Germany Sinks into Denial, Surrender

merkel_time_coverAS THE Summer of Terror drags on in Europe with all its predictable horrors the response of the criminal leadership remains a blanket policy of ignoring the chaos and taking steps to ensure that more occurs. Last year Germany welcomed an unprecedented foreign invasion, allowing in a million bearded, sullen, and violent “widows and orphans” and inviting them to partake in the suicidal generosity of a nation that lost its mind and its soul. In came the brown scum and it didn’t take long for the memory hole incidents to obtain enough of a critical mass that we’re actually hearing about the sex crimes and machete attacks. Germanistan is dying, but it was worth it to earn the insincere approval of a Jewish enemy that wants us dead.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel interrupted her holidays and took the hot seat at a press conference, facing questions on her infamous refugee policies and the recent deadly attacks in Germany.

Wow, what a hero. Cutting that vay-cay short to address the jihad currently raging in her feckless, dying nation. What question would you ask this childless witch? Maybe “Why in the blue hell are we bringing in religious, genetic and cultural aliens who harbor massive hostilities toward Germany?”

Totally compatible with "our values" and muh democracy.
Totally compatible with “our values” and muh democracy.

“We can do this” (“Wir schaffen das”), Angela Merkel said one year ago when she took the stage at her traditional summer press conference in Berlin.

You did it all right. R.I.P. Germany.

It was her infamous declaration that Germany, in her opinion, was able to cope with the huge influx of refugees that came to the country that summer — and the start of her so-called “welcome policy.”

This dangerous Muslim slime will surely save muh economy and we’ll definitely alchemize them into being good little consumers, nihilists, and self-destructive hedonists. With our magic dirt and its amazing transformative powers, we can handle every Mohammed and dark monster you want to throw at us.

After the string of recent attacks in Germany (three carried out by refugees), the pressure on Merkel is growing stronger.

Silent discontent is turning into mild grumbling and all it took was the complete dissection of your homeland by rootless cosmopolitans and their biological weapons. The hour was very late when the Saxon learned to impotently mutter a little.

The populist AfD is attacking her policies of “uncontrolled immigration” as irresponsible; her sister party, the Bavarian CSU, has also sharpened its rhetoric.

“Irresponsible.” That’s some razor-edged “rhetoric” right there. Next will be calling the intentional destruction of Western Europe “disappointing” or “perhaps unnecessary.” Oy, the hate. We need more Speech Crime laws to stop this unbelievably weak verbal opposition to Jewish hands hanging an Islamic noose around the neck of White nations.

As calm and collected as ever, Merkel took the stage and emphasized: “We can still do this. We can manage this historical challenge.”

Finally a leader with the guts to tell us everything is fine. Go back to your careerism, your booze and pills, your childless and empty sewer of a life. Learn to love big Jew. We’re doing great.

This time her optimistic comment did not only refer to the migrant crisis, but also to Islamist terror. “Let me be clear, we are at war with Islamic State; we are not at war with Islam,” she said.

You’re not “at war” with anything, other than your own people.

merkel-cardboard_3461767bIn the 90 minute press conference, the chancellor brushed aside calls to reverse her policies and made very clear that she had no regrets.

Just think, we have a chance to elect a similar evil sociopath bitch in the U.S.S.A.!

Presenting herself as a voice of reason, she added, the recent attacks were “shocking and depressing,” but not a sign that the government had lost control.

We cleaned up all the dead children in a very timely fashion. We’re clearly still in control.

Her political decisions, she stressed, would not be guided by fear. “I am deeply convinced that we cannot let our way of life be destroyed,” Merkel said, recalling the recent attacks around the world in Orlando, Turkey, Nice and Germany.

Now let me go take the kosher steps to make sure our way of life will be destroyed.

“At night, I like to go to bed and sleep, but I feel the challenges. Let me say it this way, I am not underworked,” she said when asked about ruling in times of crises.

Destroying a nation is hard work, apparently.

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Source: Modern Heretic

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