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“Rights” and the American Caste System

FredaLibertyUpended1by David Sims

THE POWERS that be of our world talk a good talk about rights. But they don’t really mean it. They really want to control rights, so they can decide who may exercise them and who may not. And, naturally, they intend to reserve to themselves the most privileged status.

As an example, I will refer to the legal culture within the United States. However, something similar can be said of almost any Western country that is dominated by a Jewish financial elite that, additionally, controls the mass media of news and entertainment within the country.

If school courses in American Government were honestly taught, then students would hear about the Five Castes into which US citizens are grouped.

In the First Caste, we find persons such as the members of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve System. What they do (usury) is very harmful and therefore should be illegal. But their control over the ministers and the finances of the government is so great that the corruption they can induce keeps their harmful actions technically legal — as long as they’re the ones doing it.

In the Second Caste, we find persons such as Bill and Hillary Clinton. What such people do is often illegal, but they are so powerful and so well-connected that all efforts to punish them for their crimes are frustrated. Either investigations come to dead ends, or corrupt officials derail the indictments, or corrupt prosecutors sabotage their own cases, or illicit administrative pardons are issued. It’s sometimes one thing, and sometimes another, but the end result is that the guilty person goes unpunished.

In the Third Caste, we find persons who have some undue privilege in the extent of their legal immunities, but not nearly so much as those in the Second Class do. People in this class include ordinary rich people, university presidents, prominent businessmen, police officers, homosexuals, and politically favored minorities.

In the Fourth Caste, we find most ordinary people. You must obey the laws, and you are held more or less to strict adherence to the written law. People in this class usually cannot talk their way out of a speeding ticket by alleging a moment of confusion while driving. It is Politically Correct (though factually untrue) to assert that “everybody” inhabits this caste.

In the Fifth Caste, we find politically disfavored persons and groups, who are almost continually under scrutiny by adversaries, both official and political. These adversaries will initiate significant legal charges, lawsuits, or other trouble if ever they should notice the smallest transgression on the part of the disfavored persons. People in this class include, most especially, paroled felons and White nationalists — the latter whether or not they’ve ever broken the law.

That’s a rough list of the castes in American society. There are shades in between them. A ordinary citizen who is a liberal is of a slightly higher sub-caste than is an ordinary citizen who is a conservative, for example. The difference often doesn’t matter, but in situations sensitive to politics, it can nudge a decision one way or the other.

There’s a kind of political algebra by which the privilege-granting criteria stack, or add up. For example: A rich Black lesbian police officer might be nearly so untouchable as to be in the Second Caste.

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