The Petition that Isn’t Allowed on Expel Jews from America


by Fin Lander

WITHOUT going back millennia to discuss the damage that Jews do to the host nations where they live, which we could do, let’s just look at the 20th century. What we are concerned with is Jewish power and influence and its attendant usurpation, exploitation and ultimately destruction of Whites (not only destruction of Whites as distinct peoples, but also destruction of the White genome) and White homelands. We do need to mention the Rothschild banking cartel that began in Europe in the 1700s and has since morphed into today’s Jewish control of national central banking and international finance around the world. Its role is pivotal to the Jews’ subsequent ability to effect outcomes of national and international importance, from Europe to North America to Australia and South Africa, etc. (ILLUSTRATION: The High Tide of Immigration — A National Menace, 1903)

Jewish intrigue, malfeasance and treachery are directly or indirectly responsible for:

  • both World War I and World War II;
  • the Great Depression;
  • anti-White feminism and erosion of healthy, normal patriarchal society;
  • anti-White drug and free-love cultural revolution of 1960s onward;
  • the anti-White immigration (invasion) Act (legislation) of 1965 (USA) and in Europe (changing these countries from White countries to non-White countries);
  • vice, degeneracy and degradation throughout 20th century (pornography, excess drinking, drugs, homosexuality, welfarism, obesity, etc.);
  • fractional reserve banking, which steadily siphons real wealth (precious metals, real estate, etc.) into the bankers/Jews’ hands, while creating a debt-slavery system for the population;
  • media power, that controls what people see and what they don’t see and what they think about what they see, and the movies and TV brainwashing and degeneracy;
  • power in education, especially universities, again, indoctrinating the young people;
  • control and influence in government from before Woodrow Wilson to the present. The Jewish influence in politics, especially national politics, has had a profoundly negative effect on America’s national journey (Jews brought America into WWI and WWII. Pearl Harbor was preventable, but Jews needed USA in WWII to defeat Germany). The war hawkish neoconservative movement was/is almost entirely formulated and pushed forward by Jews;
  • the USA’s support of and allegiance to Israel, which results from Jewish power in US federal government; Jewish organizations in USA such as AIPAC and others; non-stop media defense and promotion of Israel’s actions and interests. The USA’s involvement with Israel for the past 60+ years is a disaster for America and for the non-Jewish citizens of America. We spend trillions of dollars on Israel and fighting wars in the Middle East for Israel’s interests. Many 1000s of our young men and women die in these wars for Israel. This must stop, and it only stops when Jews are expelled from America;
  • the lie of the “Holocaust.” The “Holocaust” didn’t happen. It is a lie that Jews have manufactured to use as a sword and a shield against White nations to extract money, weaponry, etc. from White nations and to prevent criticism of practically anything that Jewry or Israel does. As best as a “negative can be proven,” the conventional Holocaust story has been thoroughly discredited and debunked, but you won’t see this on the evening news on your TV. Why? Because Jews control the evening news on your TV! And they control the careers of any mainstream journalist who would start talking about the holohoax.
Their New Jerusalem, 1892
Their New Jerusalem, 1892

You live in a time when Jews have a death grip on the Western world, and maybe 5-10% of people know it and understand it. The rest are kept pacified/occupied/distracted with their sports and consumerism and false battles (e.g. Republican vs. Democrat) and false controversies (e.g. everything on InfoWars) and controlled dissent (e.g. Tea Party) and on and on and on. We fight wars to advance Jewish interests. We defeat the enemy that the Jews want defeated, not the enemy that should be defeated (e.g. WWII).

Miscegenation for Whites is another big agenda item for Jews. They want Whites gone. Why? Because Whites are a threat to Jews being able to get what they want. Whites are the Jews’ main competitors. Jews want world domination, similar to but more complete than the significant global powers Whites had from 1500s to 1900s and still today in some ways. Jews want to undermine Whites for the same reason that you want to win in any competition — they want to win, they want to conquer, they want to be victorious. And with Whites historically holding Europe and North America, etc., the Jews cannot achieve the world domination that they want unless they weaken Whites substantially. They wage war on Whites in all of the subversive ways outlined above, to destroy us from within. And right now, look at how far the Jews have weakened Whites. Look at Europe and USA. As a race of people, Whites are about to lose all power of our own homelands!

Sign this petition to begin the process of expelling Jews from America. It is possible to do, and it will be a significant step toward saving White people and White nations worldwide.

