Sorry Mom; I Was Wrong About the Holocaust

ON HER Facebook page, Alberta, Canada resident Monika Schaefer lists herself as a self-employed violin instructor.

In the first five seconds of her video titled “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust,” the former Green party candidate is shown deftly playing the violin.

However, it’s not her violin playing but what she says in the video that is garnering all of the attention.

‘This is the biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history.’ – Monika Schaefer

Less than three minutes into the video Schaefer, who was born in Canada of German heritage, tells a story of how as a child she was taught to believe the Holocaust happened.

She goes on to say she confronted her parents about why they didn’t do anything to stop the Holocaust. They replied they didn’t know it was happening. Schaefer says her parents didn’t know about the genocide because “these things did not happen.”

Monika Schaefer in her home
Monika Schaefer in her home

Later in the video she says that since 2014 she started to realize the Holocaust “is the biggest and most pernicious and persistent lie in all of history.”

Throughout the video she expresses her firm belief that six million Jews did not die at the hands of Nazi Germany and refers to the Holocaust as “the six-million lie.”

 Reactions by Jews and others

Reaction to her video has been wide-ranging.

In the comments section under her YouTube posting, there are supporters — some even applauding her for “speaking the truth.” But just as many are condemning the Jasper music teacher’s comments.

Ken Kuzminski is one of them.

‘It is a hate crime in my mind and I believe it should be investigated as such.’ – Ken Kuzminski

Kuzminski used to be friends with Schaefer but says that all changed after he saw her video. He says many people have approached him in the town of Jasper in disbelief over what Schaefer has said.

“It is a hate crime in my mind and I believe it should be investigated as such,” said Kuzminski, who is also the president of the local Legion in Jasper.

He says Schaefer is no longer welcomed at the legion.

Kuzminski filed a complaint with the Alberta and Canadian Human Rights Commission, citing Schaefer’s denial of the Holocaust as hate speech.

“By allowing it to be unchallenged like this gives licence to the people that want to spread hatred, and ignorance even further, and you see that on the comments of her YouTube videos, the hatred that’s being expressed there,” said Kuzminski.

Monika Schaefer, a former Green Party candidate, with Elizabeth May
Monika Schaefer, a former Green Party candidate, with Elizabeth May

The Edmonton Jewish Federation wasn’t aware of Schaefer’s YouTube video or its contents.

Tal Toubiana
Tal Toubiana

After watching it, Tal Toubiana, the director of community relations and communications for the federation, was hesitant to give Schaefer any further attention.

“Any media coverage inadvertently gives her a larger audience and platform,” he said.

Green party condemns former candidate

The Green Party condemned Schaefer’s comments in a strongly worded statement released Friday.

“I am shocked by comments made by Ms. Schaefer and I condemn her terribly misguided and untrue statements,” said Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada. “Ms. Schaefer does not represent the values of the Green Party nor of our membership.”

“In light of Ms. Schaefer’s untrue statements made in a recent online video, we will be initiating the process to terminate her membership with the Green Party of Canada at the earliest possible opportunity,” said Emily McMillan, Green party executive director.

Even though there has been backlash, Schaefer is standing firm on her position made in the June 17 video, which now has well over 30,000 views.

She says for the last two years she has spent “a great deal of time researching this topic.” What is being taught to Canadians about the Holocaust is full of inaccuracies, she says.

“When I started to look at the evidence, and I researched, and I researched and I researched, and the lies are coming apart, this house of cards is crumbling, and that is why there is this very fierce reaction against what I’m saying, because this lie, this public myth, has shaped our world.”

One observer remarked on the controversy: “I know some would like to believe it’s possible to ‘move on’ past what happened to Germany before, during, and after the war. But I don’t see how you can ever get beyond what international Jewry has inflicted upon them, especially as it continues today. The seething hatred, lies, and psychological terrorism deployed on Germans is remarkable to say the least. Worse, the counter-narrative is completely hidden from the public so that only one side is seen by the world. They obviously, now, have the same genocidal hatred for Germans as they claim was directed against them. You don’t have to look deeply into history to learn about World Jewry, but if you do go down that path you wont be the same.”

* * *

Source: CBC and National Vanguard correspondents

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moshe shem tov
moshe shem tov
7 January, 2018 3:19 am

I am a Jew raised in USA and currently live in Israel. Over the course my life here in Israel and in the US I have run into many holocaust survivors and heard their stories-just ordinary people. The holocaust happened!

Χωρίς Όνομα
Χωρίς Όνομα
27 July, 2019 3:56 pm

Funny how MOSHE SHEM TOV above makes a pretty heavy statement “The holocaust happened!” but he never/nowhere explains why he believed those stories by the so called “holoco$t survivors”. Typical jewish behavior towards the goim: Believe BUT do not examine! Mazel Tov Moshe, well done !!!

Kevin Alfred Strom
Kevin Alfred Strom
Reply to  Χωρίς Όνομα
27 July, 2019 5:17 pm

The Holocaust happened just like I made my first billion.

5 August, 2019 7:26 pm

Every one of the 4.2 million survivors who claimed compensation is proof that the evil Narzies did not intend to kill them.