Happy 5th of July

photo(1)IF READERS will indulge some day-late holiday reflections…

Every Fourth of July, some earnest neighbor — I don’t know who — plants small American flags in every yard up and down his street. I often wonder how much creeping melancholy must attend this exercise, as the furtive patriot proceeds to plunge each stake into soil increasingly claimed by foreign colonists.

Does he imagine the Han and Hindu home owners that have blossomed into a majority share with him some bond of fellowship represented by the symbolism? Might he believe in the mystical border alchemy that converts members of competing tribes into those of his own? Maybe the flag imperialist envisions his foreign neighbors reverently translating the rhetoric of Patrick Henry or Sam Adams into their native tongues. Though most likely it is simply the vestigial gesture of a lone man standing against the cultural and demographic wave now washing over him.

It’s fascinating to note the American flag’s swirling symbolism. In many ways it has ironically come to represent the very people its agents have long labored against. I think history offers few more formidable opponents of the traditional Western nations than America. Europe has long fought those who would subjugate her, though rarely has she struggled with so little vigor. Under America’s post WW2 non-optional guidance, European nations (and Americans themselves) have steadfastly relinquished both habitat and sovereignty. A Muslim mayor of minority White London certainly sparkles eyes in Washington, though there remains much ground to cover before 100% English diversity is achieved. And always waving on history’s “right side” is the American flag.

Which makes it equally amusing — for those sufficiently detached — to observe how thoroughly that symbol is rejected by those whose interests ride squarely upon it. Screaming Mexican revanchists take open pleasure in desecrating the flag. That is when they can be bothered to even find one amidst the mass waving of their own national colors. Similarly, it requires only a brief safari into the wildebeest herd of Black Twitter to find savage denunciations of the white man’s flag that don’t mean shit to me. I suspect the sentiment is shared by most migrants, who are either too polite or indifferent to express it so publicly.

Which leaves the odd alignment of American whites rallying under a banner that represents their dispossession, as its beneficiaries bitterly grind the cloth under their shoes. To think that man is a rational creature is surely the most irrational belief of all. But more importantly, we are always assured by circumstance that human allegiances are formed in the heart rather than the head.

I do hope many mainstream conservatives will consider that idea as their cherished flag comes under increasing contempt from those who have most exploited its platitudes. It’s one thing to leap upon the coward’s bandwagon when bad Whites have their sacred symbols forcibly furled. Though it’s quite another to molest Old Glory, don’t you know?

Unfortunately Cuckmerica, they don’t care. The perceptions are irreconcilable. You believe the American flag represents a profound universalist creed. They believe it represents a despised people who aren’t surrendering with nearly enough alacrity. And when their votes outnumber yours, you will be amazed to see how quickly the catalogue of “hate symbols” expands.

As for myself, I smiled in quiet solidarity seeing the rows of American flags in Asian yards. I hope they return again next year … with stars embedded in the St. Andrew’s Cross.

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Source: The Kakistocracy

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Helmut Stuka
Helmut Stuka
7 July, 2016 9:07 am

Risking an excerpt from my “too vehement” bit, I would also point out that any flag which flies together with the Red Flag is irrevocably attainted. During the destruction of free White Europe: Three hideous rags flew proudly side by side as their soldiers fought in unison: The Hammer-and-Sickle Red Flag, the Stars and Stripes, and the Union Jack. These three banners flew together on parade, in Anglo-American propaganda posters, and even on the hood ornament of Jewish Desk-General Eisenhower’s staff automobile. (This is in contradistinction to the said auto’s backseat ornament, Mrs. Kay Somersby, who deserves a Congressional Medal of Honour for assisting the future American President in a risqué field-test of a prototype slogan, “Make love whilst others make war.”) These banners flew together, joined in the same camaraderie… Read more »