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The Lost Ten Tribes

statue on 7 times023by Revilo P. Oliver

THE BRITISH ISRAEL nonsense has its origins in the Jews’ myth about the “lost ten tribes,” who were the Sheenies who had scattered throughout the civilized world and set up their colonies wherever the natives were sufficiently industrious and prosperous to be fleeced. In the Middle Ages there were all sort of tales about where the ten tribes were living, and this drivel was given a great impetus in the time of Cromwell, when a Kike turned up with the story that he had found in Peru a tribe of Indians who understood and spoke Hebrew and so must be descendants of the “ten tribes.” This eventually produced Joseph Smith’s variety of Christianity, which I mentioned in the December 1989 issue of Liberty Bell.

The Puritans of the Commonwealth and perhaps Cromwell himself (unless he was cynically repaying the Yids who had financed his revolution) were suckers for propaganda to the effect that the kindred peoples, God’s Race and the English, if united, would rule the world, but so far as I know, the specific statement that the “ten tribes” had migrated to Britain was first made by a Huguenot refugee in England named Abbadie around 1688; the only edition of his book, Le triomphe de la providence et de la religion, known to me was published at Amsterdam in 1723, but may not be the first.

The “British Israel Movement” was begun by an English lunatic, Richard Brothers, who, in 1793, discovered that he was God’s Nephew, because God = Jesus, and he was the son of Jesus’s brother, Jakob (James); there were, of course, some chronological difficulties in fixing his birthday, but with God all things are possible. Brothers, therefore, was by his glorious heredity, the “Prince of the Jews” and the destined ruler of the world, and therefore the true King of Great Britain. George III did not agree, and Brothers accordingly was locked up for a while, but there were in England persons no more intelligent than he, including at least one an influential Whig in the Parliament; they procured his release and censored his ravings so that they could be published without exciting derision. The only one I have seen is entitled A Correct Account of the Invasion and Conquest of this Island by the Saxons,…the Descendants of the Greater Part of the Ten Tribes.

This kind of hogwash, doubtless financed by the Yids, was especially popular as justifying the admission of undisguised Kikes to full British citizenship, and as fostering the comforting dream of British-Jewish dominion over the world, as decreed by old Yahweh.

Thousands of English and Scots developed a thirst for this sweet swill, which seemed to provide an historical justification of Christianity apart from the more or less incredible tales in their holy book. No one, so far as I know, has ever tried to compile a complete bibliography of the hundreds of books and booklets published on this subject, which was officially known as “British-Israel Identity.” The first two words are commonly omitted by epopts of the cult in this country. (I remember having heard, years ago, the beginning of a quarrel between two female crackpots, who differed on the question of whether Americans were descended from the same Israelite tribe as the British or a different one. I left before the hair-pulling started.)

There are all sorts of amusing incidents in this carnival, e.g., one book was translated into Italian by an Englishman eager to tell the Italians who owned the world.

A. F. R. A. Glover (not, I devoutly hope, an ancestor of the well-known Classical scholar!), constructed an elaborate genealogy, showing, step by step, the descent of Queen Victoria from a bandit chief named David, who is conspicuously mentioned in the Jew-Book. No one seems to know whether the Queen was amused. One wonders also whether she knew whether or not her adored husband, Prince Albert, was half a Jew. (There was a rumor that his royal father’s Yiddish treasurer consoled the queen for her husband’s insuperable aversion from women. Frank Harris, somewhere in his voluminous memoirs, says that Victoria’s son, King Edward VII, spoke German with the accent of a Bavarian Jew, but refuses to discuss the scandal, well-known in his day.)

There was a certain amount of truth in the claims of the votaries of British-Israel Identity. Remember that even in the time of the great King Edward I, who tried to clean up England in 1290, any Sheeny who was not a notoriously criminal usurer could scurry around to the nearest church and persuade or pay a credulous or venal clergyman to sprinkle him with magic water, which instantly made him an Englishman and beyond the King’s power. A large number of Jews did precisely that, accumulated large fortunes, and married their lavishly dowered daughters to the sons of necessitous or greedy members of the landed gentry and not infrequently even to sons of peers. This calculated pollution of English blood had gone so far by the first decades of this century that Hilaire Belloc was sure that none of the great territorial families was without a Jewish admixture that was evident in the features of their young men.

The British-Israel poppycock greatly facilitated the rise of Jews to political power in the train of D’Israeli, whom Victoria made a British earl (!) and, for a time, her Prime Minister. The recent ascent of a rabbi to the House of Lords is only the natural result of the growing corruption of the preceding century.

