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Latest Pierce CD, Volume 4, Now Available

CD4_Pierce_CDjacketTHE NATIONAL ALLIANCE has now produced the fourth volume in our series of the best of Dr. William Pierce’s speeches and radio broadcasts — William Pierce: The Power of Truth, Volume 4.

This new mp3-CD volume contains the following works by Dr. Pierce:

1. Aesop’s Fables and the Rules
2. Behind America’s Moral Decay
3. Contrasts
4. Democracy and Propaganda
5. Down the Slippery Slope
6. Fighting Together for the Future
7. Hardheaded Altruism
8. Hypocrisy and Democracy
9. Individualism and Alienation
10. Justice vs Power
11. Lies, Murder, and Jews
12. Media Myths
13. Poisonous Doctrines
14. Proving White is Black
15. Race and Slavery
16. Reality Check
17. Seeing the Forest
18. Send them All Back
19. Shakespeare and Democracy
20. Thinking about a White Future

These mp3-CDs play far longer than an ordinary CD and are a bargain by far when compared with the prices at which these speeches were originally offered. The audio on the CDs has been significantly cleaned up and the very professional, polished appearance of the entire package makes them a superb, impressive recruiting tool.

By purchasing this CD you will also have the satisfaction of supporting the National Alliance, American Dissident Voices, and the National Alliance Radio Network.

You can get your copy of volume 4 of this series for $16, or get five copies of the CD for $50, by writing to our postal address (Box 4, Mountain City TN 37683; make checks payable to the National Alliance) or order online by clicking your choice below:

Buy one copy of William Pierce: The Power of Truth, Vol. 4 CD for $16

Buy five copies of William Pierce: The Power of Truth, Vol. 4 CD for $50

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