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Usurers Begone!

usury077by David Sims

THE BIGGEST FINANCIAL problem that the United States has is the way its money system works.

Prior to 1913, Americans had a pay-as-you-go kind of national money system, which worked as well as you might expect. But certain people wanted to play a trick, and the trick is called usury.

Usury has long been associated with the Jews, and it is the biggest reason that Jews have been expelled from more than 100 countries over the past two thousand years. To hear the Jews speak of it, either there’s nothing wrong with charging interest on a loan, or else this is something that Jews don’t do in a disproportionately frequent way. But whichever of those lies the Jews tell you, they’re lying.

The usury practiced in the United States begins when the government, or a corporation, or a private citizen, goes to a bank to take out a loan.

The money that the borrower receives isn’t money that the lender earned by working. Rather, the borrowed money didn’t exist prior to the moment that the loan was made. It came into existence as debt, which the borrower must repay with interest.

All money in circulation (under our current, fraudulent, system) is someone’s debt, also called loan principal. But there is no extra reservoir of money available to enable everybody to repay his loan with the required interest.

Although a few people might work their way clear of debt and pay both principal and interest through hard work or by clever trading, it is mathematically impossible that everyone can do so. Basing the creation of money on interest-bearing debt guarantees that there will be blameless losers at the end of each year and that there will be catastrophic economic collapses at longer intervals.

The government’s part of the debt, furthermore, is transmitted to the corporations and to us private citizens though taxation. And, on top of that, the part of the debt owed by corporations is transmitted to private citizens by means of higher prices. In other words, inflation is a tax upon private citizens levied by the capitalist class. Rich people offload some of their own burden to the middle class in this way. (Which is why the middle class evaporates into a larger class of poor people.)

But it begins with usury, and usury appears to be something of a Jewish thing.

A reader calling himself “yubir” (probably not his real name) wrote to me after reading an earlier version of this essay (some of his more egregious spelling and usage errors, those that seriously impeded comprehension, have been corrected here):

So much stupidity… I thought that stupid antisemitism was our burden, in Europe. Apparently it also exists your side of the Atlantic. FYI : Jews are not hated because of Usury. Jews used to do usury because they were hated.

Pope declared that usury was not christian, and therefore forbid (under the threat of excommunication) usury to all christians. But we still need bankers. Therefore, with the classical religious hypocrisy of that times (and antisemitism that you would have loved) it was decided to allow jews to do usury, because, well, they were jews, so there was nothing wrong in them going to hell.

This is the historical reason why, in medieval Europe, usury was done by the jews : because, we, europeans, wanted to have usurers, but also wanted the interdiction to be usurer. So we gave the sh***y job to jews. Hence my initial statement: jews are not hated because they were usurers. They were usurers because they were hated.

I replied:

Just because the Pope forbade Christians from lending at interest does not mean that it was morally acceptable for others to do so. The Popes of the Catholic Church were not the first to recognize the predatory immorality or the economic assault on peoples that is intrinsic to usury.

If anything, the Popes weren’t vigorous enough to stamp it out. Both they and the secular authorities of those times should have forbidden the practice of usury to everyone, simply because it is a crooked, sneaky kind of theft by which bandits who don’t work get an easy living from those who do.

And what is this “used to do usury” idea? The Jews continue to do usury. The Jews run the Federal Reserve System, a private for-profit corporation (the only such immune from paying the income tax) which practices systematized usury.

The really stupid idea is that all the other peoples with whom the Jews came into contact hated the Jews in a special way for no reason at all. It is you who have the cart before the horse. If the Jews hadn’t given nearly everyone else a good reason for hatred, then they’d not have been singled out.

The lapse of vigor in repressing usury was most likely a corruption of the authorities by the Jews themselves, who offered Gentile kings and judges an illicit share in their immoral business. Not every Gentile who rose to authority had the wisdom to abstain from such offers, and it might only require one fool to wreck the state. The countries that expelled the Jews realized, eventually, that in order to safeguard the state from Jewish tricks they had to say to the Jews “Begone!”

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3 June, 2016 4:54 pm

I’ve said it before and will say it again…
the MAIN reason the National Socialists of Germany had to be done away with is because they indeed DID figure out the scam of international usury upon their prostrate nation (and the world). They instituted an honest money system where the mark was based on the productivity of the German worker through “Labor Certificates”. They eliminated the need for IMF-styled loans to keep their nation afloat. And it worked brilliantly. Within months of the new system’s implementation, the great recovery began and they exited The Great Depression with a new-found self-assurance which was attributable to the execution of the Albatross of usury around their collective necks. The world would be wise to heed their example.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Joe
5 June, 2016 5:14 am

Ezra Pound put it this way: “A nation that will not get itself into debt drives the usurers to fury.”

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
5 June, 2016 5:11 am

Regarding usury, the entry for James Thomson in William Grimstad’s Anti-Zion comments: “There is a commonly heard explanation for the constant Jewish involvement in loan-sharking, and that is that they were forced into it by the medieval authorities in Europe. We see, however, that there seems to be the same thing going on in the non-European world. One wonders how close to answering this fateful question — fateful for the Jews, as well as for those who have played host to them — was the Jewish writer Léon Poliakov. In describing the life of the traditional religious Jew, Poliakov spends many pages discussing the necessity for constant study of the Talmud and Kabbalah that goes with this lifestyle. Almost casually, Poliakov observes: ‘Usury and study were not regarded as incompatible… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
7 April, 2017 8:26 am

It’s interesting that John Maynard Keynes identified Jews as usurers in his essay “Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren” (1931). He wrote: “Perhaps it is not an accident that the race which did most to bring the promise of immortality into the heart and essence of our religions has done the most for the principle of compound interest and particularly loves this most purposive of human institutions.” I found this quotation in an article by Benjamin Ivry in the Jewish Forward kvetching about Lewis Carroll’s anti-Semitism. http://forward.com/culture/217470/alice-in-anti-semitic-land/ The British socialist Robert Blatchford wrote in Merrie England (1893): “Money does not breed money. Interest has to be worked for. Who earns it? “Suppose a rich Jew has lent a million to the Government at 3 per cent. He draws every year £30,000… Read more »