The British-Israel agitation had a disastrous consequence. Men like Cecil Rhodes and Lord Milner were too intelligent, of course, to take the genealogical drivel seriously, but they were so gullible that they did believe in a permanent alliance between Great Britain and Jewry. That sealed the doom of Britain, for the Jews, with their fixed and instinctive policy of “first defile, and then destroy,” naturally ruin first the nations, such as Germany and Britain, that were most hospitable to them.

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  1. James
    9 July, 2016 at 6:14 pm — Reply

    Really? Did you just make this up? Sorry, you are WAY OFF! Try again!

    • 9 July, 2016 at 9:43 pm — Reply

      Care to explain, James? I am genuinely curious. I have noticed a few annoying inconsistencies in Dr. Oliver’s corpus, seemingly related to his political development over the years, but nothing “made up” or “way off”. If you can substantiate him being “way off”, I want to know that so I may henceforth consider him unreliable.

      I will disclose that I have a great respect for Dr. Oliver’s intellect, and learned much from his writings; but I did not know him personally, and I am not his partisan. If you care to reply, please start by stating whether you have any connection with the “Identity” movement. It is a relevant question.

  2. 9 July, 2016 at 9:34 pm — Reply

    Dr. Oliver’s discussion of the blood-poisoning of the English sets me mulling over a question I have long been unable to answer: Why are the English such adepts at spycraft and intrigue?

    England has long had the most efficient, effective, and extensive spying services in Europe, far exceeding anything on the Continent. (And by the way, to-day, GCHQ is in some ways even further ahead in universal dragnet spying than its more infamous bedmate, the American NSA.) Moreover, their power-players are historically notorious for treating both the King’s Court and diplomatic affairs as some sort of sociopathic game. The manipulativeness deployed in maintaining their “balance of power” policy sinks to a nadir not otherwise seen amongst European Whites. And I say all this with no great love for the erstwhile (and current) princes of the Continent. The English are just worse!

    I think decent White Nationalist Englishmen will be the first to agree with me on this point: There is something very wrong with their country, politically and culturally from the top down; and the rot has been growing longer and deeper there than it has on the Continent.

    Between the foregoing stated factors and the English propensity to capitalism, the mentality of many upper-class Englishmen is almost difficult to distinguish from that of the Jew. Long have I presumed that the English developed these characteristics independently; but also, I am of the firm conviction that crypto-Jews are the single most important factor in the downfall of Europe. When Dr. Oliver says in the above article that “Hilaire Belloc was sure that none of the great [English] territorial families was without a Jewish admixture”, I start to question whether the English propensity to spying and intrigue can really be a coincidence.

    The next logical step is a synthesis with a curious source Dr. Oliver has cited numerous times (e.g. 1,2, 3, 4), but not in the above article. The question is of sufficient import for me to quote at length from Footnote 30 from Part I of Enemy of our Enemies, preceded with a portion of the text to which it is affixed:

    We must assume that the Jews, who have preserved their racial identity and cohesion through so many centuries, have an empirical knowledge of genetics much greater than our own, but our knowledge is so limited that we can neither confirm nor disprove Dr. Alfred Nossig’s terrifying boast, “A single little drop of Jewish blood influences the mentality of entire families, even through a long series of generations.” (30)

    (30. Although Nossig’s Intergrales Judentum was published simultaneously in Vienna, Berlin, and New York in 1922, it is now extremely rare and has never been translated into English. Nossig gives his fellow Jews eminently practical advice on the ways by which they can most expeditiously attain the goal and purpose which, as he says, is implicit in the teachings of Moses, i.e., the formation of One World under their dominion. Recognizing that his race controls both Capitalism and Socialism, he calls for a coördinated application of both forces to put the goyim in their place—which, of course, will be good for the stupid animals, if they are docile. The statement I have translated occurs on p. 76, where Dr. Nossig goes on to claim that the “drop” of Jewish heredity, once implanted in an ancestor, will affect the brain cells (Gehirnganglien) of his descendants through many subsequent generations and thus make them susceptible to Jewish ideas of internationalism and One World. Persons of that infected heredity, therefore, are goyim who can readily be mobilized as auxiliaries and used to subjugate their own race and the entire globe to its destined Masters. Horresco referens.)

    (Note: I keenly desire to obtain an electronic copy of Dr. Nossig’s book. If anybody has a scan, or a copy for me to scan, please contact me!)

    Horresco referens, indeed. Now, consider the covert programme of blood-poisoning which the Jews have now conducted for centuries. Most people are not able to trace their bloodlines more than two generations; and almost nobody is able to trace them reliably when, by some estimates, 25% of babies are cuckolds. The problem is compounded by the fact that most ignorant Whites for some generations now have mistaken Jews as being White; a typical European girl in 1750 would have recoiled in visceral horror at the advances of a Jew, but now even many of the few who totally reject Blacks will not have that reaction.

