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There Are Hispanics and Then There Are “Hispanics”

mexican_populationby Dr. William L. Pierce

“HISPANICS” are a racially diverse lot; their diversity sometimes causes the government a bit of confusion. For example, it categorizes Hispanics as an educationally disadvantaged minority and attributes their disadvantage to having Spanish rather than English as a first language. But then it doesn’t know how to explain the fact that Hispanics from Cuba (the ones who fled here when Castro seized power, not the ones Castro sent us later when he emptied his prisons and lunatic asylums) are more likely than other Hispanics to speak Spanish at home, but they nevertheless do much better in school than the others. (ILLUSTRATION: A three-axis chart of the genetic ancestry of Mexicans living in Mexico City; some are almost entirely Amerindian, some are mixed, some are entirely White.)

The explanation, of course, is that a substantial portion of the anti-Castro Cubans are White. They maintain their Spanish ethnicity with more persistence than others, just as their ancestors kept their blood pure while others mixed with slaves. Even if the government and the media understood this racial basis for the superior performance of Cuban Hispanics, they wouldn’t admit it.

White Cubans
White Cubans

The term “Hispanic” ordinarily is used by National Vanguard in a racial, not a linguistic sense.* That is, it refers to non-Whites only — the kind of Spanish-named people described in a 1928 report prepared for Congress on the threat of immigration from Mexico:

Their minds run to nothing higher than animal functions — eating, sleeping, and sexual debauchery. In every huddle of Mexican shacks, one meets the same idleness, hordes of hungry dogs, filthy children with faces plastered with flies, disease, lice, human filth, stench, promiscuous fornication, bastardy, liquor, general squalor, and envy and hatred of gringos. . . . Yet there are Americans clamoring for more of these human swine to be brought over from Mexico.

And there still are.


*In more recent years, National Vanguard, in its original articles, prefers the term “Mestizo” when making reference to the part-White, part-Amerindian inhabitants of the Americas.

* * *

Source: untitled article in “Brief Commentary,” National Vanguard, no. 94, May 1984, p. 22; transcribed by Anthony Collins

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7 November, 2016 7:01 pm

Few people understand that what happened in Cuba was a take over of a fairly wealthy society —the 3rd standard of living in America with a strong middle class— a by a demagogue with a following of ambitious crooks and mulattoes. Today, Cuban society looks more like Haiti than anything else in this continent. Up to Castro’s time, Cuban society defended itself from miscegenation by a strict definition of people according to their race and their degree of mixing. The Whites were the intellectuals, the lawyers, the doctors, the engineers and the business folks. The mulattoes, quadroos, octavoons, etc. were the workers —when you could get them to work for a living. If you look at Miami today, you will find a similar relative positioning of people due to natural… Read more »

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  Jjack
28 July, 2021 9:11 pm

This same stratification exists in most of Latin America, to some degree or another.

LH Collins
LH Collins
28 July, 2021 4:44 pm

If I was an American, I would wish that the US government did not call our people “Non-Hispanic Whites”. Just “Whites” would do.

28 July, 2021 5:44 pm

Hard case White racists began streaming into Texas in the 1820s. They described the Mexicans as an African, Indian, Spanish, Moorish mixture.

David G. Burnet, Texas Revolutionary President wrote to Senator Henry Clay: “The causes which led to this momentous act are too numerous to be detailed in a single letter; but one general fact may account for all; the utter dissimilarity of character between the two people, the Texians and the Mexicans. The first are principally Anglo Americans; the others a mongrel race of degenerate Spaniards and Indians more depraved than they.” 
Stephen F. Austin said of the impending conflict: “mongrel Spanish-Indian and negro race, against civilization and the Anglo American race.”