Germany: Sex Attacks at “Diversity” Festival

breminale16_plakat_web__mediumWE NEED a lot more Muslims in Western nations, it’s very important. They can die in comically insignificant numbers in Jew-sponsored wars against their fellow sand people, they can wave a tiny version of muh constitution in our face while supporting sharia law, they can build our clocks and drive our trucks. And don’t forget the grab-ass! Truly, we are blessed with this incredible vibrancy, it makes me want to start washing and kissing moon cult feet. The mighty strength of suicidal “diversity,” the rape and murder of our White homelands, this is the madness that must end. They need to go. Wake up, Europe. (ILLUSTRATION: Cultural marxism and national suicide is totally rad!)

Bremen police have admitted that they have at least 24 alleged sexual assault investigations open following a cultural festival where women say they were sexually harassed by young migrant men.

Welcome to Germanistan, where law enforcement must grudgingly “admit” that rapefugee invaders are preying on White women. How can we blame this on “xenophobia” and “islamophobia?” Don’t worry, I’m sure some Jewish nation-wrecker is on the case. Oy, it’s your fault you got attacked by the mudslimes, goyim.

“Breminale” is a multi-day festival in the city of Bremen designed to celebrate the different cultures in the city.

We sure got to experience the wonders of “different cultures.” Maybe, just maybe, things were better when Germany was a sane, homogeneous country with shared religion, culture, values and vision? On the other hand, here’s a brown invader metastasis. Let in the rapist scum, it’s the right thing to do. Die for the Jew.

The perpetrators are all said to be asylum seekers and authorities say they currently have 5 suspects, all Afghan nationals aged 17-18. The migrants are said to have committed the crimes in broad daylight, reports German broadcaster ARD. 

Orphans and widows, fleeing “war.” Our magic soil and flying racial equality monster will alchemize these pieces of filth into good little Germans.

The main incident occurred at a concert of punk band “Alltag” at around 3:05pm. The sexual harassment was so brazen and obvious to the crowd and the band that the band even stopped playing music in order to tell the migrants to stop groping and attacking the young girls at the concert.

Leftist filth in a “punk band” now have more common sense than Germany’s ruling party and police force.

Harald Lührs, head of the Bremen Police Commissariat for sexual offences, said that the phenomena, known in the Arab world as “taharrush,” is totally new to them.

Get ready to explore the exciting world of “taharrush!” So hip and exciting and cool, not like stiff and boring Whitey.

“We have not had groups of women deliberately surrounded in Bremen. There has never been sexual touching on this scale. This is a new problem for the police to deal with,” Mr. Lührs said.

Sure is odd how this “new problem” coincides with an invading force of fighting age aliens pouring in. Let’s be careful of making obvious cause and effect conclusions.

Expert on Islamism, Ahmad Mansour, blamed the attacks on cultural differences between the Islamic world and western Europe noting that: “These are not isolated cases. These are people who come from certain cultural backgrounds who have enjoyed certain educational methods, with patriarchal structures which certain religious understandings bring favour to, and that has to be mentioned.”

Yeah. The good news is I’m also an expert on “Islamism” and can use said expertise to tell you that whenever these welfare colonists gather in number you’re going to see this pathology because they’re a selfish, barbaric, moronic and completely ungrateful collection of vile merde that has no place in a White nation.

The festival attack is the latest mass sex attack that has occurred at a European music or folk festival in Europe.

Another one for the pile. Keep praying for Europe. Imagine there’s no heaven, etc.


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Source: Modern Heretic

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Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
4 June, 2018 1:50 am

Taharrush is being acknowledged. Luckily the (((censors))) haven’t yet imprisoned the publishers of dailymail for revealing this cultural enrichment, for being hate speech: