How White Genocide Is Made Possible

by Varg Vikernes

WHAT DOES our educational system actually do? Does it educate people? Does it create geniuses? What does it create, really? Let’s find out.

Our educational system has today one single purpose and that is to create useful slaves for the System. These slaves are taught to parrot the ideas that those who rule want them to have. That’s it. That’s the sole purpose of public education.

The success of this public education is evident. Those who rule want to destroy Europe and the masses are not only accepting this and letting it happen, they are actively contributing to their own downfall. (Google the “Kalergi Plan” for evidence of that.) Not only are they taught to actively contribute to their own downfall, they’re also taught to aggressively attack everybody who doesn’t.

Whenever you present evidence to them proving them wrong or proving their masters are wrong, they react aggressively. Often, even, violently. And this is a result of public education. The more “educated” Europeans are, the more positive they tend to be to, e.g., Third World immigration. Year after year, they are being seasoned and treated and brainwashed, again and again, over and over, into reacting just like the social justice warriors do. No matter the amount of evidence you present to them, they’re not going to open their eyes. They’re not going to change. They are completely messed up and completely brainwashed.

Without this public education those who rule would not have been able to do what they do.

A Solution?

Varg Vikernes
Varg Vikernes

Homeschool your children! It is paramount that you do. It is so important that you don’t let your children go through this sick machinery of brainwashing. Otherwise they will be lost. There’s no point in having children if you just hand them over to the enemy like that. That is what you do if you send them to kindergarten, to public schools, to the universities and so forth.

Naturally, this is not the only solution to our problem, but it is certainly going to help if we stop letting these sick genocidal bastards destroy our children with the school system.

They are getting better at it too. More and more of their victims leave the educational system completely brainwashed. Don’t expect future generations to stand any chance at getting through the school system without serious mental and emotional damage.

 * * *

Source: Thulean Perspective

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29 August, 2016 1:24 am

The simple solution is for parents to become pro-active in the education of their children. It will of course require a change in living standards, but then I have always been an advocate of quality of living rather than standard of living. In my neck-of-the-woods it is unlawful to home school your children. However it is still possible to get around this problem by home debriefing your children. After school my children and I would talk about what they were taught at school. I would then tell them why their teachers are wrong. This would of course frustrate the teachers when my children asked probing questions that the teachers could not or would not answer. My children are now young adults – racially conscious white men of the west –… Read more »

29 August, 2016 3:41 am

Good for you White Warrior. You and your family would be good neighbors to have. There are some of our young white people that come out of the educational system smart enough to understand what is going on around them. Unfortunately others will not learn until they are directly affected by the non whites in bad ways.

jack murray
jack murray
29 August, 2016 11:30 am

Sadly,..not everyone is in a position to home school their children. And I call the readers attention to the most recent assault on common sense, that is being made by the ,..’education’,..system, where terms like,..boy & girl & he & she are being banned, & students are encouraged to,..choose,..a,..gender,..that they wish to identify as. So now in public schools, nation wise, a biologically intact male, may ,..identify as a female,..& play on the girls volleyball team & shower with the rest of the ,..girls,..& on overnight trips he,,..I mean ..she,.. can share a bed with a real girl & the real girl cannot complain, because ,..if,..she did so, then that would make her a ,..hater & a bigot,.. And it goes without saying, that the Zio-Jew controlled media is in… Read more »