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A Better Kind of Man (and His Enemies)

Nietzsche03by David Sims

WHEN I SORT moral perspectives in terms of quality, the lowest of them all is the slave morality of Christianity. Christianity caught on first among the slaves of the late Roman Empire. Because they were too cowardly to pursue what they really wanted, they turned self-denial, self-abasement, and self-rejection into virtues. (ILLUSTRATION: Friedrich Nietzsche)

Christianity made a virtue of timidity. It was a cult of sour grapes and hypocrisy, whereby incompetents convinced themselves that they should glory in their weakness and ineptitude, whereby feelings of guiltiness and a willingness to suffer were signs of righteousness, and whereby a life of turning one’s back on pleasure and material wealth was repackaged as “purity.”

Christianity transvalued the values that had previously prevailed among the peoples of antiquity, but it did so in the wrong direction.

Higher and better than Christian morality is the kind of moral outlook championed by Immanuel Kant, with his Categorical Imperative. It was a kind of generalization of the Golden Rule: “Act only according to that maxim by which you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.” Kant thus made a moral system in advance of that of Christianity, but he did not go so far as he might have.

The problem with Kant’s views is that fairness and humanitarian consideration might be good things, but they are not the best things, and so they should not be valued the most highly. There are even better things, and foremost among them is survival. Those who are unjust can learn to be just; and those who suffer injustice can overcome it. But a people become extinct will never again have any chance to improve themselves.

Higher still is the moral philosophy of αρετή (arete), recommended by Friedrich Nietzsche in his writing about the Superman — not the comic book hero, but a sort of possible future kind of human that is truer to his own nature, or to the best that is in his nature, and that a better culture awaits only the rise of this better kind of Man.

And the driving motivation of the Jews is to make certain that this better kind of Man never arises.

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  1. Helmut Stuka
    8 July, 2016 at 8:07 am — Reply

    [Preliminary note: I have long pondered how the comic-book “superhero” called “Superman” was created by the Jews for the deliberate purpose of confusing, subsuming, corrupting, and destroying the concept of the Nietzschean Superman. This by-Jews/for-Jews Forward article provides much useful data for analysis, if and only if you know how to decode Jewspeak. Observe how with reference to a 1940 article in Das Schwarze Korps which I cannot verify at the moment, they gloat over how “[Siegel and Superman] were stealthily working together, the Nazis concluded, to sow ‘hate, suspicion, evil, laziness and criminality’ in the hearts of American youth.”]

    And to prevent the rise of the Superman, the values inversion has been total. Strength is regarded as dangerous. Uncompromising integrity (colloquially, “having a spine”) is deemed boneheaded rigidness, or even diagnosed as a psychiatric disorder. A stiff upper lip and a refusal to cry are “repressive”. And worst of all is what might be called the fighting spirit of the warrior, which intrinsically requires the capacity for physical violence. There is no differentiation between good violence and evil violence: All violence (including self-defence) is scary and therefore wrong, unless it is done by the State under colour of law, in which case extreme violence is “keeping us safe” and “protecting freedom”.

    People to-day are taught to hate and above all, to fear the Nietzschean Superman. He is ipso facto a dangerous criminal and a paranoid schizophrenic with violent tendencies. (Note how as the criminal and psychiatric establishments are increasingly synthesized, there is no difference between being criminal and being sick in the head. That cuts both ways.) The “Progressives” have so far “progressed” that at this point, I am waiting for heterosexuality to be inserted into the DSM at the blank spot where homosexuality was removed from it. Then same-sex “married” couples will be able to complain that they don’t want breeder perverts around “their” children.[1]

    Speaking of Jewish religions and their bastard progeny, it is self-evident that the rabbis found some Talmudic-style argument for interpreting Isaiah 5:20 as a positive commandment (“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that change darkness into light, and light into darkness; that change bitter into sweet, and sweet into bitter”).

    Superman as such is identified as the enemy. To which a Superman would reply: Who cares? Not I! None of the foregoing would be problematic for those who, by definition, are sufficiently strong to be indifferent to the opinions of the weak—but for one niggling practical difficulty.

    In the War, Germany was overall outnumbered 12:1 on the Eastern Front. At Thermopylae, the Spartans (together with their Thespian allies who refused to leave the battlefield) were outnumbered between 100:1 and 1000:1 (the former is more plausible). If you even understand the true ideal of the Nietzschean Superman, let alone achieve it, you are outnumbered 10000:1 or worse. Worse, you are probably unorganized and alone or nearly so.

