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Why the Germans are Hated


by Revilo P. Oliver

I RECENTLY talked with a Romanian who had been a young man in 1944 when the Germans, after their catastrophic defeat in Russia, had to retreat from a country they could no longer defend against the Americans’ Soviet allies.

In the hurried retreat, there was some inevitable disorganization and some units of the German Army became separated from their commissary. The hungry men dispersed and in small groups went to the homes of the peasants and asked to be fed. The peasants, although they disliked the occupation of their country by foreign troops, prepared food for the Germans, who, after a meal on peasant fare, scrupulously paid for it, and with courteous words of thanks in German went on their way.

Now wasn’t that just awful? The Germans, who didn’t love Sheenies, obviously had not assimilated Jewish ethics and the Jewish Weltanschauung. Is it any wonder that the democratic Americans help their Jewish government hunt down those dreadful War Criminals? In fact, a nation that behaves like that should be exterminated, shouldn’t it? If not exterminated by the method proposed by Kaufman in his once popular Germany Must Perish (1941) (1) then exterminated in some other way, perhaps by miscegenation.

(1. This classic of Jewish thought is available on

After the Germans retreated, the Americans’ army of Liberation moved in. It is properly called the Americans’ army because it was equipped and financed from the United States, which was a great industrial nation at that time. Furthermore, it was in the service of a régime that had been imposed on Russia chiefly by the United States, was then carrying out the plans of the foul and diseased monster that then ruled the United States from its lair in the White House, and was able to invade Romania only because the United States and its puppets were attacking Germany in a war of total barbarism. It was a relatively unimportant detail that the hordes invading Romania were almost entirely composed of hybrids of Slavic and Mongol blood with a dose of Tartar thrown in for seasoning.

The Liberators moved through the countryside that was the home of my informant, who somehow managed to survive the Liberation. The invaders took the women out and gang-raped them, forcing the fathers, husbands, and sons to watch the merriment. When tired of intensive rape, they usually shot the women or cut them up a bit and left them to bleed to death, and then machine-gunned the men. Ah, that’s more like it! No wonder the Americans are proud of their success in promoting democracy throughout the world.

To be sure, Russian generals and colonels, full of Judaeo-Soviet culture, did not behave as did their men. They selected the best houses in a town, magnanimously gave the owners two hours to get out, and occupied the premises. If they felt a need for amusement and recreation, the most attractive females of the town were dragged in to show their gratitude for the glorious Liberation. When the Russian officers moved on, the owners, if they had not been killed in the meantime, could resume possession of what had been their home, which had been completely stripped of every portable object, including even the doorknobs. The empty shell, however, would protect them from rain, although there was no way to replace the broken windows.

Such were the blessings of Freedom that the Americans bestowed on Romania. Is it any wonder that they are proud of their achievement and humbly grateful to the Master Race that taught them how to work for One World?

Of course, I do not mean that individual Americans approve of all the work of Liberation. In fact, I am sure that many individuals disapprove of such details as I have mentioned. That may be unfortunate.

None of us can know the plans of our rulers, the Sheenies and the other usurers and swindlers who are their accomplices, and it is even quite likely that they have not drawn up a fixed schedule, but only a general and flexible one that will be continuously adjusted to events. It is known, however, that there has been no abandonment of the goal envisaged by the unspeakable entity called Franklin Roosevelt, which was indiscreetly disclosed by the director of one of the great “Foundations” when the late Norman Dodd was chief counsel of a Senate committee: the eventual amalgamation of the United States with the Soviet.

It is quite likely, therefore, that the United States and the Americans in it will be subjected to occupation by armies from the Soviet, either as conquerors after a war that the Americans will assuredly lose, or as “peace-keeping forces” to restore order after the ruined country has collapsed in bankruptcy and anarchy, and the niggers, mestizos, and other parasites whom the Americans so dearly love begin to loot and beat the stupid White animals who can no longer give them all they want. Americans then will have firsthand experience of the Liberation they have so long promoted throughout the world. It is certain, I think, that on that future day the Americans, like the Romanians in 1944, will not like it. They will probably change their minds about making the world safe for democracy. But it will be too late — terribly and unalterably too late. Perhaps they will find some consolation in quoting an adage from their holy book: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, November 1989

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Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney

Sadly, I have no German blood. The Germans were a cut above the rest. Like the Russians, the best amongst them have been murdered by those of inferior stock who hate them for their honor.


Bruce – pure, undistilled veritas. No one could have summed it up any better.

The Jews hate those who are more beautiful, more creative, and more honorable.

That’s why they despise the German people so much and have directed a large portion of their malicious intent against Germany.

– Michael

George Wright
George Wright

Having a close friend who’s a Romanian immigrant, I have heard numerous stories about the behavior of the Soviet forces during this period. If anything I must believe that the article understates the barbarity of the invaders(sorry, I meant “liberators”). I have heard accounts of entire farming communities being massacred over a few missing chickens. I am sure that the names Franklin and Joseph were not popular with expectant Romanian mothers of the era.

Dan Z
Dan Z

As for me, I also wonder why the author hates the Americans so much? In fact, he hates the Americans so very much that he blames them, completely psychotically,for the Russian WWII atrocities, including rapes of Romanian women. Insane American-phobia like this is as abhorrent as German-phobia.

Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg

Because the Americans should have allowed the Germans to be victorious against Stalin. The USSR’s victory, made possible only with US military aid, was paid back by aiming tens of 1000’s of nuclear tipped missiles at the West for 4 decades, and supporting proxy wars that dragged the US into Korea and Vietnam, as well as trying to topple the Apartheid government in S. Africa.

Mortal goyal
Mortal goyal

Amorica was talked into murdering the racially-purer German nation by Jews in the 1940s?

Whats not to hate about it?

Ton Nuiten
Ton Nuiten

(Quote): “It is known, however, that there has been no abandonment of the goal envisaged by the unspeakable entity called Franklin Roosevelt which was indiscreetly disclosed by the director of one of the great “Foundations” when the late Norman Dodd was chief counsel of a Senate committee: the eventual amalgamation of the United States with the Soviet”. (end quote) Well, this will not be “even quite likely”, but it will be soon or later become a fact! Just after the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union, “Perestroika” became the new policy. At that time it became very clear that the peoples of the (now former) Soviet Union (SU) were, in fact, very poor. It was at that time that there were also people who alleged that the amalgamation… Read more »


19th century Prussians may have put Germany on an unstable path. Enamored with central authority, they came over here to help the Federals secure consolidated despotism. Intoxicated with victory, the Prussians went home and consolidated the happy, loose German states and everything went down. The government the Prussians fought to save on the Potomac destroyed Germany twice in the following century. Unmolested by Federal tyranny, it is not likely the South would have invaded Europe. We’re pretty good about sweeping around our own doorstep. No one has done a comprehensive study on why German Americans fought so hard to destroy Germany. In his elegant memoir, Destruction and Reconstruction, General Richard Taylor recalled the occasion in 1865 when the duty fell to him to surrender the last Confederate army east of… Read more »

Ton Nuiten
Ton Nuiten

My mother was a German. Now, many years ago, (the ‘7os), there was yet no internet, of course. So, I was only familiar with the official story about the “Holocaust” as told by the media and mainly, of course, by the “Holocaust-survivors” themselves. Now, at that time, I was very interested regarding the events surrounding WW II, so, I had many books of this greatest world conflict which the world ever had known. It was just very seldom that my mother spoke of WW II. But during some of the conversations we had, she did; she talked, for example. of the Allied terror bombing, of Germans who were running around as burning torches due to the high fire columns these bombings had caused. She told me of Jewish households which… Read more »