probably still beating splashing blood all over the ice cooler . . .

    This is your modern day Jewish human ritual sacrifice. They are not clear where the blood and the Flesh on the bone goes to, but I would wager that they end up in the cannibal Club in LA. And they are doing it right under your noses.

    Remember you heard it here first from,
    Maxx from NY

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