German Girls Being Conditioned to be Mothers with Black Baby Simulator Dolls

Eight Syker Real pupils yesterday experienced how it is to be a mother of an infant. Through Monday, they had to take care of the baby simulators -- changing diapers and feeding included.

German girls being given Black “baby simulator dolls” in “preparation for early motherhood.” Notice the controlled media  reporter writes as though he doesn’t even notice the race of the dolls being given to these White teens. Soon it will be time to hold those responsible for this outrage accountable for their crimes against humanity.

SUSPICIOUSLY an elderly man looks at the girl who just wants to board the bus. She carries a small bundle in her arms. “So young and already a mama?” He asked me how I could be [a mother] because of my age.” Zoé describes their encounter the previous day. The 15-year-old let the stranger know immediately. “This is not a baby in her arms, but just a doll.” Or more precisely, a baby simulator. (ILLUSTRATION: Eight Syker Real pupils yesterday experienced how it is to be a mother of an infant. Through Monday, they had to take care of the baby simulators — changing diapers and feeding included.)

Eight Real pupils have since Thursday been a part of offspring “on time”. The girls from the ninth grade attend on Mondays to the life-sized puppets, computer-controlled to simulate the daily routine of an infant.

A chip on the wrist identifies the “right” mama, all their activities are recorded and evaluated at the end. Before starting the experiment, the group has worked intensively with the topic, watched a movie, and is at once busy with the “theoretical” aspects of the baby. Why is a child crying? What can and should you do? What is there to consider?

On Thursday, each student received her seven-pound junior. Some have previously never had a real baby in their arms, but with a newborn, it is “a bit difficult with the head,” Lea says. The head just always has to be supported by hand. But after a day that is already well learned.

The babies get correct names. And if Luke, Chris or Ryan after four days must be issued again, and they are returned to nameless baby simulators, it could well be emotional: Brunhilde Maskos has often experienced in the past that parting was clearly difficult for the girls.

Marie is grateful for the opportunity to learn how to deal responsibly with the potential reality of a baby. Diana sees it as good preparation for the time when the real children come. One thing all eight girls have in common is the desire to have children. There should be two at most. But after her experience with the electronic baby, Stephanie “wouldn’t be sad if there are three.”

What’s going on in the minds of young people when they are seen with their electronic appendages? A “strange mixture of pride and embarrassment” says Neele. After a few hours a bond to the small companion is established.

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Source: Majority Rights

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  1. Bruce Arney
    30 August, 2016 at 12:31 pm — Reply

    The Jewish psychologists behind this indoctrination process of these young white German girls have the additional advantage of tapping into the innate motherly hormones being released, thereby, forming bonds with negroid babies. A win/win for the Jews, much like sending all their Arab enemies into Europe.

  2. Bruce Arney
    30 August, 2016 at 12:37 pm — Reply

    “What’s going on in the minds of young people when they are seen with their electronic appendages? A “strange mixture of pride and embarrassment” says Neele. After a few hours a bond to the small companion is established.”

    The bond is established, but it is an anti-semitic hate crime to even notice that the bond is between a white German girl and a negroid “baby” The Kool-aid must be swallowed without hesitation, if it is to be effective.

  3. Joey Virgo
    30 August, 2016 at 3:41 pm — Reply

    This is a terrible experiment with young women’s lives. I can only hope there is no real psychological connection between a black simulator doll and a black man. The controlled media reporter in this article is actually no different from the controlled media reporters on U.S. TV screens when they report blacks murdering and setting on fire White people. No racial descriptions are offered most of the time. Newspapers carefully avoid giving these details, too.

  4. Franklin Ryckaert
    30 August, 2016 at 5:27 pm — Reply

    This is clearly part of the (Jewish) White Genocide Project, which is the plan to exterminate Whites by miscegenation with non-Whites (by preference with negroes). Will the next step be a program of “learning how to date” with simulator negro dolls?

    30 August, 2016 at 6:00 pm — Reply

    We know what must be done. Suffice it to say that for every mongrel maker there is a hunter ready to spring into action – the sooner the better!!!

  6. 31 August, 2016 at 3:13 pm — Reply

    When I saw the photo at the top, my first thought was, „This is America.“

    The hair and clothes are American.  The bodily posture is American.  Only a few of those girls have facial features which appear to be genetically German (Nordic or Phalian), even questionably.  And the too-real looking chocolate-coloured babies are an American fashion which only Regressive Evil White Racist Neo-Nazis whine and cry about in the pages of National Vanguard.

    I know whereof I speak, for my eldest female cousin is American; and for her first child, she whelped a mulatto from (no joke) a street-level Black drug dealer who, thankfully, disappeared as soon as she got pregnant.  She was instantly proud of her brown bundle of joy.  It is a fashion accessory, a not-so-shiny gadget which mathematically proves how non-racist you are.  Thus photos poured forth of the Kalergian infant, to be cooed over within my hearing with too-emphatic declarations of, „What a beautiful baby!“; and as the mud-gadget grew larger, it was very explicitly reported to be „so smart“.  Last I heard, it was quite plausibly alleged to be in the top of its class in an all-American public school.

