Tim Kaine and the “All-White” 2016 Presidential Tickets


by John I. Johnson

HILLARY Clinton has picked fellow Democrat Tim Kaine as her running mate. He and his wife are longtime Establishment politicians from Virginia. I had to look him up. I pay so little attention to politics that I’d never heard of him despite his party and political prominence.

I assumed ahead of time that of the three finalists mentioned, Kaine was the one who would not be chosen. The others were Politically Correct — Black women or something like that. I thought Kaine was just the token White man. If he’d been an open homosexual or something, it would be different. (Of course he is actively pro-homosexual and anti-freedom: Everyone must be compelled by the state to accept and extend the behavior.)

But before Trump made his Vice Presidential choice, I saw a reference to a media query about whether he would choose a non-White, non-male, etc., etc., and his spokesman replied, “No, that would be perceived as pandering.” Well, that’s neither here nor there. Such things are done all the time, and it’s always pandering, by Left and “Right.” Trump’s convention speech was pandering. And it was painful to listen to. I’d turn it on and off for brief periods. I heard maybe 10 or 15 minutes of it in widely scattered snatches. At least it didn’t disappoint, because he’s adhering to expectations. The world works in a certain way. Power is distributed in a certain manner. It’s highly predictable if you don’t deceive yourself.


So Trump’s Jewish and neocon handlers chose a White man for his running mate. A morally unprepossessing figure of a man, to be sure, but genetically White. Jews don’t like that these days, though they easily handle people like Pence. (They easily handle nearly all Whites, really.) They’re getting more and more impatient as their massive racial purge of Whites throughout society rages on and stokes their hatred to fever heat. I thought: “This is the last time in American history you’ll see two straight White men heading a major party presidential ticket.” (Assuming Trump and Pence are completely straight — which I don’t assume, though they might be. Trump, of course, is pro-homosexual.)

Clinton’s Jews presumably figured they already had enough to deal with (her criminal emails, the family’s deep corruption, the final gasp of a rapidly disappearing White electorate, etc.) that they, too would not venture further into the thrilling realm of racial/sexual extremism, as they ached to do. They already had a (genetically, but not psychologically or ideologically) White woman heading the ticket. Far better if she’d been non-White, or an open lesbian, but Hillary is what they have at the moment, and at least she’s not a straight White man.

So my predictive power failed me when it came to Kaine’s selection. Anyway, the power is probabilistic, not prophetic. It only seems prophetic because the crooked deck is so stacked. I don’t have any illusions, and wishful thinking does not cloud my vision, so the big picture is easy to see.

The sources below provides detailed information about Kaine’s ethnicity. It says he’s 81% Irish (Catholic) and 19% Scottish. If you examine it, it provides information about his parents, all four grandparents, and even great-grandparents. It appears that the Irish and Scottish elements are really distinct, i.e., he is not Scotch-Irish. So he’s nothing new in 20th and 21st century American politics: an Irish Catholic Democrat. They’ve been the Jews’ faithful servants in the Democratic Party throughout the period.

And Trump’s choice is no different: Pence’s parents were Irish Catholic Democrats, too. (According to the same Web site, Pence is 81% Irish, 11% unknown ethnicity/(ies), and 8% German.)

* * *

Sources: Author and and

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