    You are neither tougher than an SS-Mann, nor more powerful than King Leonidas. Thus it is you, the strong, who must tread lightly lest you be crushed by the dead weight of numerical mass. And I do mean crushed, physically crushed, with your memory thereafter “blotted out from under heaven” (to adapt a paraphrase from Exodus 2:17 and Deuteronomy 5:25—“thou shalt not forget”—“Never Forget!”).

    Such brute violence and the threat thereof are the means by which the Jew prevents this new, better Man from rising—better Man, better men, and better nations. It is the Jew’s first and final resort, his only answer to those immune to his lies.

    I will avoid delving more deeply into the philosophic and historical implications lest I stuff this comment box with the book I ought write outside of it.

    [1] Think that’s far-fetched? That’s what you thought thirty years ago about the absurdity called “gay marriage”, or eighty years ago about unlimited interracial marriage! As to the latter, it is well-known in these parts that then-President Sarkozy of France openly proclaimed in 2009 that mixed-race breeding is “not a choice… it’s an obligation”. As to the former, more than thirty years ago and more than forty, the Manifesto of the “Gay Liberation Front” (1971) declared:

    We must aim at the abolition of the family…. [We] are not in fact being idealistic to aim at abolishing the family and the cultural distinctions between men and women. True, these have been with us throughout history, yet humanity is at last in a position where we can progress beyond this. [emphasis supplied]

    Parenthetically, if (and only if) you are in a leadership position, you should always listen to your enemies. With unlimited chutzpah, they are stating quite openly what they will do to you if you do not stop them. (If you are not in a leadership position, you should ignore your enemies because they are also lie, twist, misrepresent, and make every possible attempt to demoralize you. Find good leaders, and listen to them instead.)

    • Anthony Collins
      8 July, 2016 at 10:31 pm — Reply

      The article from Das Schwarze Korps in question would be the one translated here:


      The conclusion is irrefragable: “Woe to the American youth, who must live in such a poisoned atmosphere and don’t even notice the poison they swallow daily.”

      • 9 July, 2016 at 10:56 am — Reply

        Thank you for the link, Mr. Collins (although I am always a bit nervous about translations from such sources). The article made some excellent points; but as a current-events brief and not a philosophical treatise, it unfortunately did not reach the deeper evil of the Jewish “Superman”. Actually, I have never seen anybody clearly make the following identification:

        When I read about Rudel diving under an impossible hailstorm of flak, walking thirty kilometers barefoot to avoid capture, and flying on a fresh amputation—that, to me, is a hero!

        For a non-German example, when I read about Degrelle fighting without sleep, food, ammunition, or basic hygiene at Cherkassy, or rallying the broken defences for a last stand in Estonia—that, to me, is a hero!

        When I read such stories as have been preserved in memory about the daily struggles of ordinary, rank-and-file German soldiers fighting desperately against impossible odds, outgunned on all fronts and outnumbered 12:1 in the East—to me, it was an army of heroes!

        But there is no room for real heroism in the psyche of one who grows up admiring a Jewish wish-fulfillment fantasy “superhero” who can fly, see through walls, and spin the Earth backwards. His entire concept of reality is destroyed. Instead of valour, he knows only of “super-powers”. The damage is only reparable for those who are born with a strong instinct for heroism; and in so saying, I speak from experience.

        This is what I meant when I spoke of “confusing, subsuming, corrupting, and destroying the concept”. Of course the Jews don’t just peddle heroes: They replace them with “superheroes”, Heroism 2.0, the new and “improved” version of heroism (kosher, 66.6% less Calories and 100% less virtue, artificial sweeteners and colours added). By contrast, in Aryan cultures, even the gods must have courage and strength of will.

        After the War, Rudel played tennis and climbed mountains with half a leg missing. He was a real-life superhero—better than bulletproof. Nothing could stop him. He did things which make one gasp and exclaim, “That is not humanly possible! Not for mortal man!” Thus for him it is appropriate to use the word, “Superman”: A man who rises above the imperfections of human nature and a weak human body, not by some supernatural incantation, but through supreme Will and nobility of soul. A man whose story forces me look at my own terrible weakness and think, “I would vastly improve myself, if but only I can make myself rise to be one-tenth the man that he was.” Not in a wish-fulfillment fantasy of “super-powers”, but in reality.

        Cf. the subtly (and in some ways, not-so-subtly) corrupted portrayal of the Spartans in the criminal Hollywood film 300. That film was designed to destroy the memory of the Battle of Thermopylae, in a deeper sense. Replete with such a disgusting smear of Queen Gorgo as could only have originated in a Jewish brain.

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