[UPDATE 6/17/2016: The petition that I created on was apparently removed from I did not receive a notice about the removal, but apparently the petition’s political statement and call-to-action, expulsion of Jews from America, was deemed so-called “hate speech,” according to the TOS, and therefore disallowed to remain on their site. So there you have it: a political statement about the verifiable plans and actions of a racial and political group — the Jews’ genocide of White America — is not considered “free speech.” This simply confirms that actual free speech no longer exists in America, in spite of the Constitution’s First Amendment mandate.]

* * *

Source: White Nation News

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4 December, 2016 11:45 pm

I started a new petition at change dot org called “Reinstate the petition to expel jews from America” addressed to that website’s owners.

Perry Nelly
Perry Nelly
15 May, 2017 5:56 pm

Another American Civil war or expulsion of Jews from America and Europe: What is the most humane choice?

23 October, 2017 7:02 am

Here’s a couple rhyme’s of truth that they don’t hear in school:

In 1492, as Columbus sailed the oceans blue, Spain, for the third time, was expelling the jew.

General Order #11, would have been a little slice of heaven, children of the Devil, robbing the blacks, stealing their cotton from off their backs…along comes the white man, see’s its not right, “we must expel and get rid of this blight” But something went wrong, the man he stopped caring, then they made him the POTUS, and painted the jew a red herring.

30 July, 2018 2:34 pm

Free speech does not cover hate speech, and what this is is hate speech, so they had the right to remove your petition.

Reply to  .
13 August, 2020 5:25 am

There are several things wrong your assertion that “hate speech is not covered by the First Amendment”. Firstly, there is no such thing as “hate speech”, as the term is completely subjective. No matter what you say, someone may be offended by it, and deem it “hateful”. Secondly, nobody ever needed laws guaranteeing an open forum of ideas, in order to say something pleasant or popular. I have every right to tell somebody something that they do not wish to hear. It used to be the case that a person’s common sense would determine the truth of what was being said, but common sense seems to now be in short supply, sadly. As to whether or not Change .org had the right to remove your petition, that would be up… Read more »

Seriously? You don't get it?!
Seriously? You don't get it?!
30 July, 2018 2:47 pm

With all the due respect that you are permitted, sir, as this is a petition of hate speech, had every right to take down your petition. Although free speech covers almost all speech, there are some speeches that aren’t covered. Here is the website, FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, saying this. You know it is a government website and not what you would call “fake news” because it is “.gov”.
On the government’s website it says:
Freedom of speech does not include the right:
To incite actions that would harm others

By creating a petition to expel Jews from America you are inciting harm on them by threatening to force them out. So by the constitution and Trump’s government, had the right to remove your petition.

Reply to  Seriously? You don't get it?!
13 August, 2020 12:23 pm

As it is is hopelessly PC in its default sort. However, a date sort reveals petitions such as “Get Mason a Hamster” currently . Matthew above covered it, but short of national expulsion – which is unconstitutional and unfair to jews outside of the power structure (but certainly earned by those in it, such as Adelson, Paul E Singer -after taxing their unearned “wealth”), someone should introduce a “Racial Justice” petition to force traditional Red “reeducation camping” on White women who fail at meeting certain Wokeness criteria meant to fight white privilege. I don’t have the attention span to type a complete essay on why White women need to meet criteria I don’t believe in, what those criteria are, and the method of prosecuting potential “Karens”, if they… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Sethmoto101
30 July, 2018 5:50 pm

“You are inciting harm on them by threatening to force them out.” Wow, your entitlement outlook on life shines through in this bit of drivel! Exclusion is not harm, denying fellowship is not hatred, and chasing the children of the Devil, from God’s house with a whip, when they wont leave on their own, isn’t a holocaust. (That means “blood offering”)

Jew Basher
Jew Basher
9 December, 2018 4:28 am

Jews commenting above. Expel or deal with the pigs as they deserve to be dealt with. Ignore their pleas for mercy.

Reply to  Jew Basher
13 August, 2020 12:46 pm

“Expel or deal with the pigs” sounds like orders for others to follow. Gets a little harder if someone in your imaginary world answers, “you first”. Then suddenly, those arguments about the Constitution make sense and tie your hands, and you haven’t cleaned your guns today, so there’s that. I don’t mean to egg you on. Bowers shooting up a synogogue hasn’t moved this country one inch further toward expulsion of non-whites, but earned him at least a life sentence in prison. Perhaps you should express yourself more effectively by donating to the NA?