Minneapolis: Mob of Somali Muslims Threaten Women with Rape


THE NEWS here isn’t Muslim naggers misbehaving, but rather the lack of media interest and the lack of police response to Muslim rape threats against white women.

Such police disinterest is common now across the USA and Europe where white women are involved. Obama’s Justice Department has ensured that taking down Muslim thugs by the cops will result in the cops being charged with racism.

Strong but sensible advice to American women: Purchase a gun and learn how to use it properly.

Then make up your mind to kill the bastards when your life is in danger.


A mob of up to 30 young Somali men paraded through one of Minneapolis’ more upscale neighborhoods Monday, yelling disparaging comments and threats against homeowners.

A female resident of the neighborhood, obviously shaken in a TV interview, related how she was screamed at by a Somali man who threatened to kidnap and rape her.

“They were screaming at the house that they were going to kidnap you and they were going to rape you,” one Minneapolis resident told KSTP TV. “It was a very traumatizing experience.”

Somalis living in Minneapolis are almost all Sunni Muslims, and residents of the Lake Calhoun area say this isn’t the first time a group of Somali men has made an intimidating march through their neighborhood, which is filled with million-dollar homes.

No hate-crime charges are apparently being considered by either the Minnesota authorities or the Obama Justice Department headed by Loretta Lynch.

Police were called to the scene on June 2 about 9:30 a.m. and are investigating the incident as a potential case of terroristic threats. No arrests have been made, and the Minneapolis media appear to be largely uninterested in reporting on the mob threats.

Hillary’s plan to flood the country with the Democrat-voting African primate is part of her vagina politics. White women must share their vaginas with stinking dark men. It’s the politics of inclusion and what Hillary calls “building bridges.”

Yep, a bridge — make that a freeway — right into your vagina, white woman.


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Source: Saboteur365

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Helmut Stuka
Helmut Stuka
8 July, 2016 10:40 pm

Isn’t Minneapolis just a few counties over from a famous statue of Arminius? Is Minneapolis now starting to look a bit like Cologne? Oh, what was it that White Nationalists have been saying all these years and decades about the imperative of racial unity? Wake up, White people! Your unchosen enemies hate you the same wherever you are, and whatever language you speak. They hate you based on your blood, your ancestry, the colour of your skin. Your fate has already been decided, but it can only be imposed on you if too many of you choose to accept it! As went Germany, so went Europe. As goes Europe, so shall go the Amis. And by the way, as goes the White race, so too shall go the other civilized… Read more »

Reply to  Helmut Stuka
12 July, 2016 3:27 am

You are Preaching to the choir here, use you head and take the message to Youtube or other out lets that are available to you. In order to in form normies of their impending doom.

Other wise stop with you’re preaching, it is redundant to do so on a site like this.

Or better yet add something insightful that people can you use in a practical way.

Since i spend most of my time improving my self, helping others to prepare, and working to help us keep getting real world foot holds in the power structor………/

You preaching is frankly insulting to people like me and childish.

Helmut Stuka
Helmut Stuka
Reply to  Jay
13 July, 2016 12:19 am

Well, well; I see I struck a nerve.

I am unconcerned about bothering National Vanguard’s core readership, because I never saw a choir object to preaching. Inferences are left as an exercise to the alert reader.

27 March, 2017 9:22 pm

I find Helmut’s observations astute. I also have a fondness for the swastika since it’s one thing whites can have to themselves. I am a racist. I like my race, the whites. These others who think they will rule the world, Mexicans, Somalis, Muslims, etc. are slave fodder. You are being set up and are too stupid to know it.