Turning Disappointment to Advantage

by Mike Walsh

WHEN INVITED to address the prestigious London Forum event due to be held in Central London on July 2nd a variety of reasons precluded my being there. It was regrettable but unavoidable. Here was opportunity — a rare chance to meet old comrades and new.

Set against such a wonderful backdrop of British Movement expansion (I was leader of that group for many years), the flowering of a unique patriotism, and intense hopes and expectations, the British Movement between 1968 and 1983 had set the pace. Its uniformed mostly — but not exclusively — young ethnic-nationalists, likely the first to display rare European friendship and association, were much respected even by political rivals. Theirs was a Movement that recovered much of the past, redeemed the integrity of National Socialism, and aroused fear in its common enemy, the media and the liberal left.

My dilemma: So many would be disappointed — especially me — at a missed opportunity to enjoy again the friendship, comradeship, and recollections of so many old (and new) fighters. The solution was found, as it so often is, in inspiration. I would make my address — into the microphone, but recorded instead of live. Set to a fascinating tableau of period images and visual recollections, the address would be delivered — in spirit.

Hosted by the always presentable, highly articulate, and capable Jez Turner, the event was by all accounts a great success. The Rise of the Sunwheel, the personally written and beautifully illustrated chronicle of those events was available, as was Europe Arise (both also on Amazon), and both sold out.

There is the icing on the cake in this pioneering initiative for those who also could not attend, thanks to Jez and other masters of initiative and presentation, and it continues to be viewed. One senses that the British Movement predilection for innovation lives on today.

* * *

Source: History Without Spin

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6 July, 2021 2:12 pm

Firstly, Michael McLaughlin Walsh must be recognized at the time he led British Movement as a stalwart leader. He was imprisoned for trying to awake the British people by way of BM printed literature, warning of unrestricted immigration and to where that would lead. He has always defended the German National Socialist pioneers, see his earlier work: For Those Who cannot Speak. Unfortunately, The Rise of The Sunwheel, his account of his family and early life then goes on to attack and smear one of Britain’s foremost active leaders, Colin Jordan. Without a shred of evidence whatsoever CJ is accused of being a transvestite, but even more scurrilous as a child molester! Of course, none of this was known to his long time partner, then wife, or very close comrades… Read more »

Reply to  Fyrdman
11 July, 2021 8:57 am

Further to the above might I add that in recent times the excellent British racial-nationalist magazine, Heritage & Destiny, published the now released Special Branch files on Colin Jordan. These police / state, and once classified files, do not contain in the reports anything of any deviant behavior.