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Hillary Clinton, Candidate of Billionaire Jews


by Hadding Scott

THIS IMAGE is from Forbes of 27 May 2016. The accompanying article says that 80% of the donations to the pro-Hillary super-pac, Priorities USA Action, comes from these donors. No doubt, if she is elected, she will be overwhelmingly obligated to these Jews, and their agenda will continue to be served as it has been under the several preceding U.S. presidents.

Haim Saban, at the top of the list, is an Israeli Jew who has said: “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.” Expect more expensive Middle-East wars if his candidate wins.

James Simons is a Jewish hedge-fund manager. With his bought politician Hillary Clinton as President, his ilk will enjoy a free hand to rape the U.S. economy.

The prominence of Jew George Soros as a donor will be reflected in the continuation of absurd indulgence for Black Lives Matter. The domestic race-war will expand and escalate.

While the top donation to the pro-Hillary super-pac is $10 million from an Israeli Jew, the top donation to the pro-Trump Great America PAC is $250,000 from a real-estate company (source). The larger donations in support of Trump come especially from the real-estate industry.

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Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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Travon Martinmath
Travon Martinmath
27 March, 2018 8:56 pm

The total on the Super Pac graph above is $60 million. But Hillary raised $1.4 billion for Election 2016:
Trump raised nearly $1 billion. It is clear that the Super Pac gave Hillary the edge in total, when comparing to Trump’s Super Pac, but it did not provide the bulk of contributions. The reason Hillary loved jewish donors, besides the shekels, is that she knew they wouldn’t donate to a white male conservative during her re-election, if she had become president and crossed them up by not invading Iran, etc.. Jews would’ve donated to a Super Cuck like Paul Ryan if he kept the borders open, but not to the same degree IMHO.