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bon-voyageby Andrew Hamilton

THE RACE PROBLEM necessitates deportation / repatriation / resettlement / expulsion. Just as aliens have swamped our territory — have been physically transferred into our homelands to destroy our people — they can be transferred out.

The first step is to immediately and completely halt all “legal” and illegal non-white immigration.

The second step is to reverse the formidable mass of economic and political incentives that were crafted to create the present debacle. This includes enforcing existing immigration law, which is routinely violated by local, state, and federal governments, the judiciary, and law enforcement. It is widely-recognized that such changes would powerfully encourage so-called “self-deportation.”

Though such measures provide a good start and are essential components of any healthy population policy, they are not enough. Inasmuch as we are confronted with an imminent threat to our survival, all non-whites, including Jews, must go. It does not matter how rough the process must be, just as it does not matter to Jews, government, and other anti-white elements how catastrophic their policies are to us (or, for that matter, to Middle Easterners).

The sooner such measures are implemented, the less assimilated and hybridized the imported arrivals remain, the easier and cleaner the process will be. It will become more difficult — though no less necessary — with each passing year before decisive action is taken.

Elsewhere I have noted that not only did Abraham Lincoln not advocate racial mixing, he favored the resettlement of American blacks outside the United States.

Nevertheless, his position was less radical than it sounds. Most blacks did not want to go — quite sensibly from their point of view, since they did not consider themselves Africans — and hardly anyplace wanted to accept them. However, Lincoln insisted that emigration must be noncompulsory and conducted at government expense.

His Virginia-born Attorney General Edward Bates, on the other hand, demanded compulsory deportation: the Negro, he maintained, would never leave voluntarily. Since the correctness of Bates’ position is unassailable, Lincoln’s resettlement policy obviously was not a far-reaching program. (Bates and his South Carolinian wife, by the way, had 17 children in an era when childbirth was nowhere near as safe, or infant mortality rates as inconsequential, as they are today.)

Contra Lincoln, everywhere whites live, in addition to closing the gates to the artificially-created flood of racial aliens, resettlement must be mandatory.

The prevailing policy of white racial destruction — genocide — is a crime according to international law. Because the perpetrators constitute the ruling class, they will not prosecute themselves, any more than Communists were punished after the “fall” of that System.

Mexicans being deported from Los Angeles, 1931

It is palpable that today’s criminals do not occupy any kind of moral high ground. They stand self-condemned under their own laws, never mind their constantly reiterated, hypocritical moral pronouncements.

Ethnic cleansing and genocide conducted by means of mass immigration and other methods are not morally superior to racial separation through mass deportation. What is presently being done is by far the greater evil. Concealment of crimes by the media or elites is not equivalent to non-commission of the underlying acts.

Replacement migration constitutes the next-to-last stage in a comprehensive program that began with anti-colonialism and the relinquishment of white colonies overseas, followed by the destruction of several white-ruled First World nations in southern Africa, one of which possessed nuclear weapons. The latter governments were replaced by black-Jewish coalitions of “ex-” Communists.

As a New York Times reviewer noted, “ethnic cleansing was viewed not so long ago as a legitimate tool of foreign policy. In the early part of the 20th century, forced population shifts were not uncommon, as multicultural empires crumbled and nationalism drove the formation of new, ethnically homogenous countries.”

There are numerous historical precedents for removal, including

  • Expulsions of Jews from various countries in Europe (1290–1944)
  • Expulsion of Moors and Moriscos from Spain (1492/1609)
  • Repatriation of blacks to Africa: The American Colonization Society and Liberia (1816–1847)
  • The Indian Removal Act (US, 1830)
  • Russian resettlement of Muslim Circassians, Ubykhs, Abkhaz, and Abaza to the Ottoman Empire (1864–1867)
  • Reciprocal mass expulsions from Greece and Turkey (the Lausanne Agreement, 1923)
  • Mexican Repatriation (US, 1930–1935)
  • Soviet deportation of Koreans to Soviet Central Asia (1937)
  • Soviet deportation of 1.5 million Crimean Tatars, Chechens, Ingush, Karachais, Kalmyks, Balkars, Greeks, Armenians, Kurds, Hemshin, and Meskhetians (1943–1944)
  • The mass transfer of Hindus and Muslims between India and Pakistan (1947)
  • Operation Wetback (US, 1954)

It is notable that several mass deportations were “politically correct” within the framework of prevailing Left-wing ideology. Communist deportations, for example — simply by virtue of being Communist — were politically correct, just as genocide conducted against whites is.

Other brutal but politically correct mass deportations include the forced expulsion of millions of Germans from Eastern Europe by Allied-Communist forces after WWII, and Arabs from Palestine by Jews and their American, European, and Soviet backers.

Indeed, “correct” ethnic cleansing in the Middle East continues at this very moment, demonstrating that power and will are what make deportations viable.

What must be done can be done.

* * *

Source: Author and Counter-Currents

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4 June, 2016 5:34 pm

What would happen to currently mixed couples with mulatto children? I’d be for deportation of the white race traitor that had tainted the white genes.

Where would all the Negros in USA be deported to?

Would the 3rd world countries be willing to take in all these millions of people?

Reply to  Ernst
4 June, 2016 9:58 pm

After we deport the illegals and stop all non-White immigration, we then do the following step by step. At present the U.S. pays large numbers of Blacks and Browns welfare, perhaps $1,500-3,000 a month. Offering them a coastal Third World country in Africa or South America for all of these people to live in. African countries would fight to take them in, since it would be a huge influx of U.S. dollars into their economies. Second, most welfare receivers would be willing to go once they see they can live like the upper-class wealthy on their welfare payment in Africa. For the African country that provides them with a safe location on the coast, security would easily paid by taxes on the money the welfare immigrants receive from the U.S..… Read more »

Edmond Chan
Edmond Chan
Reply to  Jay
11 November, 2019 11:41 pm

Your so called enemy is at least 20 years ahead of your movement in every turn.
The election of Trump and the spring of the Alt-Right are two of the obvious examples.

6 June, 2016 5:19 pm

That is an interesting idea that it never had occurred to me. It makes sense! Congrats!

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
6 June, 2016 7:57 pm

A problem. How to pay for it
all with a fiat currency and a debt approaching $20T?

25 October, 2016 5:01 am

I am a Mulatto myself but I have white skin, and I hate and despise niggers !
They should all be deported from white nations.
The only refugees Europe should accept are white refugees from South Africa and other neighboring countries there.
Why am I saying this ?
Hitler was part jewish, and look how many he gassed.

Reply to  Mark
12 November, 2019 3:54 pm

Greetings Mark. a)The part-jewish stuff is a false myth and b) he didn’t gas any. Do the calculations: 90 minutes per cremation, 20 ovens and average 1,300 ‘gassings’. It takes more than four days to cremate 1,300 corpses. Meanwhile, every hour of that time another 1,300 corpses are supposedly being stacked. It’s impossible. The last of a million corpses would have been cremated decades after WW2 and the tens of thousands of tons of remains have not yet been discovered. You have been a victim of the world’s greatest hate-speech Mark, as we all were.