    By implication: I could have Jewish blood in me (to my knowledge, I do not!). You could have Jewish blood in you. Many if not most of the race-traitors you know very likely have at least Dr. Nossig’s “single little drop of Jewish blood”. That provocateur who just proposed dynamiting a bank at your White Nationalist knitting party could have Jewish blood in him. And you ask why the White race is committing collective suicide on Jewish command?

    I have much more to say on this subject matter; but it is original material, too heavy for a comment box. Thus I will return to the point about the English.

    The Jews are all history’s past masters at spying—so much so that for my own part, I invented the term “Father of Spies” before I ever heard that Schopenhauer had called the Jew the “Great Master of Lies” and before I even identified the evil I saw with Jewishness. The English are so skilled at this anti-art that their most outstanding contribution to the war against Germany was through their “intelligence services”. Similar considerations apply to intrigue, manipulativeness, and all the characteristics of a capitalistic mentality. Now I see alleged an even greater Jewish infiltration of English genetics than I had suspected. Such a black triangle cannot be a coincidence.

    (P.S., to the Editor: When you are running archival classics, consider this a voice of approval for more by Dr. Oliver!)

    • Anthony Collins
      10 July, 2016 at 4:00 am — Reply

      An online search for Alfred Nossig’s Integrales Judentum reveals that a PDF file of it can be downloaded from the following webpage:

      This is a short book, and perhaps you could write an article about it, translate parts of it, or both.

      • 10 July, 2016 at 11:59 am — Reply

        To actually see the quoted words on the page in the original is like a kick in the stomach. This is even more flagrant than that Barbara Lerner Spectre video which is now in popular currency. I am not competent to do translation, but I will make—no, I must make good use of it. Thank you again, Mr. Collins.

        I harbor no illusions about “educating the public” (see vol. 1 ch. 12 enumerated item 8 in Mein Kampf). But really, why are people still passing about that tired 1920 broadsheet by Winston Churchill when Nossig, Coudenhove-Kalergi, and similar are much more important? And how many “truth-seekers” know that Sarkozy’s infamous 2009 speech parroted an ongoing programme explained openly by Coudenhove-Kalergi in 1924? Those who want to be educated must be made aware of these things—especially leaders!

        I have much more to say on this subject. But for now, I will simply condense something from my old Jew-research notes to show why you should care about conversos, crypto-Jews, and the poisonous nature of Jewish blood. The following also demonstrates that people with tainted blood of any kind may sometimes be most excellent individuals—and yet still remain carriers of genetic time bombs which will explode amongst their descendants. This latter is a problem which I take rather personally, as you understand.

        Have a moment’s patience, and your jaw will drop. Many people have complained about the results; but to my admittedly limited knowledge, I am the first to notice the cause:

        Generation 0: Marie Elizabeth Bethmann, daughter of converso Jewish bankers: 100% Jewish. (If memory serves, the Bethmanns were Rothschild-affiliated and quite a story in themselves.) But by the power of Jesus-approved special water, the Bethmanns miraculously became marriageable material for Aryans! Second husband was a non-Jew, Alexander Victor François de Flavigny.

        Generation 1: Marie d’Agoult (Marie Catherine Sophie, Comtesse d’Agoult, née Vicomtesse de Flavigny): 1/2 Jewish, halachic Jewess [i.e. Jewish according to Jewish law; unbroken Jewish maternal line].

        Generation 2: Cosima Wagner (born Cosima Francesca Gaetana de Flavigny): 1/4 Jewish, halachic Jewess. Married Richard Wagner. Hated Jews. The time-bomb lay dormant within her…

        Generation 3: Siegfried Wagner: 1/8 Jewish, halachic Jew. Married Winifried Williams, an Aryan Englishwoman (and later, a personal friend of Adolf Hitler). (By the way, it is a long shot with such a popular surname, but I must ask: Any relation to National Alliance Chairman William White Williams?)

        Generation 4: Wieland Wagner: 1/16 Jewish. Not an halachic Jew; but Dr. Nossig does not seem to think this matters. After the War, Wieland promptly set about butchering his grandfather’s works on the Jew’s behalf; he remade Bayreuth as not only un-German, but explicitly anti-German (e.g. “The Mastersingers of Nuremberg” changed to “The Mastersingers without Nuremberg” (“Die Meistersinger ohne Nürnberg”)). He also led the degenerate lifestyle of a postmodern music producer high on sex and power. (P.S., Anja Silja was ugly and so was her voice.)