    ’Tis fortunate the proud mama lives faraway from me, else I might have done something rash.

    Note that she is from a Conservative family, who converted to New Right evangelical Christianity in the 1980s.  Her Reagan-worshipping, Jewbook-thumping papa was aghast that she had fornicated; but being „pro-life“, he welcomed one of Jewgod’s own children with open arms as his first grandchild.  Jesus forgives all.  Since he was at that point a widower, dad promptly matched daughter by marrying a younger mongrel wogette whom he met through a church function; and within the bands of holy wedlock, she bore him a brown baby of his own.  Then the brown wife turned out to be schizophrenic, and suddenly disappeared—leaving him to raise the dark apple of his eye as a rather aged White single father.

    So dear reader, you must understand upon that and much other evidence, my gut reaction of:  „This is America.“¹  But then, I remembered that the article was supposed to be about Germany.  Which in turn reminded me that through the „German Card“, the American government explicitly controls the OMF-BRD puppets in Occupied Berlin, and is scheduled to so do until the year 2099.  Moreover, that such control is enforced by an occupying army of tens of thousands of American soldiers armed to the teeth with tanks, artillery, warplanes, and likely nuclear weapons.

    (¹ To be clear, per common colloquial usage, by „America“, I refer to the United States; and by „American“, I neither refer to Canadians—nor to Argentines—nor people who fly the CSA Stars-and-Bars flag, and mean it.  Indeed, had the Second American Revolution succeeded, the word „American“ might not carry such an odious flavour; but the former did not, and the latter does not.)

    Most people realize that Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine are occupied countries.  Most forget that Germany is also occupied, and has been in various forms from 1945 to this day.  When you see a million rapefugees imported to Germany, or German historical investigators being imprisoned, or German girls being trained with brown baby simulators, Never Forget that these policies originate in Washington, District of Corruption.  The German people are actively denied their right to self-determination; they are manacled to their destructive fate with laws harder than iron; and democratic political parties which seek real change are invariably banned by puppets dancing on American strings—a point first proved in practice with the ban of Generalmajor Otto Ernst Remer’s Socialist Reich Party in 1953.

    I mention this partly because in other forums, a sneering sentiment is oft expressed by Americans comfortably exercising their First Amendment protected rights:  „Where are all the German men?“  Well, I will tell you where:  Held up at the point of guns wielded by American soldiers, bought and paid for with your tax dollars.  That, after they grew up mentally castrated by public schools built on American-dictated designs, and enforced at the point of American guns.  That, after a lifetime of having their brains washed with Jewish Soap by media operating under American-imposed rules.  Inter alia.

    And you cannot just pass the buck to the Jews.  These things are done not only Jews with American passports—unless somebody wishes to suggest that somehow not only the American fighting troops, but also the vast labour-army of muscle and brains feeding them logistical support, were and are all just a bunch of brave, strong, smart, hardworking Jews.

    In 1992, the eminent American professor Dr. Revilo P. Oliver wrote of the Second World War:  „Such was our folly.  Our guilt is undeniable.  It cannot be palliated.  We made the Yids our masters, and it was our power that consummated the Suicide of the West.  And it is only natural that Europeans now take satisfaction in the decay and coming dissolution of the contrivers of their ruin.“  Though I commend Dr. Oliver for his honour in speaking straight from his own conscience, his use of past tense was wrong in 1992 and is wrong to-day.  That folly and that guilt continue to accrue exponentially, and shall continue to so do for as long as even one American soldier, American gun, or American flag remains on German soil.

    The rapefugees, the fast-growing number of non-simulated „German“ brown babies, and the ongoing American mass-fratricide of the German people are on the head of each and every White American who provides material support to his government and military, and does not struggle to the best of his natural ability to change such things.  Those White Americans who desire unity with the land of their roots, must start by deceasing active, ongoing destruction of those very same roots.  It is not a matter of the past, but rather of a crime in progress, which you either support or resist.  When you are born in the wrong place in the wrongest of times, there is no middle ground.

    At which point, I thank National Vanguard for bringing this to our attention.

    Now, those who have less honesty and wisdom may return to your regularly scheduled bread-and-circuses rally for the Jew’s Trump card and his Jewish grandchildren.  I can’t stop you.  But as the Starred-and-Striped International Masonic Gunship sinks beneath the same mud-flood as it to-day imposes on the Aryan motherland of Europa, at least Dr. Oliver will understand if I cry:  Heil die Göttin der Rache!

  7. Franklin Ryckaert
    1 September, 2016 at 11:56 am — Reply

    “…Only a few of those girls have facial features which appear to be genetically German (Nordic or Phalian), even questionably…”

    Only the North West of Germany is Nordic, the rest is mainly Alpine or an Alpine-Nordic mix. These girls look mostly Alpine, the two at the right of the upper row look Alpine-Nordic. Hans Guenther (“Rassen Guenther”), race scientist of the Third Reich, estimated that only 9% of the German population is actually Nordic.

  8. Julian
    5 November, 2017 at 6:29 am — Reply

    Well if merkel wants to breed white people out of German to get rid of racism,I don’t think it will work because you’ll be bring the right wing back into Germany.
    I’m white but I won’t want black genocide or white.

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