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nice-terrorist-attack-0007IT’S HARD not to feel like Cassandra sometimes. Gifted with the ability to foretell the future, or in my case connect basic cause and effect, correct every single time — and completely ignored. The fact that importing millions of dangerous alien sand people into Europe is going to lead to disaster is apparently not as self-evident as it would initially appear, especially to those in power with the funny little caps on the back of their heads. After all, “diversity” is bound to work this time after nothing but an endless march of failures and bloodshed. This is what we are told, when the Jew even gives us the common courtesy of deceit, something becoming less and less common. They want us dead. They’re not even trying to disguise this anymore.

In El-France a truck, apparently driving itself like in a Stephen King short story, plowed over the unarmed victims, creating a horrific bloodbath of the kind usually seen in the Middle East. Must be just a crazy coincidence; we know that most invaders aren’t behind the wheels of autonomous lorries. Europe needs more human roadkill if it’s going to survive, after all. Now let’s light a candle, cry gin-scented tears, and join hands to sing about the virtues of communism, globalism and White genocide. Imagine there’s no heaven…

Police today arrested the wife of the ISIS fanatic who killed 84 people including at least ten children in Nice using a lorry and a handgun.

At least this particular article doesn’t pretend we’re dealing with the darkest and most disturbing sequel possible to Pixar’s “Cars.” It was another moon cultist who imagined that there is a heaven, full of virgins and wine as a reward for snuffing the kuffir who showed this monster nothing but generosity and sniveling appeasement.

It has been revealed that killer Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, a French Tunisian and married father of three, was depressed about the break up of his marriage before he mounted pavements at high speed and ploughed through crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice last night.

Mohamed from Tunisia, another disciple of filth-eater finds life in the rapidly bleeding-out West to be a bit of a disappointment. Three children (compared to the zero of the typical age 31 White Frenchman), marriage to some burqa-bag on the skids, better “mount the pavement” and reward his benefactors with gruesome deaths.

Miracle truck drives itself! Also, some people died.

Dramatic footage released today shows the moment he was shot dead by police in the 19-tonne lorry he used as a murder weapon on his mile-long killing spree.

Help, I’m trapped in the world’s only truck with homicidal free will! Don’t shoot, it’s the truck doing it! Moon cult lives matter.

The shootout came after his 30 minute rampage where he aimed at crowds watching fireworks and sent ‘bodies flying like bowling pins’ and left others ‘jammed’ under the lorry’s wheels at around 10.30pm local time last night.

Beneath the wheels of Jewish “diversity,” Western nations knocked down like bowling pins by the disastrous Jewish century. Spiritual sickness and foreign invasion, cancerous individuality and violent brown fanatics. The center cannot hold, the slouch toward the candlelight vigil, indignant desert aliens, rough beasts, and sentient trucks, stony sleep on broken blood-splattered pavement.

Things fall apart.

This evening the death toll stands at 84 with another 202 injured. Of those 52 are in hospital in a critical condition and 25 of them are on life support machines.

It’s a heavy price to pay to avoid being called names by an enemy that wants us destroyed and erased.

Hundreds have now laid flowers in their memory as President Hollande said ‘many foreigners have died’ with at least 50 more people ‘between life and death’.

Foreigners in your own land, watching helplessly as a wandering rootless elite pulls the levers of power while conquering barbarians stroll across undefended borders.

At least ten of the victims were children, with young girls and boys lying dead covered in a blankets with their dolls and buggies still next to them.

Have you had enough yet? Enough of the lies, enough of the attacks, enough of being told who the “real victims” are, enough of the bullshit? France. Wake. The. F**k. Up.

The truck driver, who was known to police, was said to have shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ – God is great in Arabic – before being killed in a clear suicide mission. Pro-ISIS groups have been celebrating the attack, orchestrated to coincide with France’s most important national holiday.

Who could have predicted this, other than every single “raciss” and “xenophobe” and “Afrophobe” and “Islamophobe” and “ungood nonperson” and…

France today declared three days of national mourning after the truck attack – its third major terror attack in 18 months – and President Francois Hollande said: ‘France is in tears, it is hurting but it is strong and she will be stronger – always stronger than the fanatics who wish to hurt us.’

You’ll see that awesome strength as we weep over candles while the enemy celebrates another victory and consolidates for another devastating attack. We’re so strong we’ll ignore reality, so virtuous we’ll continue to inject the poison of the “multi-cult” into our veins, so tough even in our moment of pain that we’ll lie down and die for the Jew.

Full Story.

Well-known quote from Jewish activist Barbara Lerner Spectre

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Source: Modern Heretic

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