Traitorous Italian Parliament Outlaws Freedom of Speech: “Holocaust Denial” and “Incitement of Racial Hatred” Now Crimes

mastellaJewish groups had pushed for legislation to jail critics of their genocidal anti-White agenda.

ITALY’S government Thursday approved a bill that makes denying the Holocaust a crime and stiffens prison sentences for those found guilty of inciting racial hatred.

The decree, submitted by Justice Minister Clemente Mastella (pictured), received unanimous approval by the Romano Prodi cabinet. Italy will celebrate Holocaust Memorial Day on Saturday.

Ministry officials said those found guilty of spreading ideas about a race being superior to another would now risk up to three years in prison while acts designed to incite racial, ethnic, religious or sexual violence would be punishable with a maximum four- year prison sentence.

Initially conceived to target Holocaust deniers, the bill was broadened to include all forms of intolerance after some members of Prodi’s centre-left coalition had expressed reservations about the appropriateness of using the criminal code to honour the millions of Jews killed in the Shoah.

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Source: Haaretz

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  1. 10 June, 2016 at 8:14 am — Reply

    As the saying goes, “you can tell who your masters are by those you can’t criticize”.

    10 June, 2016 at 4:29 pm — Reply

    Let us not forget the lessons the Turner Diaries taught us all.

    I am happy that the Italian Parliament has enacted such laws. I hope they enact more laws similar to those described in the article. I hope they enact laws making failure to miscegenate a criminal offence. I hope they enact laws giving more welfare hand-outs to blacks. I hope they increase the level of affirmative action for non-whites. I hope they make whites pay more tax to support the non-whites. And I hope they do a whole lot more to inconvenience white people. The more inconvenience – the better.


    We need something to awaken white people to the dangers. In the minds of most whites the dangers of third-world invasion are real but not imminent. We need to move white people from a state of inconvenience to one of utter chaos. And the kikes are making our job an easy one. The modus-operandi of the kike is an old one and after 4000 years I feel it is coming to an end. The day of the blast furnace is fast approaching. Forget Zyklon B, forget gas chambers, forget crematoria – the blast furnace is a much better option.

  3. J.Petersen
    10 June, 2016 at 9:21 pm — Reply

    I agree with WHITE_WARRIOR 100% , complacency is the death of white man , let them see and experience Africa in their front and backyards , it is the ONLY way they will ever wake up . Disgusting my deceased Italian Great Grandfather would be in complete tears had he been alive today , seeing the filth invade his country . Also shame the coalburners let them know with disgust , they throw away thousands of years of white ancestry with one pregnancy of a black man .

  4. Anthony Collins
    11 June, 2016 at 2:16 am — Reply

    Talmudic law is supplanting Roman law.

    The “free” in “free speech” should today be regarded as a verb rather than an adjective. It is by focusing on the things that really matter, by exercising strength of mind and will, and by defying tyrants that we can free speech for ourselves and our people.

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