Woman Welcomes Muslim ‘Refugee’ into Home, Gets Raped


THE RAPE CRISIS in Sweden and Germany continues unabated, but news of the attacks sometimes doesn’t leak out for weeks, even months.

And sometimes the victims are those you would least expect.

Take the case of a 26-year-old Afghan man who last Thursday was sentenced to 30 months in prison for raping a 20-year-old woman who had let him live in her apartment. The sentence was given by the court in Cologne, Germany, reports Kölner Rundschau.

The migrant came to Germany two years ago, the local news outlet reports, and the contact with the woman came through the group “Refugees Welcome,” or “Flüchtlinge Wilkommen.”

The attack occurred Oct. 25, 2015, when the Afghan rapist sneaked into the 20-year-old woman’s room while she was sleeping.

The story sounds eerily similar to another out of Sweden earlier this month. A mother there, working with a welcoming group, decided to open her home to a male refugee from Eritrea. She made her daughter leave her room so she could offer the child’s room to the migrant. That migrant then decided to sexually assault her 10-year-old daughter, the Daily Caller reported.

In fact, Muslim migrants raping those trying to help them is not that unusual.

A 24-year-old spokeswoman for the socialist “Linksjugend Solid” (“Left Youth Solid”), identified only as “Selin G.” was attacked and gang-raped in a parking lot in February. She reported the crime but two weeks later in a fit of guilt said she identified with her rapists as “victims” of German and Western culture, U.S. Herald reported.

The woman posted an apology on her Facebook page to the three men who raped her, blaming their actions on the “racist” atmosphere and “sexist society” in Germany, beginning the post with, “Dear male refugees, I am so sorry!”

A Norwegian man who is an activist in support of the anti-racist “Welcoming” cause was anally raped earlier this year by a Somali migrant and expressed guilt and remorse that the rapist had been deported back to Somalia. Karsten Nordal Hauken, a member of the Norwegian Socialist Left Party who described himself as an ardent “feminist and anti-racist,” confessed to a documentary team about his despair at seeing the man deported, Breitbart reported. …

More Sexual Assaults Reported in Germany Over Weekend

Meanwhile, at least 26 German women were sexually assaulted by Muslim migrants at a free concert Sunday in Germany in attacks the Daily Mail described as “similar to those carried out in Cologne over New Year’s Eve.”

More than 500 German women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and several other cities across Germany.

Three Pakistani men are already under arrest after 26 women filed complaints that they had been inappropriately touched, fondled and groped during the festival in the city of Darmstadt.

Police said the number of complainants could rise, and at least two other migrant suspects are being sought.

All the female victims said they were “surrounded” before being “touched and fondled” at the Schlossgrabenfestes music festival.

The three men arrested were said to be between 28 and 31 and are Pakistani nationals seeking asylum in Germany.

Media reports said more women are expected to come forward to file criminal complaints after they were groped at the festival, a four-day event.

Sweden ‘Transformed’ into Europe’s Rape Capital

In 1975, before Sweden began experimenting with a multicultural immigration policy, it was one of the safest countries in the world.

Sweden and Denmark now have the highest rates of sexual assault in the European Union, according to a study by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights. The findings were based on data from 2012 that was published in 2014.

* * *

Source: Norwegian Defence League

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3 June, 2016 6:07 pm

The woman in Germany forgiving the rapists, first, got what she deserved and secondly, she doesn’t deserve to live amongst whites. She should be deported to Pakistan where she will be raped daily and she will be able to continue to feel good about it.

Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
6 June, 2016 1:50 am

So a leftist “man” was anally raped by a migrant and is saddened to hear that his rapist was deported. This type of sickness is hard to imagine. These leftists aren’t even human as far as I’m concerned and are much worse than the invaders who do not hate themselves or their race like the sick leftists do. If Europe is to survive, Europeans must first cleanse their countries of filth such as the leftist scum mentioned in the article. Once they have been dealt with, deporting the migrants will be a relatively easy, albeit bloody, task. Repulsing an invasion is one thing, as the enemy can be easily identified. One must beware the enemy within who aids the invader in taking over his country. Europeans who want to survive… Read more »

Forsaken Demogorgon
Forsaken Demogorgon
8 November, 2016 10:59 pm

They want rape it seems… I did good when I decided not to care for the people of the world… goodbye .. hope you people will eventually thoroughly read the “Quaran” … i call it legalization of rape+sex-slavery+killing… but you wont.. and I… now give up trying to make people understand