Rome: Protest Party Wins Mayoral Election


What are the antecedents of the 5 Star Movement, whose candidate, Virginia Raggi, pictured, is now mayor of Rome?

THE 5 Star Party is lead by a very colorful character, comedian Beppe Grillo. The 5 Star Party is linked to Casa Pound (named after Ezra Pound) and is often described as anti-system, anti-EU, anti-Euro, et cetera.

Let us not be fooled. For one, there is no way in the universe that an anti-system political party would ever be allowed to reach any position of power, using that same system. Our enemies are a lot of things but they are not stupid. Our western, modern, ‘democratic’ political system has been crafted in such a way that it will always protect itself.

Second, consider this: the best way to control the opposition is to become the opposition and that’s precisely what the Italian 5 Star Party is. …

One thing for sure, Beppe Grillo is just a facade, a clown, a funny and very popular figure whose name can coalesce around him all the unhappy, malcontent, angry Italian people. But the real men behind the 5 Star Party are Gian Roberto Casaleggio, who died a couple of months ago and the one who finances him…

Casaleggio co-founded a publishing company, Casaleggio Associati, whose main shareholder is Enrico Sassoon.

Enrico Sassoon studied economics at the famous Bocconi University, whose president was for many years a certain… Mario Monti, the same Mario Monti of Goldman Sachs, who was also the European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission until 2011 when he became Italy’s Prime Minister in 2011.

Sassoon is also a member of The Aspen Institute Italy and a board member of The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy.

So the real man behind the 5 Star ‘rebellious, anti-system, anti-EU’ party is a 100% kosher certified parasitic globalist, whose allegiance is not to Italy and the Italian people, but to his tribe and Israel.

For those interested and who can read Italian, there is a very good article about the background of this 100% kosher certified ‘Italian’ man: CASALEGGIO CONNECTION/ Chi controlla il controllore (di Grillo)? Un Sassoon nella rete di Bilderberg.

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Source: The Ugly Truth

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