David Duke Announces Bid for US Senate

Number one campaign issue is “stop the ethnic cleansing of America”

by David Duke

LONG BEFORE Donald Trump defeated the rest of the Republican field, I warned of the dangers of massive illegal immigration. It was the at the very center of my political message when I won election to the House of Representatives in Louisiana.

It was also at the center of my platform for the U.S. Senate in which I warned that the political bosses were refusing to enforce our immigration laws and protect the border of the United States with Mexico.

Over the years, millions have flooded in with catastrophic consequences for our country.

Over the last twenty five years we have seen an influx of crime, drugs, violence and a huge cost of trillions in associated costs with the illegal immigration tsunami in America, as well as the taking of millions of American jobs.


Massive illegal and legal immigration is destroying the cultural, political and ethnic character of America and is part of a deliberate policy of the media and political establishment to reduce White Americans to a minority in the nation that our own forefathers created.

They know that when this occurs their radical agenda for America will have won.

All I warned about when I was elected and served in the House of Representatives has come about today, and America faces disaster.

We must face up to the truth in America. The media and political establishment has purposefully changed the ethnic composition in pursuit of their leftist agenda.

The radical left relentlessly advances its simply by making the people whose forefathers created America, a minority in our own nation.

Many studies have shown that at least 80 percent of the migrants into America support the politics of the Hillary Clintons and the Barack Obamas of America and their organizations and activist organizations support policies directly opposite of the traditional conservative policies of America.

The media celebrates the “dying out of White people in America and the replacement of our nation’s population with a majority of people of non-European descent who will embrace radically different ideologies than the founding principles of America.

We all know that this is true.

We know our heritage and freedom and values … and all that we love and care about is under attack in our nation.

It is time to stand up!

* * *

Source: Duke for Senate

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