Germany: Jewish Propaganda Losing its Grip

germany-mapONE IN EVERY TEN Germans wants their country to be led by a ‘Führer’ applying ‘a firm hand for the common good.’

And 71 years after National Socialist Germany was overrun by Communist and “democratic” conquerors, 11 per cent of people questioned by the university researchers said Jews have too much influence in society.

Overall 12 per cent think Germans are by nature superior to certain other peoples [the original article did not specify further]. Other findings included four out of every ten people thinking Muslims should be prohibited from immigrating to the country and half of respondents in a survey of 2,240 people saying they feel like ‘foreigners in their own country.’

Thirty per cent claimed Germany had been ‘infiltrated by too many foreigners in a dangerous way.’ And three out of every five Germans believe migrants who have arrived in the country seeking sanctuary from war and terror are bogus. ‘They are not really at risk of any persecution in their home country” was the question they agreed with.

The study entitled ‘The uninhibited middle’ argues “extremist” thinking has become more acceptable in mainstream German society — and some Germans are actually daring to express the radical “extremist” idea that they should have their own country again.

The immigrant-critical Alternative for Germany (AfD) party delivered hammer blows to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU conservatives in regional polls in March and looks set to send MPs into national government in the general election in the autumn of next year.

Report co-author Dr Elmar Braehler said ‘The potential for extreme right or populist right-wing parties is still higher than what electoral results have yet shown.’

The survey noted an increase in negative attitudes towards Gypsies, with half of respondents saying such people should be banned from city centres.

And attitudes toward perverts are moving in the opposite direction from those desired by the billionaire Jews and their politician employees: 40 percent of people said they found it ‘disgusting’ when homosexuals kissed in public — an increase of 15 per cent in a similar survey in 2011.

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Source: Mail Online

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