Those Dangerous White Nationalists

Cohensplcby David Sims

THERE’S A LOT of slick propaganda out in the controlled media about how “dangerous” White nationalist groups are. I’ve been an insider of one of the biggest such groups, the National Alliance. While I was a member, I didn’t see anyone committing crimes. If any of his employees had even suggested committing one, Dr. Pierce would have kicked him out immediately. (ILLUSTRATION: Richard Cohen of the SPLC being given free time on NBC television, with an obviously fake shelf of “scholarly-looking” books in the background)

What the National Alliance was doing was trying to build a media empire in parallel with the one the Jews already have. We were publishing newspapers, magazines, and books. And we even took aim at television and video marketing. We wanted eventually to own and operate television networks.

No bombs. No burning down Black churches. No beating up on minorities. We were even told to be nice to them.

All that came unraveled about a year after Dr. Pierce died of cancer in July 2002. But that’s what we were really doing: trying to get our point of view across to the minds of Americans, and the Jews and the leftists were trying to prevent us from having our say.

Meanwhile, the leftists continue to publish misleading presentations in both the mainstream media (news and fiction books and movies) about what a big threat racially conscious White people are, even as they promote racially conscious non-White groups every chance they get. You’d think that their very hypocrisy would offend every White person in America and propel them all into our arms. But, for reasons unknown to me, this does not happen.

Anyway, just remember, when you view movies such as Imperium, that a lot of it is hogwash, sweetened with clever screenwriting and good acting.

The SPLC puts out a polished pretense in being an authority, and a bit of what they say is actually true. On the other hand, much of it isn’t, and they’re always quick to fill in the gaps in whatever way will invite the most opprobrium to us, or will instill in the public a wariness about the very groups that would save them, if only they could. A friend of mine recently quoted something that was stated on one of the National Alliance’s American Dissident Voices programs:

Black and Mestizo gangs commit more murders in a single week, on the average, than all the organized White “racist” groups have even been accused of for the past 50 years.

Many astute observers now say that Jews are the most hateful people in our society.

White people have been denied the equal protection of the laws just for buying a book from a White nationalist organization and then being “reported” for doing it by an infiltrator who stole the customer database for the book store owned by the organization.

Surely you’ve repeatedly heard the claim by the Jewish ADL that Timothy McVeigh was “inspired” to bomb the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City by reading Dr. Pierce’s novel The Turner Diaries. It’s a ridiculous lie, but by repeating it over and over again the ADL (and their echo-chamber, the SPLC) have managed to give it a semblance of credibility.

Timothy McVeigh did read The Turner Diaries, as did almost 500,000 other people, and he is said to have enjoyed the story. But the idea that he needed to read it to get the idea of bombing a federal building is, obviously, ridiculous.

He was a soldier, a combat engineer who served in Iraq. Blowing things up was part of his job for years. He didn’t need any fiction novel to tell him how.

His motivation for blowing up the federal building was a desire to punish the US Government for murdering 81 Christian men, women, and children in their church at Waco, Texas, on 19 April 1993. He didn’t need to be motivated by reading a fiction novel.

The Turner Diaries is a novel of the genre known as war fiction. There are thousands of other examples of war fiction. The Jews don’t like The Turner Diaries because Dr. Pierce wrote it, and they don’t like him because he exposed their nefarious activities worldwide on his radio show: American Dissident Voices.

Also, the Jews don’t like The Turner Diaries because it shows White people winning a race war, and the Jews don’t approve of books that raise the morale of White people, or give them the idea that, if they fight, they might actually win.

But the connection between The Turner Diaries and any specific act of violence is an illusion. In particular, any linkage between the book and the OKC Bombing was invented by the Jews at the ADL, and it never really has had any substance.

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Helmut Stuka
Helmut Stuka
13 July, 2016 10:33 pm

There is much I could say about the above article; but at this crucial juncture, all else fades in import next to this: Speaking as a mixed-race individual, I would feel safe as a babe in a cradle in the presence of National Alliance members. That applies from the NA Chairman down to the each and every NA member who is sufficiently decent to meet NA standards and keep their membership in good standing. Oh yes, and by the way: That includes any of you who carry lawful firearms. (And I am unarmed: I come from a liberal background, and I literally have never touched a firearm, unfortunately… I was not even allowed to play with toy guns as a kid, because they teach violence!) That includes any of you… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
14 July, 2016 12:34 pm

Thanks, Mr. Stuka. I wish you could express those feelings on international TV, too. Keep it up and don’t worry about the SPLC wagging their fingers at you.

Imagine the various racial nationalist/separatist groups having a summit to work out a viable NS-like solution to the world’s racial ills and the Jew is not invited to the table. LaRaza and NOI and the Free Palestine movement, for example, all share the National Alliance’s view of the JQ.

What KAS described as the Jew’s biggest nightmare:

Helmut Stuka
Helmut Stuka
14 July, 2016 7:03 pm

If international TV were found to be impracticable due to media bias, I wonder if a spoken version would gain traction on popular video sharing sites. I wrote that with passion, while wishing I had some way other than written words to express that passion to others. Wise men have praised the power of the spoken word, after all. Really, I just wish I could tell people somehow. Excellent article by Mr. Strom; thank you for pointing that out. It does give cause for hope to see you and a Black man who understands what is really good for his own people, turning the tables on an interviewer who incorrectly assumes you must hate each other. Just like people assume I should be terrified of you, I suppose. Whereas interracial… Read more »

Will Williams
Will Williams
23 March, 2019 12:18 pm

Mark Potok, gone… Morris Dees… gone, now Richard Cohen…

Who’s the next rat to leave this $half billion-endowed, tax-exempt sinking ship that has passed itself off as a “civil rights group” for the last 50 years?

Support Glen Allen v. SPLC lawsuit:

Will Williams
Will Williams
24 March, 2019 11:13 am

Who’s next?

The Washington Post received confirmation Rhonda Brownstein, the SPLC’s legal director and a member of its senior leadership staff, also resigned on Thursday. That’s who.


“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold…”
Guess who’s coming in to assess damage (source: Stormfront):
As a side note, SPLC has Tina Tchen, once Michelle Obama’s aide, coming in to assess the organizational culture. This is the same woman who went behind the scenes to Cook Co.’s State’s Attorney Kim Foxx on behalf of Jussie Smollett and induced her to violate her code of conduct by exerting pressure on the Chicago Police Dept. to turn the Smollett case over to the FBI. She also spoke with Smollett family members – and went to the Oscars…

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
Reply to  Will Williams
31 August, 2020 11:11 am

Update: The last big “hate expert” to flee the sinking SPLC ship, Heidi Beirich, left this year after twenty years; a Negress was named interim SPLC President, then the current President and CEO, an Asian woman, Margaret Huang, was named. Jewish homosexual Mark Potok who had also been a chief spokesman for twenty years, left SPLC under a cloud three years ago, but is now back with a different group in the Hate Industry. See here: Potok and Beirich remain defendants in the still active lawsuit, Glen Allen v. SPLC, Beirich and Potok. Arguably the best source for exposing the Hate Industry, especially the Fake News Jews at the Southern Preposterous Lie Center, is Watching the Watchdogs. Bookmark their site: WtW recommends we all read this: —… Read more »