Dallas Police Officer Killed by Sniper was a White Nationalist


by Paladin Justice

AMONG THE five Dallas police officers killed on July 7 by Black nationalist Micah Xavier Johnson was Officer Lorne Ahrens.

Was he a White Nationalist?

Since he’s not alive to tell us, we must look to the evidence.

Based on superficialities such as tattoos and Facebook likes, we can conclude that he was a White Nationalist, or what the press would call a White Supremacist.

That’s a good thing, but before we discuss that, let’s consider the evidence. Pictures in this post can be enlarged by clicking on them.

The first photo, reproduced below, shows Officer Ahrens with his wife Katrina in an older picture. The tat on his finger is a Celtic cross, which indicates an awareness of one’s European origins.


In the next photo below an obviously older Ahrens couple are posing for a picture. The photo shows Officer Ahrens has gotten tats on his arm. The crusader shield shows racial awareness. Besides, although I think tattoos are unattractive, the cross, the shield, the swastika, etc. are beautiful works of art in addition to representing White pride.


You’ll also notice that he’s a skinhead, a mark of White nationalism practiced by some men.

At imgur someone has put together the following annotated collage, summarizing the evidence.


The question on the collage is a straw man: “Heroic cop … or White nationalist?”

A person could easily be both. There is no contradiction as the (((left))) would have a gullible public believe.

There’s also no evidence that Ahrens treated anyone unfairly, murdered anyone, or discriminated against anyone in any way. As a White Nationalist, he would seek a homeland for his family that was populated with people who look like him. He would reject the assault by the American court system that denies freedom of association. He would have nothing against homosexuals other than having no desire to be forced to bake them a wedding cake.

White nationalism is from a logical point of view separate from White supremacy. In reality, however, the White race has proven throughout history that it is the superior race in terms of intelligence, beauty, good character, and industriousness. So, it’s not far fetched that he would be both a White Nationalist and a believer in the fact of his race’s superiority.

Lorne Ahrens would have in the last few moments of his life been protecting Black lives matter activists who hated his guts from a gunman’s attack. His beliefs, grounded in reality, would have never affected the way he did his job.

Hero? You’re damn right! I hope his children grow up to be White Nationalists too.

lorne-ahrens-hero offers more information about Lorne Ahrens in it’s “5 fast facts” format. Black nationalist website Melanoid Nation goes over much the same ground as this post, but from a Black perspective.

H/T to commenter Mike Gogulski

* * *

Source: Saboteur365

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Paladin Justice
Paladin Justice
12 July, 2016 10:47 pm

Thanks for running this story off my site. For some reason, I didn’t have you in the blogroll, so I’ve added you just now.

Keep up the good work. We’re under constant attack now, so there’s a lot of material we can use to hopefully make more people see the light.

Reply to  Paladin Justice
22 July, 2020 5:52 pm

Greetings Paladin. We need more recognition of such police officers.

jack murray
jack murray
13 July, 2016 12:54 pm

So,..If Jews can have a homeland of their own, & if Jews can, openly adopt policies that are intended to maintain the Jewish ,..race,.. then why should, White Nationalism, which advocates pretty much those same goals for Whites, be, an issue.?

Reply to  jack murray
22 July, 2020 5:47 pm

Greetings Jack. It’s because they are sinister hypocrites.