Why Are They Killing Us?

A video discussing the true reason why Europeans are being butchered in the streets of their own homelands.

by Varg Vikernes

THEY LIKE to blame Muslim terrorists whenever something happens like in Nice or in Munich or on a train in Germany. But what’s really going on? Let’s find out.

Why are they killing us?

So they’re killing mainly Europeans in Europe and the politicians and the media try to blame it on Islam. And it’s true, many of these, or rather all of these, maniacs are Muslims (well, except Breivik). But that’s not the driving force. That’s not why they kill us.

The reason why they kill us is that they hate us. If they live in France, they hate Frenchmen. If they live in Germany, they hate Germans. If they live in Norway, they hate Norwegians. And I’ve spoken to many second-generation immigrants myself, who told me that they hate Norway, they hate Norwegians. They were second-generation immigrants to Norway.

And why do they? Because the vast majority in Norway don’t like them and they express that somehow. And these so-called anti-racists who pretend to like them, they treat them like idiots. Their “anti-racism” is also a form of racism so no matter how you turn it.

So they are exposed to racism and they end up hating their host people, the people who welcome them or the people who welcomed their parents. And also in the school system they are influenced by this White guilt bull***t so they are taught to hate Whites. They are taught that the White man is the problem. “The White man has done this to you…,” and so forth. In reality they should hate their own parents because they’re the ones who brought them to Europe, to a culture they don’t know, a culture they have nothing in common with, and a culture they are in conflict with.

And another problem for these second- and third-generation immigrants is that they are also hated by their own people. Muslims are not supposed to live in non-Muslim countries and Muslims are not supposed to sell drugs or rape women and do other kinds of things that many, not all, but many, of the second- and third-generation immigrants do here in Europe. They are petty criminals, many of them. And the female Muslims who grow up here in Europe are also hated because they grow up with Western values, so to speak, and they behave like Western women do. And the Muslims in their homelands know that — so they really don’t like them at all.

It’s so bad in that context that in Norway, at least, there’s an industry for performing operations on Muslim women to make them appear virgins again because the Muslim men refuse to marry them unless they are virgins. So their parents give them a surgery so that they look like virgins again. Well, they really aren’t; they have been sluts all their lives.

And the Muslims in the Muslim world know this. And they don’t just hate us. Arabs hate Turks; Turks hate Arabs. Iranians hate Arabs. Arabs hate Iranians. Turks hate Iranians; Iranians hate the Turks. Black Africans hate Arabs; Arabs hate Black Africans — and so forth. They all hate each other. And they are taught to hate us as well.

So the problem is not Islam. The problem is multiculturalism. It doesn’t work; it has never worked; and it is never going to work. If you take dogs and wolves and try to make them live together it’s not going to work. The wolf is going to kill the dog or the dog is going to gather in a big pack and kill the wolves. So it’s not going to work no matter what you want, no matter what you think, and no matter what you do. It’s not going to work. And when these second- and third-generation immigrants grow up learning to hate their host people or the people who accepted them, I don’t know what term to use there, or who accepted their parents, then that will lead to conflict.

Another problem is, of course, that the second- or third-generation immigrants are not doing very well in school (not all of them, of course, but generally speaking), especially the males. They are doing terrible in school, in fact, and they have no hope of ever getting a proper job.

So they’re hated by most people, most of the people in the population they live in; they are treated like children by the group that is supposed to be anti-racist; they are hated by the people they come from, from their own homelands — and they have no future prospect here in Europe, whatsoever.

And it’s, of course, all the fault of their own parents who brought them here. It’s the fault of the politicians in Western Europe who let this happen. But who’s paying the price? European populations. And of course, they themselves. They have no future here in Europe and they know it. And therefore they lose their minds and start killing us. Not all of them, of course, but some — and I’m pretty sure that one Monsieur Valls says that we have to get accustomed to this — we just have to accept that this is going to continue.

Unless something happens in relation to this multicultural dystopia then, yes, this is going to continue — because more and more of these second- and third-generation immigrants are going to lose their minds and express their hatred for us by killing us.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions — but when not even the intentions are good, then there is not much hope really. That is the case for this multicultural experiment that our politicians are exposing us to without our consent and without caring one bit about how we feel about it or how this will affect us. If you want multiculturalism you’re either an idiot — or you want to destroy Europe — or you’re capitalist. Or you’re all three. Birds of a feather flock together. As in the Norse proverb: Similar children play best together.

Multiculturalism is an evil ghost that we simply have to banish.

* * *

Source: Thulean Perspective; transcribed by Vanessa Neubauer

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28 July, 2016 6:13 pm

Thank you for this excellent article. Indeed, these attacks have nothing to do with religion. Non Europeans have been brought in or invited to dilute, or even destroy Europe. They are used as pawns. The same people bringing them in, are the same people destroying their countries in the Middle East. The social and economic position of migrants in Europe is extremely poor, and one of the reasons they are subconsiously or very consiously disrespected by the host. The anti racists hate Europe and support everything damaging to it, and use migrants for that. PC people and do-gooders see migrants as objects to be cuddled. Non Whites have always been promoted as good and noble just because they are brown. I always found that most demeaning and racist. PC does… Read more »

24 September, 2020 1:16 am

The Jews’ Trojan horse is Islam.