        Generation 5: Katharina Wagner: >= 1/32 Jewish (depending on Gedrun Armann’s ancestry, which I have not ascertained). She did such a hatchet job on her great-grandfather’s work that her début Bayreuth in 2007 was openly booed. By the way, this puts the lie to Prof. Frenz’s absurd notion that a fifth-generation mongrel (3% non-Aryan) can be considered “White”. Absent far more genetic knowledge than we now have, the only rule we can consider safe is the “one-drop rule”! It also shows that National Socialist 1935 standards were far too lax; although of course they were based in large part not on what was ideal, but on “politics as the art of the possible”.

        And yes, the foregoing implies that Houston Stewart Chamberlain married an halachic Jewess (Eva Wagner, 1/8 Jewish). But she was around 39 years old at the time, and to my knowledge they did not have children.

        To egalitarian nitwits who may whine that I have established correlation but not causality, I reply that the Jew Dr. Nossig claimed that causality. Go argue with the Jew. The foregoing is merely empirical experience fully consistent with Dr. Nossig’s expressed theory about the terrible power of “a single little drop of Jewish blood”.

        Dr. Nossig: 1. GOYIM: 0. The Jews are laughing at you.

        Racial mixing is the single greatest threat to everything that is good on this Earth.

        • 10 July, 2016 at 1:59 pm — Reply

          Sorry to double-post; but rereading my own words, I realize that my reference to Anja Silja came off as unusually petty. At risk of committing the worse sin of gossip, permit me to explain. For demonstrative purposes not to be confused with scholarship, I will take a hatchet of my own to Jewipedia, because that is what it is good for. With boldface and bracketed material supplied:

          After her debut in 1960 at the Bayreuth Festival… she [Anja Silja] began a relationship with the stage director Wieland Wagner. At Bayreuth, she also sang [a long list of important roles]. Outside Bayreuth, the soprano appeared in Wieland Wagner’s productions of [seemingly every role Wieland could throw at her], and other operas. Of her Salome, Harold Rosenthal wrote in Opera, in 1968:

          Anja Silja’s performance was a tour-de-force. Her voice is not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination, but it is clearly projected, and every phrase carries its overtones—psychological not musical—which suggest the child-like degenerate, over-sexed princess in all too clear a manner. Her nervous, almost thin body is never still; she rolls on her stomach and on her back; she crawls, she slithers, she leaps, she kneels…. There is no denying that this is one of the great performances of our time.

          Following Wieland Wagner’s death in 1966, Silja entered into a relationship with the conductor André Cluytens.

          Wherefore it is not unreasonable to infer that sixteenth-Jew Wieland helped her career not on account of her musical virtuosity, but rather for reasons consistent with an old operahouse joke about conductors/directors and singers, too crude to print in National Vanguard, which involves the phrase “a baby sucks his fingers”. And the Rosenthals of the world applauded!

          It is unfortunate that the Jewish corruption of high culture makes it sometimes necessary to pry into such tawdry personal affairs. But at least now you understand the direction of my venom in that odd snipe about the man who destroyed Bayreuth.

          Make that Dr. Nossig: 666, GOYIM: [incalculable abject loss of everything which was once pure and beautiful].

  3. 12 June, 2019 at 10:40 pm — Reply

    British Israel Movement believers have always embraced the dual-seedline doctrine teaching that 1) Jews are mongrelized imposters unrelated to Hebrew-Israelites and 2) Jews are the direct bloodline descendants of Satan – ie, the serpent seed.

    Oliver’s claim that the British Israel Movement in the 1700s “fostered the comforting dream of British-Jewish dominion over the world, as decreed by old Yahweh” suggests that Jews somehow co-opted and weaponized the movement. If this is true, which I doubt, it in no way brings into question the legitimacy of the British Israel Movement itself anymore than Jews co-opting and weaponizing Disney makes old Walt a white devil and pedophile.

    • 12 June, 2019 at 11:54 pm — Reply

      I wasn’t around in the 1700s, but I’ve read “British Israel” material written since the middle of the last century that regarded the Jews in a very friendly manner; Herbert W. Armstrong is just one example. But it doesn’t matter, since the “Bible” itself is an embarrassingly stupid pile of Jewish lies, with close to zero truth in it and no relevance to White people’s struggle to survive except as an obstacle.

      “Christian Identity” is the result when good people begin to realize that organized Jews are a danger to us, but they simply can’t let go of their wildly misplaced reverence for the Bible and its Yahweh and its “Chosen People.” So they pretend that the Jews aren’t the “real” Jews — and pretend, even more implausibly, that we are.

      “Christian Identity,” at its root, is not religious or political — it is psychological.

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