Hungary Offers Serbia Help in Guarding Borders Against Invaders

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In 2015, hundreds of thousands of migrants took the Balkan route that includes Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

HUNGARY IS OFFERING to send police to Serbia’s border with Macedonia and Bulgaria to help its neighbour stem the flows of migrants crossing illegally into Western Europe, Interior Minister Sandor Pinter said on Thursday. In 2015, hundreds of thousands of migrants took the Balkan route that includes Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. Balkan countries closed their borders in March, but thousands of migrants still resort to perilous illegal crossings or pay people smugglers. For the majority of them, Hungary is a key entry point into the EU’s border-free Schengen zone.

“Hungary proposed to help Serbia to guard its (southern) borders … with police and legal help,” Pinter said after meeting his Serbian counterpart Nebojsa Stefanovic in Serbia’s border town of Hajdukovo. He spoke through an interpreter.

Stefanovic said the two Interior Ministries were ready to assess where additional police would be most needed when the migration routes switch back to the land from the sea as the weather worsens. There are some 4,000 refugees in Serbia, most of them from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. To stem the flow, Serbia last month formed joint military-police border patrols.

Since the beginning of the year more than 103,000 migrants have passed through Serbia, an EU membership candidate. Its authorities prevented 5,000 illegal border crossings and charged 356 people with the smuggling of around 2,000 people. Separately, Serbia’s Interior Ministry said on Thursday it detained 34 migrants found in a house in a Belgrade suburb. A day earlier, a 20-year-old Afghan migrant was shot dead near Serbia’s border with Bulgaria. A hunter was detained in connection with the shooting.

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Source: Indian Express

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26 August, 2016 9:55 pm

I’m glad that Eastern European countries offer some resistance to the invasion.

4 September, 2019 11:30 am

I realize this is an older article. But as I came to find the truth about the war and Clinton, I found myself loving this tiny country that stood up for itself. Yes, Hungary and Serbia as well are good people of whom I hope continue to stand by each other’s side.

Reply to  David
7 August, 2020 4:29 pm

I am here now and just learned something new to share … believe it or not the Serb government left the missile bombed out buildings that were attacked by the United States up ON PURPOSE as part of the culture here. Told by the hotel guy they were offered money by the EU to clean it up and refused. They want people to see it and remember – on purpose. They spray painted “PYGS” (PIGS means American like American Pigs) on one of the buildings and let everyone see it on the tourist tour here. Also the country is open to Americans during Coronvirus. Everyone else is closed. They are refusing to listen to the EU tell them to close the borders. I don’t know what that’s all about but… Read more »

7 August, 2020 4:20 pm

I’m in Serbia now and I have seen a few refugees in the park. Here is the thing – they are bypassing Serbia because they aren’t getting anything here. They are literally getting NOTHING. They sit in the park all day with NEWISH LOOKING CLOTHES AND CELL PHONES and sit ALL DAY and get NOTHING from the people here. I asked a women about giving money because I saw a drunk with no shoes and the first thing she said was do not give any money to migrants or Gypsies and choose Gypsie over Migrants. Apparently some migrants here became so pissed of nobody was giving them any money begging all day they brandished knives at people screaming. The point is they are bypassing the Balkans because the people here… Read more »

Reply to  Jack
18 February, 2021 12:11 pm

Greetings Jack. Why isn’t Soros helping them to go to Israel?