Austria: “Like It or Lump It” — Invaders to Be Given €1-an-Hour Jobs Until They Learn to Speak German

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz leaves after a ceremony in the Hall of Remembrance at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem

It’s good to make them feel unwelcome — but bad to teach them our languages. What is really needed is not any of these stupid halfway measures, but full-on race-based Whites-only citizenship coupled with mass deportation of non-Whites.

MIGRANTS in Austria could be paid just €1-AN-HOUR unless they learn to speak German. (ILLUSTRATION: Austrian foreign minister Sebastian Kurz has suggested immigrants could be paid just one euro an hour until they learn to speak German.)

Sebastian Kurz, the minister for integration and foreign affairs, has proposed tough new sanctions for the tens of thousands of immigrants flooding into the country.

And the most stringent of those would see foreign workers forced to attend German and integration classes.

Mr Kurz said: “Just among those from Afghanistan there are many that are illiterate.”

A ban on veils that fully cover the face is also being considered.

Nearly 100,000 migrants have flooded into Austria this year alone following the influx of refugees into Europe from the Syrian crisis.

Under Mr Kurz’s “one-euro” job proposals, migrants would be forced to work 15-30 hours a week until they had the necessary skills to start a career.

Any who rejected the deal would face having state benefits dramatically cut.

And even then, migrants would need to have lived in the country for five years before becoming eligible for the full range of pay-outs.

Austria has been forced to take a large proportion of refugees entering Europe after Germany’s pledge to welcome Syrian migrants.

The two countries share a border and many of those trying to reach Germany through south east Europe travel through Austria.

Mr Kurz has made several controversial statements on the immigration crisis facing Europe.

The 29-year-0ld expressed admiration for Australia’s method of holding immigrants on offshore camps.

Austria has been inundated with migrants fleeing the Syria conflict. Many of them are trying to reach Germany, which has promised to offer them asylum.
Many of the migrants carry out their journey to Europe on hazardous boat trips across the Mediterranean Sea.

He said: “Of course the Australian model can’t be copied one-to-one, but the basic principle can be applied to Europe too.

“There is a country we can learn from. Australia had a similar problem.

“But the country managed to decide itself who is allowed to come, and didn’t leave this decision to people-smugglers.”

He has previously said: “Whoever boards a boat and tries to enter Europe illegally has ruined his chances of gaining asylum in Europe and will be sent back.”

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Source: The Sun

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Franklin Ryckaert
Franklin Ryckaert
25 August, 2016 3:04 pm

Sorry, but this is a stupid policy. Foreigners should not be forced to learn the language and to integrate, they should be deported. No white country should have a Ministry of Integration, it should have a Ministry of Repatriation.

LH Collins
LH Collins
27 March, 2022 11:56 am

We want REAL Europeans, not “New” Europeans. We don’t want these mongrels performing our jobs. Let them drown in the Mediterranean!